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What Happened to Country Coach RV Motorhomes?

What Happened to Country Coach RV Motorhomes?

Do you remember the good old days of RV life before the Great Recession of 08’? There was a quality standard, especially for top brands like Newmar, Winnebago, and even Country Coach. These brands had a loyal following, and if you saw their name displayed on a rig, you automatically knew it was high quality. But what happened to Country Coach? Can you still buy one or have one serviced?

Today we aim to answer these questions as we take a deep dive into the history and downfall of Country Coach Motorhomes. Let’s begin.


What Is a Country Coach RV Motorhome?

A Country Coach motorhome is a luxury Class A diesel pusher. The founders of the company named them “Country Campers,” and they had a reputation as one of the best motorcoach companies in the world. The manufacturers were passionate people who built each model with quality in mind. The longevity of these RVs highlights the craftsmanship behind them. Many Country Coach motorhomes from the 2000s, 1990s, and 1980s are still on the road today. The fan base continues to stand firm. So what ultimately happened to this famous RV brand? 

Is Country Coach Still in Business? 

Unfortunately, Country Coach is not in business anymore. You won’t be able to find a company called “Country Coach” that’s still manufacturing RVs. However, the name and vision live on through former workers and sister companies that branched off after the company’s downfall. To understand this better, let’s take a look at its history.

Country Coach motorhomes were known for their quality products.


Bob Lee founded Country Coach in 1973. After co-founding Caribou Manufacturing (which ultimately became Monaco motorhomes) in 1968, Lee decided to create his own luxury motorcoach company called “Country Campers.” Not long after, his brothers Lenard and Ron Lee joined the family company and began producing some of the highest quality motorhomes on the market.

As the company grew, they changed the name of Country Campers to Country Coach in 1984, which helped strengthen their already famous brand. Country Coach was not immune to changes in the RV market, and in 1996, National RV Holdings bought the company. From this point, the company continued to suffer. After layoffs and downsizing, a private investment consortium (which included founders Bob and Ron Lee) bought the company in 2007. The Great Recession hit, which contributed to the company downsizing by 50%, and resulted in the declaration of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company reopened in 2009, but with only about 100 employees.

Country Coach motorhome from Premier RV services website
While there are no longer new Country Coach motorhomes being produced, the used motorhomes models still stand the test of time.

Winnebago Buys Country Coach in 2015

During the period of upheaval between 2007 and 2009, Ron Lee purchased Country Coach intellectual property and part of the original production campus. The campus was a service facility providing proprietary parts for existing Country Couch motorhomes for a few years. In 2015, Winnebago Industries bought the intellectual property and campus. For a while, Winnebago’s location in Junction City, OR, functioned as a production facility for Winnebago motorhomes, as well as a parts and service center. But in 2019, Winnebago closed its Junction City Location. They laid off about 220 positions and moved to the main headquarters in Forest City, Iowa.

Since then, the company has lived on through Bob Lee’s legacy at Oregon Motorcoach and former employees at Premier RV in Oregon, including Louie Courtemanche and Gary Obermire. Between motorhome owners, former employees, and many others passionate about the brand, Country Coach is still just as relevant and popular today.

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motorhomes parked in a row
The Country Coach legacy continues on at Oregon Motorcoach and Premier RV.

What Makes a Country Coach Special?

Why does Country Coach stand out compared to other motorhomes of its day? To put it plainly, Bob Lee found a niche in the RV industry that was underserved. He discovered a lack of high-quality manufacturing and customer service and aimed to fill it. Not only that, there was genuine passion behind his mission, which then attracted individuals who were just as motivated. This resulted in long-term employees who became experts. They truly believed in what they were doing and knew there was something special about the brand.

Moreover, customers raved about the quality and service. The proof is in the pudding—it’s hard to find other RV companies with the same loyal fan base and passion. That says a lot about Bob Lee’s original mission.  

Country Coach Models

The following are the most common Country Coach models you’ll find on the road today. Additionally, there are a few other rare models such as “Lexa” and “Concept.” Let’s take a look.

Affinity – The Affinity model was in production from 1993 to 2009 and is one of the most popular models. It went through several transformations throughout the years and only became more luxurious. It ranged from 38’ to 45’ long. 

Magna – Magna was first introduced in 1992 and was still in production in 2009. Magna was luxurious and spacious like the Affinity, with four different slide-outs in the 2005 version. At the end of its production, the Magna 630 series had an MSRP of $725,000. 

Intrigue – The Country Coach Intrigue was made from 1999 to 2009 and ranged from 32’ long with no slides to 45’ long with four slides. By 2009, it had an impressive 135-gallon fuel tank, 95-gallon fresh water tank, 65-gallon grey water tank, and 45-gallon black water tank. It was a trendy home on wheels for many. 

Allure – Like the Intrigue, the Allure model was in production from 1999 to 2008 and had a wide variety of luxury features. Ranging from 32’ long to 45’ long, the Allure had a roomy interior with a double-couch living room in several designs, as well as a spacious kitchen and two-door fridge

Inspire – Inspire was only in production from 2004 to 2009 and was $221,900 for the earliest model. Because Country Coach had learned from its previous models, the Inspire started luxurious and stayed luxurious, ending its production with an MSRP of $416,360 for the 42’ long model with four slide-outs.

Country Coach repair shop from Country Coach website.
While Country Coach motorhomes are no longer produced, you can still get your used motorhome serviced.

What Chassis Did They Use? 

Country Coach set itself apart by developing its chassis called the DynoMax. Many owners will tell you that this is what makes their motorhome so unique. The DynoMax chassis is tubular steel with 8 x 3 frame rails. It’s rugged, easily maneuverable, and has a comfortable ride. Luckily, you can still get the components to build a DynoMax chassis today.

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Can You Still Get Country Coach Motorhomes Serviced?

Thankfully, you can still get your motorhome serviced by experts who have access to the proprietary parts. The two big names are Premier RV in Junction City, Oregon, and Oregon Motorcoach Center. These companies have ties to the original manufacturing center and specialize in servicing, restoring, and selling used Country Coach motorhomes.

Don’t live in Oregon? No worries! There are plenty of RV service centers across the U.S. that have experience with Country Coach motorhomes. Just take a look at this list from


The Country Coach Legacy Lives On

Even though the company is no longer manufacturing new RVs, its legacy lives on in many different ways. Many passionate enthusiasts are working hard to keep the name alive, from the owners’ communities like Country Coach International and Country Coach Friends Incorporated to sister companies like Premier RV and Oregon Motorcoach Center. Thanks to their stellar quality, there are countless Country Coach Motorhomes on the road today!

Are you a Country Coach fan? Let us know in the comments below!

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