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13 Cozy Campsite Decorating Ideas to Make Camping Feel Like Home

Whether your camping style is rugged or more akin to glamping, creating a fun camping atmosphere is common amongst most campers. Sometimes, we hit a creative roadblock and aren’t sure how to bring a bit of home to the campground. Today, we’ll explore some campsite decorating ideas that you can try.


Make Camping Feel Like Home with These Campsite Decorating Ideas

You can set up your tent or RV and start camping, but why not have a little more fun? Maybe you want to show off a bit of your creativity and make your camping space feel like a home.

Having decorations and other items can transform the rugged atmosphere into a relaxing home away from home. Here are a few campsite decorating ideas to help you create a cozy campsite on your next camping adventure. 

1. A Campsite Mat to Tie the Space Together

A campsite mat doesn’t just keep dirt out of the RV; it can make a campsite feel a bit less sterile and add personality as well.

Show your team spirit with a sports team-inspired mat, or choose a fun patterned option that fits your style. You could even customize it with your family’s name or a fun or meaningful saying.

Whether you’re hoping to keep dirt out of your RV or welcome guests, a camping mat is an easy way to make your campsite feel like a home. 

Pro Tip: Make both the inside and outside of your camper feel like home with one of these 11 Best RV Outdoor Rugs That Will Complete Your Campsite.

campsite decorating ideas. camp chairs. outdoor campsite setup.
Cozy camp chairs not only spruce up your décor, but also give you a comfortable place to enjoy the outdoors in.

2. Cozy Camp Chairs

Gone are the days where you’re stuck with a metal lawn chair with woven fabric that wears down quickly. Compact camping chairs have been growing in popularity, and manufacturers are making them cozier than ever before.

While you can, of course, grab cheap chairs at almost any store, they aren’t all that comfortable. Not only are they not very cozy, but they also don’t hold up well. Instead, try anti-gravity chairs, which allow you to relax comfortably at the campsite. The robust construction of many of these chairs ensures you won’t need to purchase a new camping chair each season.

You could also try a folding rocking chair with built-in shocks. If that’s not enough, you can even find camp chairs with built-in coolers or tables. It’s never been easier to be cozy while sitting in a camping chair.

campsite decorating ideas. portable hammock.
A hammock can quickly cozy up your campsite.

3. Set Up a Hammock

There’s something so soothing about swinging in a hammock, plus, let’s be honest, it’s pretty fun. Sometimes you get a great campsite with trees perfect for hanging hammocks, but sometimes you aren’t that lucky. Don’t worry, though; you can still lay in a hammock without a tree in sight! 

Pro Tip: Don’t waste time finding the perfect trees to hang your hammock from. Instead try one of these: 5 Best Portable Hammock Stands to Bring Camping

4. An Outdoor Screen Room Keeps You Bug-Free

Most of us go camping to get outside. Sadly, the great outdoors comes with plenty of bugs that can ruin your trip. Instead of resigning to the inside of your RV, use an outdoor screen room. 

An outdoor screen tent means you can sit with friends, chatting and enjoying the evening without having to swat away bugs. Clam tents are popular amongst RVers due to their ease of setup. These outdoor screens typically take up little storage space when not in use.

campsite decorating ideas. string lights.
String lights can create a beautiful indoor and outdoor ambiance when decorating your campsite.

5. String Lights Create Cozy Ambiance

Using string lights is a beautiful and practical campsite decorating idea. It can create a fun and cozy atmosphere and ensure you don’t trip while walking around your site at night.

When using external lighting, always be mindful of your neighbors. The trick to excellent camping lighting is moderation. You don’t want to blind your fellow campers or prevent them from enjoying themselves. Don’t forget to turn them off when you head in for the night. 

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6. Tiki Torches Create Ambiance and Keep Bugs Away

If string lights are a bit too much for you, give TIKI torches a try. Not only do they provide a soft glow to help you see and set the mood, but they can also keep bugs away. Light a few around the perimeter of your site, and you’ll be glad you did!

7. Weather Resistant Throw Pillows

Among this list of practical and attractive campsite decorating ideas, this one might sound a bit crazy. Bringing pillows to a campsite, might seem like overkill–but hang with us! A few weather-resistant outdoor cushions can easily add a pop of color and style. 

Appearance isn’t the only factor to consider. Even the most comfortable camping chairs can cause you to start shifting after a few hours; placing a pillow behind your back can keep you more comfortable as you sit by the fire. 

campsite decorating ideas. outdoor camp table.
A campsite table is a must for décor, giving you a place to hang out with friends and family, eat, play board games and more.

8. Get a Campsite Table or Two

While you can eat with a plate in your lap as you juggle a cup on your side, it isn’t ideal. Bringing along a campsite table can give you a place other than your lap for your plate while sitting around the fire. Even if you’d rather use a campsite picnic table for dining, you could use a lightweight folding table for staging meals or snacks like s’mores. 

You’ll love the flexibility of having a table that folds in half and has adjustable heights and enjoy. Plus, you can find plenty of uses for it!

9. Add Some Potted Plants

Bringing some potted flowers can liven up any space. Often, even if your campground has plenty of trees and grass, flowers can be lacking. Add great-smelling flowers to your site to give the whole place a more home-like feel. 

campsite decorating ideas. personalized sign or flag.
Show some family pride with a personalized flag or sign at your campsite.

10. Add a Campsite Flag or Personalized Sign

If there’s one thing that campers like to do to show their personality or patriotism, it’s displaying a flag at the front of their site. It’s common for campers to have a family flag or plaque at the front of their site. 

It can also be amusing to show your team pride with a flag–and who knows? Maybe you’ll find a few new friends that also cheer for the same team, making this campsite decorating idea a homerun!

11. Use a Portable Propane Fire Pit for Campfire Vibes Without the Smoke

Camping just isn’t the same without a campfire. Sadly, the smoke can cause many of us to forego its crackling, comforting presence. The good news is, you don’t have to ditch the campfire to avoid smoke. Bring along a portable propane fire pit for a smoke-free environment. 

An added benefit includes the ability to turn on and off the fire quickly. No more blowing on kindling and hoping it catches. Most campgrounds allow you to use a propane fire pit even if there’s a fire ban in effect. 

12. Decorate with Garland or Streamers

Garland doesn’t just have to be for birthdays and Christmas. Adding a few tasteful strands of garland or streamers can make your site feel more playful. Young children will especially love this decor addition. 

outdoor movie projector. outdoor campsite setup.
Bring the movie theatre to your campsite with a fun outdoor movie projector.

13. Set up an Outdoor Movie Projector

Just because you want to settle in with popcorn and a movie doesn’t mean you have to call it a night and head indoors. Keep the outdoor fun going with an outdoor movie projector

If you don’t have access to a projector screen, even a simple white sheet draped over your RV can be the perfect backdrop for your movie night. Choose a camping movie to keep with the theme or throw it back with a classic. If you’re feeling extra social, invite the neighbors over to join in. 

Pro Tip: Use this guide on How to Set Up Your Own Backyard Outdoor Movie Theater for the coziest movie night.

Watching a movie on an outdoor projector at campsite
Watching a movie on an outdoor projector

What Comforts Do You Crave While Camping? 

For many people, half the fun of camping is the campsite atmosphere. Sitting around the fire with friends and family while reveling in that cozy feeling can bring on feelings of nostalgia. 

Are you someone who enjoys creating a cozy campsite, or are you the type of person who sets a few chairs around the firepit and calls it a day?

What campsite decorating ideas have you used on your campsit? Drop a comment below.

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