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The 9 Very Best Ways to Make Camping More Comfortable

The 9 Very Best Ways to Make Camping More Comfortable

No matter what camp style you choose, you want to go camping in comfort. Getting outdoors is a great way to spend time with loved ones and connect with nature. In our experience, you can do a few things to ensure everyone in your group is comfy. By following these tips, you can improve your camping adventures for years to come.

Today, we’re sharing nine of the best ways to make camping more comfortable. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

What Is the Most Comfortable Way to Camp? 

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to camping. Camping in an RV allows you to bring many modern amenities. However, you can still be comfortable camping in a tent. 

10 essentials for the ultimate comfort camping experience

Those who enjoy camping in an RV enjoy a much more comfortable bed for sleeping, plenty of power to run electronic appliances, and a bathroom. On the other hand, many enjoy the refreshing aspect of rustic tent camping. Disconnecting from technology and modern conveniences can give you time to reconnect with yourself and others.

As you’ll soon see, having the proper gear when camping can significantly improve your comfort. You may need to purchase a handful of items or do some research when booking campsites, but if staying comfortable is important, it’s worth the extra effort.

Pro Tip: Getting the right camp set up is worth it, especially if you camp with someone who doesn’t love it as much as you.

The 9 Very Best Ways to Make Camping More Comfortable

These are nine of the best tips we have for keeping you and your fellow campers comfortable while camping. Overall, if comfort is important to you, make sure you have the proper equipment and spend time researching. 

Mortons on the Move and friends sitting in front of RV camping
Whether you’re camping in an RV or a tent, make your campsite cozy with a few extra touches.

1. Check the Weather for Your Destination

When counting down the days until your trip, keep an eye on the weather. This will help ensure you bring weather-appropriate clothing and any supplies that might be necessary. Many campers are surprised by the temperature differences when they camp at higher elevations and underestimate the intense heat of summers in the desert.

Checking the weather can also help you plan how to spend your time. If you’ll need to spend most of your time inside, pack games and other forms of fun to help keep everyone entertained.

Pro Tip: If you’re camping in your RV, use these tips on How to Set Up an RV Weather Station to ensure you set up camp in the perfect sunny spot.

2. Choose a Level Campsite

Having an unlevel campsite can make it very difficult to get comfortable. Many campers will drive around a campground and note any sites that could work for future trips. You can also use resources like Campendium or iOverlander to look for suggested sites from previous guests.

Even if you camp in an RV with an automatic leveling system, it may only do so much. A leveling system is of little use for extremely unlevel campsites. Tent campers have the luxury of finding the flattest open space on their site. 

Pop up camper at set up campsite
A good night’s sleep is necessary when camping, so get comfortable sleeping gear for your tent or RV.

3. Get Comfortable Camping Sleep Gear

You want to lay your head down and sleep well after a day of adventuring. No matter what type of camping you do, investing in comfortable camping sleep gear is essential. Tent campers will likely want cots, sleeping pads, air mattresses, and a properly-rated sleeping bag. These items will give you the best chance of resting up for whatever the next day has in store for you.

RVers aren’t immune to having to make purchases to get a good night’s rest. Getting a good night’s sleep on a typical RV mattress can be near impossible. Many RVers upgrade their beds as soon as possible. They’ll purchase a mattress topper or higher-quality mattress to help them stay comfortable while sleeping in their RV.

Pro Tip: Make your RV mattress comfier with an RV Mattress Topper!

4. Use Fans or Heaters to Moderate the Temperature in Your Tent or Camper

Climate control inside your living space is important. Using fans, heaters, and air conditioners can help you achieve your desired comfort level. However, you may need to rely on battery-powered fans and portable heaters when you have limited access to power. Sometimes, increasing air circulation in your tent can help keep everyone comfortable while camping.

If you go cold-weather camping, you may need propane for your heating devices. These can produce a lot of heat, and you can operate them easily. If you plan to spend much time camping in colder weather, it might be worth picking up a propane heater before your next trip.

Woman sitting in camping chair fanning herself because she is hot.
Being too hot or cold while camping can sure put a damper on your trip. Be prepared for all temperatures!

5. Plan Ahead and Set Up Your Camp Kitchen to Work for You

The key to success when it comes to meals and using your camp kitchen is to have a plan. You’ll likely have less space and resources than you usually would at home. Plan meals that require minimal effort and few supplies and dishes.

If you can prepare food in advance before leaving your house, it can allow you to reduce food prep time, dishes, and trash at your campsite. With more workable space at home, you can bring others in on the meal prep, so a single person isn’t tackling it all by themselves.

6. Invest in Comfy Camp Chairs

One mistake many make is skimping when it comes time to buy a camping chair. You may see a cheaper chair in the camping aisle that will do the job. However, these chairs typically are incredibly uncomfortable and can break easily.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a comfortable camping chair, even if it means spending more money. You don’t want to shift your weight back and forth, trying to get comfortable when sitting around the campfire. Whether you want a chair with cup holders, a side table, or one that rocks or reclines, buy the right one the first time.

Pro Tip: Step up your relaxation game with one of these 10 Comfiest Camping Chairs for Relaxing Outdoors.

Camping chairs around campfire at campsite
Invest in a comfy camping chair to make relaxing around the campfire even cozier!

7. Set Up a Screen Tent

Many campgrounds come to life after the sun goes down. However, this is also typically when bugs and other critters come out to play. Nothing can ruin your camping trip like a swarm of bugs buzzing by your head or constantly biting you. Even the toughest of bug sprays can only do so much.

You can set up some of the newer screen tents in seconds, and they provide lots of protection from the sun and bugs. You can place them over a picnic table to enjoy bug-free meals or circle up the chairs inside of them to avoid swatting away mosquitoes. 

8. Bring a Heated Blanket

If you’ve ever struggled through a long winter, you likely know that a heated blanket is a game-changer for staying warm. The blanket will radiate heat as long as you have an electrical connection to plug it into.

You can place one on your lap during chilly fireside chats or morning cups of coffee. We’ve used a heated blanket under our comforter when camping in cooler temperatures and loved the results. If you turn it on 20 or 30 minutes before turning in, you’ll crawl into a toasty bed.

Pro Tip: Stay warm with one of these 7 Best Heated Camping Chairs Perfect for Chilly Nights By the Campfire.

Couple laying together in camper van under blankets.
Bundle up in a heated blanket to stay warm when cold weather camping.

9. Upgrade to a Propane Fire Pit

While many love the crackling and smell of a wood fire, no one likes smelling like campfire smoke the entire trip. Upgrading your fire to a propane fire pit can significantly impact your comfort while camping. Instead of spending your time gathering kindling and wood and nursing a fire to life, you can have an instantaneous flame at the flick of a switch.

A propane fire pit is also great because they work well with screen tents. You can place your propane fire pit inside your screen tent and enjoy a bug-free campfire. As long as you have propane, you can have a fire. A large propane bottle will typically go further than the stack of expensive firewood from the camp store.

How To Sleep Comfortably in a Tent (Camping Tips)

Is Camping in Comfort Possible?

With a proper plan and the right camping gear, you can have comfort in any environment. Whether you’re a tent camper or an RVer, we encourage you to take the proper steps to maximize your comfort while camping.

You want to minimize any excuses you have not to get out and adventure and make memories. So whether you need to upgrade your RV’s mattress, buy a new sleeping bag, or find a better spot to camp, do it.

What’s something you do to help improve your comfort level while camping? Share your tips and tricks in the comments!

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