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Deals & Discounts

Deals & Discounts

Find RV discounts and coupon codes to some of our favorite gear and services for RV Life, including exclusive coupon codes for Mortons on the Move followers!
Note: This page contains affiliate links.

Custom RV Skirting – $100 Off

We love our RV skirt and think that Custom Skirting LLC makes the best one out there! If you are looking to stay warm in the winter a custom fit RV skirt helps Enormously! Use code MORTONS or just ask for the Mortons discount when you call!

RV Skirting

Hughes Autoformers and Surge Protectors – 10% off

Hughes Surge Protectors Discount

Were all about RV Power, and so is Hughes! These guys make the best surge protectors in the industry with excellent diagnostics and replaceable surge modules. They also make autoformers to help keep the voltage in your RV at a safe level regardless of what the park is doing. As an electrical engineer, Tom highly recommends their products

Hughes Coupon Code: “MORTONS

Acuva Water Purifier Discount – 10% off

Pure, clean water is essential for your health! When RVing, you can never be sure of the quality of the water you’re putting in your freshwater tank, or just how clean your tank is.

We use the Acuva Eco NX-Silver Purifier and Smart Faucet in our 5th Wheel and the Acuva ArrowMAX 2.0 in our truck camper to ensure our water is safe to drink.

Acuva Coupon Code:

Harvest Hosts Discount – 15% off

Unique RV parking at wineries, breweries, farms, ranches, museums, and all kinds of fascinating places! 

Mobile Must Have Discount – 5% off

Mobile Must Have Coupon Code: “MOTM5

For all your remote connectivity needs, check these guys out! Learn about our reliable RV internet setup and what gear you need to stay connected on the move.

We’ve used their systems for our Go North journey to stay connected in Canada and Alaska and their recommended setup has been phenomenal.

How We Get Rock Solid RV Internet! - The Best Tech Solutions to Work Full Time From the Road

Tough Top Awnings Discount – 5% off

​If you’re looking for new awning fabric, we highly recommend Tough Top Awnings. We replaced our slide toppers and awning and LOVE the new fabric! 

Tough Top Awnings Coupon Code: “MORTONS Discount – 5% OFF

RecPro is the place to go to restore anything that breaks or yellows in your RV, or to find upgrades to common & hard-to-find RV-specific products. They’ve got everything from roofing materials, to water pumps & tanks, 12V DC lights, RV appliances, furniture, and way more!

RecPro Coupon Code “ONTHEMOVE5

RV Trip Wizard – FREE Trial

RV Trip Wizard

The Best RV Trip Planner

RV Trip Planning has never been easier! Save time, plan safe RV routes, find great campgrounds.

NoFreeze Water Hose – 5% Off

Simply the best and most durable heated water hose out there. Camp in cold weather with confidence with the NoFreeze Water Hose! Compare hoses side-by-size here.

NoFreeze Water Hose Coupon Code:

nofreeze water hose discount code

Zenni Glasses Discount – $5 Off

We’ve been using Zenni for our eyewear for years now, and love the easy and affordable process to getting stylish prescription glasses and sunglasses, complete with custom engravings as seen in the Go North series.

Soundstripe Royalty-Free Music Discount – 10% Off

As video creators, we’ve found that music is key in telling the story. We’ve been through a bunch of music platforms, but we’ve used Soundstripe for over the past year (and all through the Go North series) and love their selection, variety, and quality of music. 
Soundstripe has given us a special offer for our followers interested in signing up for their services. 

Soundstripe Coupon Code:ONTHEMOVE

Rad Power Bikes

We love our Rad Power Bikes!

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