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Discover the Denali 3s: Rugged Mountain’s Game-Changing 3-Slide Truck Camper

Discover the Denali 3s: Rugged Mountain’s Game-Changing 3-Slide Truck Camper

Have you ever seen a truck camper with three slide-outs? Host Campers is probably the most well-known with its Mammoth 11.6, Everest 11.6, and Yukon 11.6 models. Adventurer Manufacturing used to produce the Eagle Cap line with triple slide options, but they ceased operations in 2022 to focus on the Adventurer and Scout models. This year, however, a new player is in town. We toured one of the largest truck campers we’ve ever seen: the Rugged Mountain RV Denali 3s flatbed truck camper.

This camper provides a spacious interior with three slides, convenient access to the dry bath, and stunning residential features. Let’s dive in and take a closer look!

Denali 3S Interior Walkthrough

Who Is Rugged Moutain RV?

The same people who run Tiny Idahomes operate Rugged Mountain RV. Nine tiny houses range from $45,495-88,995 for base models. Customers can customize upgrades and floorplans to make their homes suit their needs.

Rugged Mountain RV has a similar mindset. The company’s four-season truck campers are made-to-order. We met the owners at the 2023 NWTC Rally that they hosted with Stable Camper, and they were very passionate about the campers and the community. We toured several of their rigs, and their customers had nothing but amazing things to say about how the company worked with them to customize their dream camper. 

The Denali 3s Flatbed Truck Camper comes with three slide-outs, a dry bath, and impressive residential features.

What Types of RVs Does Rugged Mountain RV Manufacture?

The Rugged Mountain RV truck campers are limited because they’re made-to-order. The company only produces about 20 units yearly. Each camper is stick-built with a wood frame, not aluminum. We like this as we think a wood frame is better for insulation and flexing, with less likelihood of delamination.

These truck campers are heavier, so you’ll need a bigger truck with a large payload rating. But you’re getting a better-built camper with residential parts, framing, and modern interiors. Five Rugged Mountain RV truck campers range from the traditional Granite 9RL with no slides to the huge Denali 3s flatbed with three slide-outs.

Mortons on the Move touring Denali 3s Flatbed Truck Camper
We were lucky enough to tour the impressive new Denali 3s Flatbed Truck Camper.

All About the Denali 3s Flatbed Truck Camper

A truck camper with three slide-outs is uncommon. Most manufacturers keep the moving mechanisms minimal. However, when Rugged Mountain RV owners Jesse and Anca Collinsworth became parents of two kids, they realized the need for a roomier floorplan. They wanted to create a flatbed truck camper for families on the go.


The Rugged Mountain RV Denali 3s flatbed truck camper is 20 feet 6 inches long. The total height is 8 feet 6 inches, but the interior height is a spacious 6 feet 8 inches. The dry weight is over 5,500 pounds.

The tanks are huge! This truck camper is for families who enjoy off-grid and off-road camping for days or weeks. The fresh tank capacity is 80 gallons, the gray tank capacity is 77 gallons, and the black tank capacity is 35 gallons.

The Denali 3s starts at around $74,900. Compared to a new Lance Truck Camper offering, this is actually a comparable price for a much more custom build.


The Denali 3s is a spacious truck camper designed for families to travel comfortably. There are three slides. Two slides oppose each other on the sides and one is in the rear. One of the requirements for the Collinworths was to have access to the bathroom when the slides were in, so the bathroom is directly across from the entry door on the side of the camper. It’s a full dry bath.

Have you ever seen a truck camper with a kitchen island? The Denali 3s has one. The dinette with a top bunk for the kids sits in one slide-out, while the opposing slide-out holds the kitchen appliances. The rear slide has additional seating, and the main sleeping area is in the front.

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Kitchen and living room in Denali 3s Flatbed Truck Camper
You’ll forget you’re in a truck camper when inside a Denali 3s.


We felt like we were in a tiny home when we toured this RV. The Denali 3s truck camper has stainless steel residential appliances, a high-efficiency Houghton 12v air conditioner, and a heated basement. It’s a true four-season camper. There are two Fantastic fans in the kitchen and bathroom, crown molding and baseboards, dual pane windows, a roof skylight in the bedroom, and Corian countertops. Rugged Mountain RV has designed and produced a beautiful, luxurious truck camper in the Denali 3s.

