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5 Best Dog Hiking Boots and When Your Dog Should Wear Them

Don’t forget to pack your dog hiking boots when prepping for your next exploration. You may want to bring your best furry friend along for the journey, and you both need proper footwear to make the most of your hiking trips. Let’s learn more about protecting your pup’s feet while you explore.  

Why Would a Dog Need Hiking Boots?

Your dog has strong resilience to walking with no shoes on its feet, but hiking a rugged trail could pose some unique challenges to their paw pads.  

The pads on the bottom of your dog’s feet are super important. They protect against rough surfaces, but they’re also pretty sensitive.  

Being aware of your dog’s sensitive feet will help keep them safer when you take them along on a long hike. Extremely hot or cold surfaces can hurt. Proper dog boots will protect against those dangers.  

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The 5 Best Dog Hiking Boots for Your Pup

So what do you even look for when searching for a good pair of dog hiking boots? Take a look at this brief list exploring a few of the best dog boots on the market. We hope to make your decision process a bit easier. 

#1. RuffWear Grip Trex Dog Boots

Dogs who love to hike or run with their owners may also love this paw-wear option. RuffWear Grip Trex dog hiking boots will keep your pup’s feet in good shape, even on the most challenging terrain.  

About RuffWear Grip Trex Dog Boots:

These dog boots are top contenders due to their rugged materials and breathability. RuffWear dog hiking boots also come in sets of two or four, just in case you need different sizes for the front and back paws.  

Best Features:

The Grip Trex dog boots have a Vibram outsole that will provide extra traction and flexibility for your pup. The breathable mesh material on top keeps out dirt while also allowing for airflow.  

The hook-and-loop cinch closure system is also helpful for actually keeping the boots on your dog’s feet. Your pup won’t run himself out of these boots.  

Dog in yellow rain coat and booties.
Protect the pads of your pups paws with hiking boots!

Pro Tip: If you want to take your dog out hiking on your next adventure, make sure to research Do Any National Parks Allow Dogs?

#2. QUMY Dog Boots

Keep in mind your needs and adventuring style when researching. If you need a decent waterproof dog boot, you should give QUMY dog boots a little peek.  

About QUMY Dog Boots:

QUMY dog boots work great for rainy-day walking, beach trips, hiking, and camping. The waterproof materials will keep your pup’s feet from getting soggy.

They have a split seam to make getting them on and off easier. The boots hold up well over time, so you likely won’t have to invest in new ones for a while.  

Best Features:

QUMY dog boots come in many different sizes and colors, so you have plenty of fashionable options. The reflective pull straps fasten the shoes to your dog’s paws, also making your friend a bit easier to see in low-light. The rugged outsoles protect against thorns and hot pavement.  

QUMY Dog Shoes for Large Dogs, Medium Dog Boots &...
  • Please be sure to measure the width of your dog's paws carefully,...
  • SECURE and ADJUSTABLE: Easy to put on / off. These dog shoes...
  • RUGGED: Tough anti-slip sole of dog boots provides stability and...
Cait from Mortons on the Move hiking with dogs.
If your dogs love a good adventure, make sure to buy them some dog booties.

#3. Neoprene Dog Booties

Neoprene is a tough material often used to construct wetsuits for divers. This durable material is resistant to water, oils, and solvents. 

About Neoprene Dog Booties:

The Neoprene Dog Booties are less rugged than other dog hiking boots, but they can still take quite a beating. If your dog has trouble with the rigidity of other dog hiking boots, these may work better.

The flexible material conforms to your dog’s paws and can make it easier to walk in. They are not waterproof but do protect against rain and snow.

Best Features:

The flexible neoprene material makes the shoe comfortable and versatile. The rubber soles protect against sharp objects and hot ground. The reflective strap makes sure they stay on and adds some visibility.  

All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots with...
  • Dog Tested and Dog Approved! High Quality Breathable Neoprene Dog...
  • Bark Brite Booties are Great for all Weather Conditions, Indoor...
  • Will Keep your Pup's Paws Clean, Dry, and Safe with Protection...
Mortons on the Move dog in field.
There are many different material options for dog booties.

Pro Tip: Let your dog live the life of luxury by cruising them around in a dog stroller.

#4. EXPAWLORER Waterproof Dog Boots

These dog hiking boots seem best suited to medium-sized dogs, but you can choose from eight sizes. Almost any pup can find a size to fit their paws. EXPAWLORER waterproof dog boots give your four-legged partner a more solid step as they trek through unknown terrains.  

About Expawlorer Waterproof Dog Boots:

EXPAWLORER dog boots have a grooved sole and flexible design. They have a wide slit top opening to make putting them on easy. They are ergonomically correct for dogs, so you can rest assured your pup has comfortable feet as they explore.  

Best Features:

The best feature of the Expawlorer dog boots is their ergonomic design. You can also hand wash them. They come equipped with reflective straps for easy visibility at night. 

Expawlorer Anti-Slip Dog Shoes for Small Dogs,Dog...
  • Size 2: 2.28"x1.89" (L*W) for 18-27 lbs. Great for Dachshund,...
  • Measurement Instruction: Place and press down the paw on a piece...
  • Selection Guidance: These size data are boots inside dimensions,...
Cait hiking with two dogs.
Help your dog become an exPAWler with quality hiking boots.

#5. Muttluks All-Weather Dog Boots

Muttluks All-Weather Dog Boots check all the boxes for what dog owners want in a good dog boot. They actually stay on your dog’s feet.  

About Muttluks All-Weather Dog Boots:

These dog hiking boots work great in cold-weather conditions, but you can take them anywhere. They’re not too rigid or bulky for your dog to maneuver as they traverse rough trails. They also have a protective toe cover. The large shoe has leather material, and the small shoe had nylon. This helps protect different types of paws.

Best Features:

The leather soles are resistant to water and salt. You can toss them in the washer after a long trek. Plus, the stretchy material of the cuff of the boot makes them super comfortable. 

Muttluks All Weather Boots, Black, Medium
  • Waterproof-coated fabric is completely machine-washable.
  • Protective toe cover – leather for larger dogs and nylon for...
  • Reflective material on each strap allows better nighttime...

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Dog wearing boots.
Some dogs will love their boots, others will hate them.

Do Most Dogs Tolerate Hiking Boots?

Different dogs like different things. They have their own personalities, and some dogs will tolerate booties more than others.  

Expect your pup to have some resistance and a sort of adjustment period the first time you put the boots on them. Most dogs adjust pretty quickly, but they may need a moment to figure it out.  

Foot Care Tips for Backpacking with a Dog: Whether to Use Booties or Wax Hiking or Thru-Hiking

When Should Your Dog Wear Hiking Boots?

Your dog can wear hiking boots whenever you want. However, they protect your dog’s feet in certain conditions. Your pup may not like wearing them for everyday walks.

Walking on hot rocks or pavement can damage your pup’s pads after just a few minutes of exposure. Hiking or trekking in snow can also damage your dog’s feet. Keep in mind what elements you’ll face and your dog’s needs.

Slip your pup into some protective dog hiking boots whenever your path may lead through some potentially damaging spots. Be thoughtful when it’s time for a hike.

Will you get your pet some dog hiking boots? Drop a comment below!

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