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Dog Strollers: Ridiculous or Adorable?

Have you seen people pushing dog strollers around town? It’s a trend that is likely here to stay. But whether or not it’s ridiculous or adorable is what we’re here to discuss. 

Keep reading as we dig into the deal with pushing dogs in strollers and if there are real benefits. We also look at the disadvantages and show you some options if you’re in the market for a stroller. Let’s dig our paws in!

dogs in strollers at quartzsite rv show

What’s the Deal With Dog Strollers?

Dog strollers are on-trend in parks, on sidewalks, and paths around cities. But what’s the real deal? Are they just for looks, or do they serve a purpose? 

Pushing a dog in a stroller can have multiple purposes for the animal and its owner. Elderly dogs may have ailments that restrict how much walking they can do.

Likewise, dogs who have had surgery or various health problems may have limited physical ability for a while. Taking the dog outdoors in a stroller allows them to take in all the smells and sounds they love. 

The stroller is also helpful for humans. For example, if a dog owner has balance issues or is prone to falls, the stroller can give them stability. In addition, it’s a great tool to get the person outside and engaged in physical activity with their pet.

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What Are the Benefits of Using a Dog Stroller?

They are various benefits to using a dog stroller. Let’s take a closer look at five of the main ones.

Safe and Happy Transport of Animals

Dog strollers can provide a safe way to transport animals. Whether it’s to the vet, groomer, or traveling in an airport, a stroller gives the dog a comfortable and enclosed place to lie down. And for the dog’s owner, the stroller is easy to manage and allows for the freedom of handling other gear instead of getting tangled up with a leash. 

Elderly, Handicapped, or Ill Pets Can Get Fresh Air

For senior dogs or animals with health issues, a stroller is a way to get fresh air without physical strain. Dogs love to smell the outdoors and have their senses stimulated.

If your dog can’t run through fields or play “fetch” in a park anymore, a stroller can be a great alternative to get them outside and sniffing around a bit.

Two dogs being pushed in stroller
Bring your furry friends along on any adventure with a dog stroller.

Easier for Some Owners to Walk Their Dog

Some dog owners have mobility issues, and a stroller can help with balance. But, at the same time, having your dog out when on a walk can help you feel safe and secure. They don’t call dogs a person’s best friend for nothing! 

They Have Storage

Dog strollers have places to tuck your pet’s leashes, toys, water dishes, waste bags, and other gear. And, they often have a placeholder for your water bottle and other items you want to take on a walk. So, having storage for your dog walks is a bonus with strollers.

Take Your Dog Shopping or to Events

A dog stroller is a non-intrusive way to take your dog around crowds. For example, if you’re going to a farmer’s market, a stroller keeps your dog contained and safe. Walking your dog on a leash in crowded areas can become a hazard quickly for you, others, and your dog. 

Pro Tip: A cute pup in a dog stroller definitely can draw a crowd. Before you pet a pup, make sure you know these tips on How to Properly Greet and Approach New Dogs.

Senior dog being pushed in stroller
For senior dogs a dog stroller lets them stay by your side no matter where you go.

Drawbacks to A Dog Stroller

While the advantages of a dog stroller outweigh the disadvantages, there are some cons to note. 

Limited Exercise if Used Too Often

Dog strollers prevent your dog from getting exercise. If your dog still needs it but can still exercise, be sure to give them enough walks in between stroller use. Find a balance by setting parameters such as only using the stroller in the evenings or attending events. 

Lack of Socialization

It’s nice for dogs to have some socialization with other dogs. Although, we realize this isn’t the case for all dogs. A dog stroller can limit your dog’s social time.

Simply be aware of your dog’s needs. If they need some playtime with other dogs, stop at a dog park and let them engage with others for a while. Set up a play date with a friend’s dog.

Sausage dog in a dog stroller.
Push your pup to new places in a dog stroller.

Might Stress Your Pet

Dog strollers aren’t every fur baby’s cup of tea. The enclosure of the stroller or the sound of the wheels may stress out your pet. Do some trial runs to see how your dog reacts before taking the tags off! 

Take Up Space

Dog strollers take up more space than a leash. While they fold like a baby stroller, they still require storage space when not in use. Consider where you will put it and if you have the area for it. Luckily, they are pretty small, so it’s easy to transport a stroller in your car or keep it in a closet.

Adorable Dog Stroller Options

Okay, so the cat’s out of the bag. Or should we say the dog’s out of the bag? We think dog strollers are adorable! Here are three options that get excellent reviews from pet owners.

Two small dogs being pushed in dog stroller.
Dog strollers are a cute way to always have your fur baby by your side.

1. 4-Wheeler Elite Pet Jogger

The Paws and Pals 4-wheeler jogger has a front zipper entry and a footboard step for your pet to get in the stroller. It also features a canopy that can go up or down.