What Type Of Truck Do I Need for the Denali 3s Flatbed Truck Camper?

The Denali 3s is for flatbed trucks, but not every flatbed. You’ll need a medium-duty or bigger truck to carry the weight of this truck camper. With a dry weight of 5,538 pounds and a loaded weight of over 6,100 pounds, you need at least a 4500/450 or 5500/550 pickup. The payload capacity must be greater than 6,100 pounds to tow this camper safely.

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Bedroom and bathroom in Denali 3s Flatbed Truck Camper
The three slide-outs make the Denali 3s spacious and comfortable.

How Is the Rugged Mountain RV Denali 3s Different From the Denali 1s?

The Denalis 3s is a new release by Rugged Mountain RV. However, the company also produces the Denali 1s truck camper, and we got to tour this model as well! While this model only has one slide on the driver’s side, it feels big and comfy. One of its best features is a very roomy rear bathroom with countertop space. The Denali 1s isn’t much shorter than the Denali 3s. It measures 20 feet, 1 inch overall, and has the same exterior and interior heights. The tank capacities are also similar. The base price is $69,875.

Our Overall Impression of the Rugged Mountain RV Denali 3s Flatbed Camper

It’s big! You’ll forget you’re in a truck camper with such a spacious interior — we did. The Denalis 3s truck camper is one of the biggest, most comfortable truck campers we’ve seen. We love the smart design and layout, especially the easy access to the bathroom on drive days. It’s well-insulated, quiet, and climate-controlled. 

It’s good to see the build difference between traditional truck camper manufacturers and tiny home builders. The Collinsworths are looking to improve the quality of truck campers, and their passion has turned into a successful business.

However, the Denali 3s and 1s have premium price tags because of the higher quality. However, it does not far exceed other comparably large truck campers. It requires a potentially more specialized flatbed truck, but all large truck campers will require a large truck. While beginner campers may not see or appreciate the differences, we highly encourage any truck camper enthusiast to consider the Rugged Mountain RV campers.

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The Rugged Mountain RV Denali 3s Is Ready for Adventure

Rugged Mountain RV has found its niche in the truck camper world. From the smaller 16-foot 6-inch Granite 9RL with the traditional truck camper layout, the 19-foot 5-inch 12SE truck camper with a single slide-out, to the massive 20-foot 6-inch Denali 3s, Rugged Mountain RV has several sizes and types of truck campers to suit the needs of different travelers.

Whether traveling solo or with two kids, there’s likely a truck camper for you at Rugged Mountain RV. They’ll work closely with you to create a customized camper to make your camping dreams a reality. If you chat with them, tell them the Mortons say hi!

What do you think about the Denali 3s truck camper? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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Peter Scarnati

Wednesday 13th of September 2023

Hmm. A dry weight of slightly over 5500 pounds. Yet, you are quoting a "loaded weight" (a term I am unfamiliar with) of 6,100 pounds. With a dry weight of about 5,500 and an 80 gallon water tank, that alone puts the weight of the camper over 6,200 pounds. And nothing else has been put inside yet. In my experience, one must very conservatively figure upon AT LEAST 500 pounds of living supplies (food, cookware, flatware, bedding, clothes, tools, etc., etc., etc.). In a camper this size, I would expect that number to be more realistically calculated closer to 1,000 lbs. All told, it would seem to me a "loaded weight" would be at a minimum slightly under 7,000 and very likely higher. That is the payload number to shoot for in my view. Additionally, with weights this high, GVWR could also become a factor, especially on an older truck.

Sabine Lundgren

Monday 11th of September 2023

Great looking camper


Sunday 10th of September 2023

Not to nitpick, but you are not "towing" a truck camper, you are hauling it. That's why you need such a high payload.


Friday 8th of September 2023

To be honest, I am not sure how I feel about this camper. I like the ample space of course, but with every slide out you have the higher risk of potential problems. I just wouldn't want to risk the peace of mind for the extra space.