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Are Dog Campers Ridiculous or Awesome?

Are Dog Campers Ridiculous or Awesome?

Forget the dog house; now you can buy a dog camper. That’s right; you can purchase a mini trailer for your pet. You can set it up next to your human size RV and even get one that matches. Your dog will be the talk of the campground in one of these campers. But are they ridiculous or practically adorable? Keep reading to form your own opinion.  

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What Is a Dog Camper? 

A dog camper is shaped like a miniature travel trailer with tiny wheels and a hole for a window and door. One typically weighs under 40 pounds, and the outside looks like a camper, often with a vintage trailer look.

Similar to other types of dog houses, it may have a dog bed on the inside; otherwise, it’s a hollow shell made from wood or other lightweight material. To complete the look, many have dog dishes on the front hitch to resemble propane tanks. 

Pro Tip: Losing your furry friend while camping is a terrifying experience! If you’ve lost your pup while RVing, Here’s How To Find Them.

recpro dog camping trailer
This is a doghouse trailer from

To travel with a dog camper, you’d need to store it in the back of your vehicle or RV. Some have working wheels, and some you can tow behind a bicycle or golf cart.

However, we strongly recommend reading the safety manual before doing so. In addition, we don’t recommend ever towing a dog camper behind a motorized vehicle with a dog inside the trailer.

These are intended to be doghouses for once you are at your destination. In addition, sometimes you can find dog camper-shaped carriers to spruce up the adventure.

What Are Dog Campers For? 

Dog campers are a place for your dog to rest–and look adorable! While they don’t have much practical use and aren’t space-savers while traveling, they’re certainly a discussion starter. Your pup’s tiny home-on-wheels will be a camping accessory that will turn heads. 

From a practical perspective, dog campers provide shade for your pet and a comfortable place to rest. The windows and door holes are open so that air can circulate. They make for cute and usable dog houses. If you live in a sticks-and-bricks house, a dog camper can be a fun addition to your backyard. 

We’re pretty sure all the dogs in the neighborhood will be jealous.

Pro Tip: Your pet is a part of your RV family, so make sure you have these 7 Essential Dog Camping Gear Items for your furry friend.

Woman on the grass with a dog looking at a laptop in front of RV.
While you work or play, give your dog a cozy spot to relax in their own camper.

4 Cute Dog Campers for Your Beloved Pup

We found these four cute mini campers for your pup. Check them out and determine which you would buy if in the market for a dog camper. We’re kind of leaning toward the retro model.

1. RecPro RV Dog House

RecPro’s RV Dog House Camper Trailer kicks off our cute list. The dog camper looks like a regular travel trailer, complete with a rock guard on the front. It has three 5.5in x 9in windows for your pup to peek out the door that’s 18in x 9.25in. It also comes with two dog bowls on the front hitch.

The overall dimensions are 63in x 35in by 23.5in. It’s constructed with sturdy metal and high-density plastic. And the interior is smooth and easy to clean if your pup has an accident. 

recpro dog camper dimensions

The wheels are pneumatic and sit on a solid axle. This RV dog house even moves; you just pick up the hitch and drag it behind you. Never tow it at high speeds with a motor vehicle, but a golf cart, bike or hand towing is ok to move it.

Although RecPro’s RV Dog House is “towable,” we want to remind you never to tow the product behind a motorized vehicle with a dog inside. This action could seriously harm the dog or others, so always exercise extreme caution. The dog house is an accessory, not an actual travel trailer.

Recpro has partnered with us to offer a 5% discount on their entire site so be sure to use ONTHEMOVE5 at checkout to get your discount.


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2. Cute Dog Camper on Etsy

Creative Farm Girl created one of the cutest dog campers we’ve ever seen. The vintage-looking camper has a personalized license plate, a banner on the outside, bowls on the hitch, a dog bed, and matching curtains. Plus, you can customize it with your favorite colors. It’s a show-stopper, for sure.

The dog camper is handmade out of PVC and wood. It’s 32in x 14in x 22in and weighs 23lbs. Pets weighing up to 15lbs will fit well in this product.

Pro Tip: Let your dog live the life of luxury by cruising them around in a dog stroller.

3. Retro Dog Camper

The Retro Trailer Dog Bed is also adorable. It has a vintage vibe and comes in five colors with a personalized license plate. The camper has one door for your dog to look outside. 

The dimensions are 24.5in x 16.5in x 15in. Dogs up to 20lbs can enjoy this dog camper. It’s suitable for indoors or outdoor areas protected from the elements.

4. Straight Line Designs Pet Trailers

Judson Beaumont is the creator of Straight Line Designs pet trailers for small animals. His inspiration came from vintage travel trailers from the 1940s and 50s. Each camper is handcrafted, so you can customize it to an extent. 

The pet trailers have excellent ventilation thanks to the multiple windows and door. In addition, they come with feeding bowls on the front hitch.

We all spoil our pups and a doggy camper is a fun way to have your dog be the talk of the RV park.

Honorable Mention – Camping World Pet Carrier

In addition to hard-sided campers, you can sometimes find pet carriers in the shape of RV’s. This cute carrier from Camping World lets you bring a small pet along in style.

Does Your Dog Need a Dog Camper? 

After viewing those four cute dog campers, who wouldn’t want one of these pet carriers? Okay, maybe your dog doesn’t need one, but we think they might want one. And if you’re truly in the RV lifestyle, wouldn’t it be fun to have the furriest member of your family enjoy it in the same way?

Pro Tip: Nothing is worse than seeing your pet need a vet and not knowing what to do. Without a permanent address finding a vet can be difficult for full-time RVers. Here is how to get Vet Care While RVing With Your Dog.

Top 5 MUST HAVE Items for RVing With Dogs || Full Time RV Living

Which Camper Do You Like? 

Now that we may have you hooked, which dog camper is your favorite? Are you ready to buy one for your dog? If so, we’d love to see photos.

Dogs are part of the family, and it’s fun to spoil them with accessories like a dog house in the shape of a travel trailer. So, if anything else, we hope this article and the dog campers put a smile on your face.  

Would you buy a dog camper? Drop a comment below.

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Monica G.

Tuesday 21st of December 2021

Honestly, I don't see any problem with getting a camper for your pet. If you have the funds and desire, why not invest in a way to keep them comfortable while you travel? I have already spent some time reading up on pet travel essentials for next summer: It's better to have a comfortable pet for long-term travel.

Beth Catt

Wednesday 3rd of November 2021

I wouldn't ever buy one of theses, because the only way my dog would stay a dog camper would be for me to stay in it with her, no thank you I don't think I want to stay in the dog camper with my dog


Friday 3rd of September 2021

Are Dog Campers Ridiculous or Awesome?

Is this a trick question? They look awesome but are ridiculous. You post that they are towable (empty!).

Really? When I look at the teeny tiny wheels I seriously doubt that is true. I'll bet that those wheels can't last for ten minutes at highway speeds.

Mortons on the Move

Saturday 4th of September 2021

Towable by a Golf cart or bike or hand... I will update that lol.


Friday 3rd of September 2021

I love the Etsy camper for a small dog, they could be clamping! I also like the Rec pro I would definitely buy them.

Mortons on the Move

Saturday 4th of September 2021

Us Too! They sure are cute.