The stroller is breathable with mesh windows that protect from sun and bugs. And the jogger is compact when folded, making it an excellent option for travel.

Paws & Pals 4 Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller...
  • DIMENSIONS: 14.5"L x 18.5"W x 39"H inches.
  • LEAD YOUR PET WITH EASE via the front zipper entry and front...
  • SPACE SAVER: With the press of a button on the handle, our 4...
How to take your cat for a stroller ride: Paws & Pals Jogger Folding Dog & Cat Stroller Review

2. No Zip Pet Stroller

Pet Gear’s zipperless entry pet stroller is easily foldable with a removable liner. It also features a safety tether, a storage basket on the bottom, and a cup holder for you.

The mesh window has a three-position canopy. In addition, the wheels are 6 inches for leisurely strolling, and it holds up to a 25 lb animal.

Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller for...
  • Easy-locking No-Zip entry
  • No struggling with zippers!
  • Panoramic view window with 3 position canopy
Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Pet Stroller

3. Easy Fold Pet Stroller

Pet Gear’s Travel Lite Plus Stroller holds up to 15 lbs. It’s easy to fold and carry at only 9 lbs, and there’s no assembly required. The stroller height to handle is 38 inches, giving you plenty of room. In addition, the mesh ventilation keeps airflow going for your dog on hot days.

Pet Gear Travel Lite Plus Stroller, Compact, Easy...
  • Large 6" wheels for easier strolling
  • Lightweight, fully assembled and portable, only 9lbs!
  • Folds into an ultra-compact size in seconds

Pro Tip: Want to push your pup around a national park? Before you go, find out Do Any National Parks Allow Dogs?

Are Dog Strollers Ridiculous or Adorable?

Okay, so dog strollers are an ounce of ridiculous and a pound of adorable. Of course, they might be silly if you or your dog doesn’t require one.

But strollers are great if they enable environmental enrichment that otherwise would be difficult or even painful for either you or your dog. The bottom line is to do what’s best for you both. 

Do you have a dog stroller? Tell us in the comments!

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Thursday 20th of April 2023

I just got my first dog stroller for our 16 year old Chihuahua about a week ago. I went with the Kenyone Pet Stroller, 3 in 1 Multifunction Pet Travel System. Its got big wheels and shocks for a comfy ride. The only thing I needed to add was a fuzzy blankie. I love it already, and can see how it is going to get us out on more walks this summer.

He is loosing his sight and his hearing and is struggling with some arthritis. His leash skills have diminished significantly, and walks are difficult now due to his blindness. We are starting to get him used to the stroller with short rides around the block (20 min or less) and by having him sit in it while we watch TV. (We use treats to try and increase his acceptance of the device!) While he seems to appreciate the stimulation on his rides, he is still looking to get out and try to walk, and acts restless in the stroller.

I appreciate all the comments here, but any suggestions that can be offered as to how to get him acclimated sooner or with his limitations would be helpful! Stroll on! :-)


Saturday 18th of February 2023

I have stroller as both my dogs have had cruciate surgery one last:yeàr & the other 3 weeks ago its a long recovery so a stroller is so handy to get out on walks & break up a long day I dont know what I would do without one.


Monday 22nd of August 2022

I dog sit for a friend’s aging chihuahua with separation anxiety issues. If I have to run an errand, I use the pet stroller. In the store, I zipper the screening so no one can pet her (she doesn’t bite, but better to play it safe). This past weekend, she had tummy issues and did her business on the carpet. So, when she slept, I put her in the stroller with a small blanket and incontinence bed pad. Took her out for exercise and a walk every hour during the day - no accidents to clean up. When I went to bed, instead of sleeping with her owner or sitter in the same bed, I put the stroller beside my bed. She was at bed height, so could see and be near me - like a portable bassinet. Worked like a charm. While doing indoor chores, like laundry, making bed, showering, etc, she could be right there with me in her stroller. No mess on carpet, happy dog, and happy dog sitter!


Tuesday 14th of June 2022

I do have a dog stroller. I initially got it for my 14 yr old little dog who loved outdoors and it was difficult for him to walk the distances my large/younger dog and I were walking. He loved riding in it. He's gone now but along with my big guy, I have 2 more small dogs I'll be using the stroller for as it becomes necessary. My big boy is slowing down now (as am I) and it's sad to see, but unfortunately he is too big for any stroller. It's also convenient for me, with storage space underneath and 2 cup holders on a tray. Definitely worth having!


Tuesday 14th of June 2022

I have a shih tzu that is 9 years old and is bow legged. He loves to walk but can’t go as far as he or us wants to. We got the stroller about 2 years ago and he loves it! He walks, then gets in and enjoys the view. Also adds to my exercise pushing it up hill!