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6 Best Dog Camping Beds for a Well-Rested Adventure Pup

6 Best Dog Camping Beds for a Well-Rested Adventure Pup

You can’t leave home without a dog camping bed for an overnight adventure. Your fur baby deserves a quality rest after exploring the great outdoors or sniffing every tree in the campground. But how do you choose the right bed for your pup? We’re here to help. Keep reading to find out how to select a dog bed and which are the best.

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What Is a Dog Camping Bed? 

A dog camping bed is a comfortable place for your pet to rest outdoors. You can ensure your dog is well cared for in whatever climate you camp in with cooling and waterproof beds. Additionally, we’ve identified safe, compact dog beds that keep your pup off the dirty ground. 

Golden retriever sleeping in tent while camping.
Give your pet a cozy place to lay when camping, no matter the climate, with a dog camping bed.

Tips for Selecting a Dog Camping Bed

You’ll want to find a bed that fits all your dog’s needs. Check out these four tips for choosing the perfect dog camping bed.

Be Prepared for All Weather

You can’t control the weather wherever your travels take you. An all-weather dog camping bed comes in handy for unpredictable changes in the forecast. We recommend choosing a bed based on the climates through which you’ll travel. 

If you primarily camp in hot climates, choose a dog bed that keeps your pet cool. If it rains, look for a waterproof product that you can easily clean debris off. A cooling and waterproof option will allow your dog to rest outdoors and indoors. If you camp in a cold climate, get a bed that provides warmth and breathability.  

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Be Mindful of Size

Size matters when traveling in an RV. We recommend looking for a dog camping bed that works for the size of your dog to rest comfortably but can fold for storage. Or get one that has multiple uses. For example, a bed that your dog can use indoors, outdoors, and in the car can help keep your camping supplies minimal.   

Cold little dog sleeping in owners arms while bundled in a hoodie.
Dog camping beds can provide a cooling or warming option while camping.

Consider Portability and Packability

A portable dog camping bed that packs up easily is ideal. As we mentioned above, a portable bed can promote multiple uses and save you space for bringing along more than one bed. Additionally, the ability to pack the dog bed for the beach or other activities gives you added flexibility.

Easy to Clean?

Dog camping beds can get dirty quickly. We recommend finding one that you can clean easily, primarily if your dog uses it outdoors. Whether you can wipe it or hose it down, look for a waterproof one. You can also find dust mite-proof dog beds, which come in handy for the pups who like to roll around.

Golden retriever  sleeping curled up in it's bed.
Easy to clean dog camping beds are necessary for removing outdoor dirt quickly and easily.

6 Best Dog Camping Beds for a Well Rested Adventure Pup

We researched dog camping beds based on the previous four tips. Each of these five beds can help your pup rest after an adventure. Check them out.

Orvis Cooling Dog Bed

The Orvis Cooling Dog Bed works perfectly for hot weather. While this is an outdoor bed, you can use it indoors too. The raised bed with a mesh fabric center provides air circulation from the bottom up. It’s great for helping any dog cool off in the shade. 

The cooling bed is durable, mold-resistant, and weather-resistant. And the anodized, corrosion-resistant finish and aluminum keep it from chipping or peeling. You can remove the legs for portability and spot clean it.

It works best for dogs 40-90 pounds. 

No products found.

Cheerhunting Packable Dog Camping Bed

The Cheerhunting Packable Dog Camping Bed is waterproof, washable, and portable. While the bed measures 43 by 24 inches, it folds up for easy storage. The bed or travel mat is made of Oxford cloth and has a cotton fill. You can wipe liquid off the mat without issue, but don’t leave it soaking in water.

You can use the packable bed nearly anywhere, even in a dog crate. It’s durable with refined stitching and scratch and claw resistance, but you should keep it away from the aggressive chewers. You can machine wash it on a gentle cycle or by hand. 

For any size dog.

CHEERHUNTING Outdoor Dog Bed, Waterproof,...
  • Waterproof and large size: Waterproof dog mat is made of Oxford...
  • Outdoor and indoor use: perfect outdoor dog bed, suitable as a...
  • Durable and washable: mat is durable with refined stitching,...
Woman carrying their puppy in front of their RV while camping.
Keep your dog well rested for all of your camping adventures by giving them the perfect camping bed to rest on.

Furhaven Cooling Gel Packable Camping Bed

The Furhaven Orthopedic Cooling Gel Packable Camping Bed rolls up into a stuff sack just like a sleeping bag. It works great as a portable travel mat. It has a smooth polyester fabric, and the fill provides an excellent cushion for warmth and curling up. 

You can use it indoors and out. It’s machine washable for easy cleaning during or after your trip. However, due to the fabric and construction, it’s not recommended for aggressive chewers. The bed comes with a 90-day limited coverage warranty against material defects.

For any size dog.

Furhaven Outdoor Travel Dog Bed for Large/Medium...
  • DESIGNED FOR PETS: The open design of the travel mat gives both...
  • SLEEP SURFACE: The foldable travel mat features smooth fabric...
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: The packable travel dog mat is foldable and...

Ruffwear Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag

Ruffwear’s Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag is the ultimate bed for adventure pups in cooler climates. It has water-resistant, quick-drying, and durable material. And it has an efficient heating design and room for dogs to move. 

The bed is insulated with compressed synthetic down. It has a half zipper for your dog to climb in and quickly get out. It comes with a bag for stuffing the portable sleeping bag. You can also purchase an additional pad that inserts into a sleeve for extra comfort. 

For medium to large-sized dogs.

Ruffwear, Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag,...
  • Packable sleeping bag: The Highlands Sleeping Bag is a...
  • Insulated comfort: Compressible synthetic down provides insulated...
  • Dog-focused design: This sleeping bag is tailored for efficient...
Woman and dog sitting in front of campfire and RV.
Waterproof dog camping beds are great options for unpredictable weather.

Folding Breathable Cot for Large Dogs

The YEP HHO Folding Breathable Cot for large dogs has a Teslin mesh surface with Oxford cloth. This combo makes the bed durable and wear-resistant. Additionally, the mesh provides a cooling element to the bed. You can remove the PVC legs, and the bed folds up for easy portability in its carrying case. 

You can use the cot outdoors and indoors. It works great for keeping your pet cool and off the dirty ground. You can clean this dog camping bed with a wet cloth and soap. 

For large dogs.

Cycle Dog Waterproof Layout Bed

The Cycle Dog Waterproof Layout Bed cleans easily by wiping or you can hose it off. It has a three-layer waterproof laminate and coating. The bed also has an anti-mite and antibacterial treatment, keeping away the bed mites and odors. Plus, the bed has recycled filling made from plastic bottles. 

The dog camping bed keeps your dog cool in warm or hot climates. It works great for the outdoors or any setting. It is lightweight, durable, easily portable, and storable. 

For any size dog.

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What To Pack When Camping With Dogs

Does Your Dog Need a Camping Bed? 

We imagine you want your dog well-rested on a camping trip. In that case, you’ll most likely want a dog camping bed. You’ll typically spend a lot of time outdoors while camping, and your pup wants to hang out with you. Find one that keeps your dog comfortable and cool or warm when needed. 

Two dogs laying on camping beds outside at campground

Some dogs may experience anxiety when away from their home. Giving them a “creature comfort” such as a bed that they recognize can help put them at ease. A calm dog can lead to a calm owner. 

A dog camping bed is an excellent addition to your travel gear. They range in cost but are worth the investment for your fur babies. We like the portability of the options we’ve listed, and we think you’ll like that they don’t break the bank. 

Which bed is your dog begging you to purchase? Drop a comment below!

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