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15 Ways Duct Tape Will Save Your Camping Trip

15 Ways Duct Tape Will Save Your Camping Trip

Duct tape is a lightweight addition to your camping tool kit that you won’t regret. The phrase “just put duct tape on it” is humorous yet practical on a camping trip. You might be surprised at how much it can help. 

Keep reading to learn how you can use duct tape while camping. We’ll present you with 15 ways it can save your camping trip. Let’s get into it! 

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What Is Duct Tape Actually Used for? 

Duct tape is a multipurpose, durable tape you can use on various indoor and outdoor surfaces. You can use it to seal pipes, patch holes, pack boxes, and serve as a temporary repair mechanism for multiple issues. As you’ll find out further in this article, you can use it as a bandage, waterproof your shoes, and much more! 

What Is the Strongest Duct Tape? 

Gorilla tape is among the most stable versions of duct tape. It’s about 145% sturdier than other duct tapes, as it is thicker and has more adhesive. If you’re doing outdoor repairs exposed to the elements, gorilla tape is an excellent tool to have on hand. 

15 Ways Duct Tape Will Save Your Camping Trip

How can duct tape save your camping trip? You’re about to find out 15 ways to use it for repairs and practical applications. 

Tent patched with duct tape
Before you head out on your camping trip, make sure to pack some duct tape in your camping gear.

1. Patch a Tent With Duct Tape

A hole or rip in your tent can be disastrous on a camping trip. Bugs, rain, cold air, and more can seep through even the tiniest holes.

Patching your tent with duct tape is a quick and easy solution so that your trip isn’t disrupted. While duct tape is a temporary fix until you can get the tent adequately repaired, the tape can last a surprisingly long time. 

2. Waterproof Your Shoes

Wet weather or unexpected waterways on a hike can lead to cold, wet feet. Let’s face it; camping is miserable when your feet are wet.

You can waterproof your shoes with duct tape to keep them dry. Just wrap your shoes entirely with the tape, so there are no holes for water to get in. Since the tape is waterproof, your feet will stay dry. 

3. Insulate Your Cups Or Water Bottle

Bringing limited gear on a camping trip is ideal. So rather than packing multiple cups for hot and cold beverages, you can insulate them with duct tape.

It’s also a solution when the weather is warmer than you expect. For example, if the humidity and heat rise while you’re on your trip and you aren’t prepared, duct-taping your water bottle can keep the contents chilled and out of the sun.

Repairing vehicle with duct tape
In an emergency, duct tape can be a lifesaver!

4. Create a Bowl, Cup, Or Utensils

It can be frustrating to arrive at your campsite only to find you forgot a bowl, spoon, or other table settings. But if you packed duct tape, there’s no need to panic.

You can create a bowl, cup, spoon, knife, plate, and more out of the tape. Double the tape over and morph it into the shape of the kitchen tool you want. Since duct tape is waterproof, you can ensure your soup will stay in the bowl.

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5. Use Duct Tape as a Bandage

We highly recommend packing a first aid kit on any camping trip. But if you find yourself without one, you can make a bandage out of duct tape for a temporary solution.

Cut a piece of tape double the size of the wound and fold it over, sticky side to sticky side. Put this piece directly on the wound after you’ve cleaned it. Then, adhere a piece of tape over that piece to hold it on your skin.

6. Mark a Trail

Gray tape is an excellent way to mark a trail when hiking away from camp. For example, you can put two pieces of tape in the shape of an X on trees or other stationary objects every 20 feet. The markers will help you find your way back to camp. Just remember to leave no trace when you pack up to go home.

7. Make a Rope

There may be times when you need a rope on a camping trip, including to tie down a tent or to pull something. When you don’t have a cord with you, you can use duct tape instead.

To make a duct tape rope, cut it into strips of threes and braid them together to make a strong rope. If you need a long rope, we recommend weaving in additional strands until you feel it’s strong enough for your purposes.

8. Create a Fly Trap

When the flies are too much on a camping trip, make a DIY fly trap with duct tape. Cut off a foot-long strip of tape and hang it in your tent or camper. Flies that land on it will get stuck. 

Family using duct tape to repair little girls toy.
Repair holes and tears with duct tape.

9. Seal Food Containers

No matter how solid the lid is on food containers, they can still pop open from time to time. The last thing you want when transporting food while camping or hiking is for food to spill.

You can use duct tape to seal the container. Or, if you have a container without a lid, you can use the tape to act like saran wrap.

10. Clean Sand and Dirt Out Of Belongings

Duct tape is sticky. That makes it ideal for cleaning sand or dirt out of your tent or camper, gear, backpack, and other belongings. Take a piece of tape and use the sticky side to clean up. 

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11. Fix Your Glasses

Duct tape is strong and durable. If your glasses break while camping, use the tape to fix them. If your frame breaks, cut the tape into a small piece to wrap around the rim. It’s a temporary fix but should hold for a long time.

12. Attach Your Tablecloth to a Picnic Table

It can be very unpleasant when your tablecloth blows off the picnic table. Rather than packing extra clips to hold it down, use tape to attach it to the table. You can secure the tablecloth, staying in place no matter the wind or elements. 

Family setting up table cloth on picnic table
Make picnicking easier by taping down your table cloth.

13. Patch a Hole in Your Kayak

Getting a hole in your kayak while camping can be devastating. But duct tape can save your trip. Use it to patch up the hole, making sure to have good contact all the way around the hole.

Multiple layers laying multiple directions both on the inside and outside will create additional strength and redundancy. After you apply the tape to the affected area, we recommend testing the kayak before you launch it. Fill it up with water and leave it for an hour or more to see if it leaks. 

14. Fix a Broken Fishing Pole

Fishing is a fun part of camping until the pole breaks! Use duct tape to fix your broken fishing pole. Make sure to wrap the durable tape around the pole as many times as needed until it’s secure. Angling the tape will allow you to spread the strength over a larger area. Since the tape is waterproof, you can use it around a body of water. 

15. Use As a Temporary Wrap For a Sprain

In an emergency, you can utilize duct tape as a wrap for a sprained ankle or wrist. However, we strongly recommend seeking medical attention right away. You should only use the tape in an emergency, such as on a long hike and help is far away.

Duct tape’s strength will hold the affected joint in place. We recommend wrapping the tape around the outside of a sock, boot, or glove instead of directly on your skin to avoid irritation.

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Is Having Duct Tape On Your Camping Trip Worth It?

Pack your duct tape and go camping! It is worth having with you on a camping trip for its multipurpose capabilities. It’s pretty easy to find room for it in your gear bag, and you won’t regret bringing it along.

Whether hiking in the backcountry, camping at your local campground, or RVing, duct tape is a must-have. 

Leave a comment below if you have other applications for duct tape use while camping. We would love to hear your ideas and how they saved your camping trip!

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