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What on Earth Is an EarthRoamer?

EarthRoamer makes luxury expedition vehicles. These rigs look a bit like a massive truck camper or rugged class C motorhome. But when you get up close, you can see it takes on a class of its own. Every EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicle is designed and built in Dacona, Colorado. As a direct-to-consumer company, all sales, services, and production also happen at the Colorado facilities. 

After over 20 years since the first production model rolled off the line, they’re a leader in the luxury overland industry. There are more than 280 EarthRoamer vehicles on the road across the globe. They build high-quality products and invent features that best suit their customers. They currently have two models on the market, the Earthroamer SX and the EarthRoamer LTi. (The EarthRoamer HD has been discontinued, but you can still find pre-owned units for sale.)

WE LIVED IN A $650,000 EARTHROAMER (full tour)

What EarthRoamers Are Good For: Features and Build

The main draw of Earthroamers has to do with going overlanding. Overlanding is the ability to travel to remote destinations, often over rough terrain such as rocks, snow, and mud. The main difference between overlanding and off-roading is that overlanding focuses on self-sustainability while on the trail. An overland vehicle enables overnighting and multi-day trips versus a Jeep that you may take just off-road for a day trip.

EarthRoamers come loaded with features. The company doesn’t believe in offering a base model, so they give a platform to start with, and then the customer can add on features.

The tires and suspension provide maximum ground clearance. They have 41-inch or more military-grade tires on Beadlock wheels to handle all types of terrain. King off-road shocks and heavy-duty anti-sway bars bolster the air ride suspension. 

They are true four-season expedition vehicles. The diesel air heaters in the EarthRoamers work in subzero temperatures. The heater and the air conditioner systems work without a generator. In addition, there are more than 1,320-watts of solar and a massive amount of lithium battery life. 

EarthRoamer LTi interior product shot from website.
RV in pure luxury with an EarthRoamer.

How Much Do EarthRoamers Cost? 

We’ll cut to the chase. They’re a costly investment. An EarthRoamer LTi is likely going to cost you between $700,000 and $1,200,000. For the EarthRoamer SX, the cost is $1,100,000 plus options. And since they’re made-to-order, you must make a $50,000 deposit. 

Even pre-owned inventory on the EarthRoamer website starts around $500,000.

Why Are EarthRoamers So Expensive? 

EarthRoamers are essentially handcrafted luxury vehicles that are made to order. They don’t have them waiting around on dealer lots. Their lead time from time of order to taking delivery is typically 7-12 months as they build your specific vehicle.

Additionally, EarthRoamers have a monocoque, vacuum-infused carbon fiber camper body. Additionally, they come with high-quality design elements throughout. EarthRoamer spares no expense in ensuring everything from the tires to the furniture can get the job done.

Of course, attention to detail, safety, and quality control also factor into the cost of these vehicles.

Pro Tip: Don’t get lost in the wilderness on your EarthRoamer overlanding adventure. Try out one of these 5 Best GPS Options For Overlanders.

The EarthRoamer HD sells for well over a million dollars.

EarthRoamer SX (New in 2023)

The EarthRoamer SX is a 34′ expedition vehicle that seeks to go beyond past versions of the EarthRoamer. It aims to go further, stay longer, and experience luxury comforts while in the most wild and untamed overland destinations.

The Vehicle:

  • Chevrolet Silverado 6500HD chassis
  • Duramax 6.6L Turbo-diesel V8 engine
  • Allison 6-speed transmission
  • 43″ Military Grade Goodyear Tires on Beadlock Rims rated to 81mph max
  • Increased fuel capacity: 100 gallons of diesel

The Habitat:

  • One-piece molded proprietary carbon fiber body composition
  • Full dry bath with walk-in shower
  • Additional sleeping and seating areas for up to 6 people
  • Garage space for gear storage
  • Increased water capacities: 120 gallons fresh and 55 gallons grey
  • Provides full 270-degree window views
  • Optional washer/dryer unit available
  • 18,000-watt lithium ion battery capacity / 1600 watts of solar panels
We Lived in the New $1 Million EARTHROAMER SX (full tour)

EarthRoamer LTi

The EarthRoamer LTi is a 29-foot, fully equipped expedition vehicle camper.

The Vehicle:

  • Heavy Duty Ford F-550 4WD Chassis
  • 6.7L turbo-diesel V8 engine
  • can tow up to 10,000 pounds
  • 95-gallon fuel tank

The Habitat:

  • One-piece molded design with no seams
  • Requires no metal support structure; therefore, there’s no reduction in insulation
  • Wet bath with a cassette toilet, shower, and sink
  • A touch screen interface controls everything
  • Sleeps/seats 2-4 people
  • 100-gallon freshwater tank / 40 gallon grey water tank
  • 12,000-watt-hours of lithium ion battery life / 1,320-watts of solar panels.
EarthRoamer LTi Interior Walkthrough

EarthRoamer HD (Discontinued in 2023)

The EarthRoamer HD has many of the same features and construction as the LTi. However, it’s bigger and has some more amenities. The self-sufficient expedition vehicle has greater fuel, water, solar, and battery capacities. 

The fuel tank on the HD can hold 115 gallons of diesel. Additionally, the fresh water tank has a 250-gallon capacity. This beast has 2,100-watts of solar and a 20,000-watt-hour battery bank.

The 35-foot HD sits on a Ford F-750 chassis. It has a 6.7L turbo-diesel V8 engine. The GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) is 37,000 pounds.

It has multiple floor plans. One of our favorites is the Ophir, which has an L-shaped couch in the rear. The separate rear living areas on the HD models are a huge benefit. Some models have wet baths, and others have a separate shower from the toilet room. The HD comes with radiant floor heat, and you can also get amenities like a washer and dryer. 

EarthRoamer's New $1.5 Million Luxury Overland Rig - Detailed Look at Overland Expo West

Can You Rent an EarthRoamer?

While EarthRoamer doesn’t rent directly. Your best bet to be able to see one of these rigs in person is to visit the factory in Dacona, Colorado. You can schedule a tour of the factory to see the build process for yourself.

EarthRoamer, like many manufacturers, occasionally partners with media partners and influencers to give them real-life experiences in some of these rigs. Because of this, you can find walk-through videos online. You may also get a chance to see them at events like Overland Expo or other overlanding rallies.

preroamed earthroamer xv-lt
EarthRoamers have been roaming the globe since 2003.

Are EarthRoamers Worth the Price?

An investment in an EarthRoamer fits into a specific economic demographic. One recent buyer noted that purchasing one of these rigs may be more of a spiritual decision than a financial one. From the construction to every detail and feature, these are some of the most robust, all-season, and all-terrain vehicles on the market. They’re worth it for someone who will utilize them as a proper overland vehicle.

We personally think these rigs are awesome, but simply couldn’t afford one for our overland plans. Until it fits into the budget, we’re making due with our own “poor man’s” EarthRoamer. Our overland truck camper vehicle cost around $75,000. While not nearly as fancy or cohesive as a hand-crafted EarthRoamer, it’ll do for now.

Are you ready to take a ride in one of these luxury expedition vehicles? Drop a comment below!

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