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7 Best Portable Electric Camping Grills for Cooking Anywhere

7 Best Portable Electric Camping Grills for Cooking Anywhere

You don’t have to settle for subpar food just because you’re camping. An electric camping grill can help you easily prepare delicious meals no matter where you cook. Having a portable electric grill for camping can be a game changer regarding the foods you can prepare.

Today, we’re looking at several of the best portable electric grills for camping that we think are worth considering. Let’s get started.

What Is an Electric Grill? 

Let’s face it, electric appliances are easier and cleaner to operate than a fuel version. An electric camping grill is a grill that you can use with electricity instead of gas fuel, wood, pellets, or charcoal. As long as you have access to electricity, you can use an electric grill.

A large perk to an electric grill is not having to worry about running out of propane in the middle of cooking or having to carry fuel at all. You can also avoid those moments where you forgot to grab the bag of charcoal before heading out.

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Can You Use an Electric Grill for Camping? 

Yes, you can use a portable electric grill for camping. Assuming you have a source of electricity, electric grills work great. Those camping in an organized campground with a power pedestal can easily plug directly into shore power or via their camper. If you prefer off-grid camping, you can also use a generator or solar system to power it.

Do Electric Grills Work Well? 

Electric grills get the job done. While it isn’t everyone’s favorite method, many prefer electric ones. You don’t get that charcoal taste, but you will get perfectly cooked meat and veggies. You can also easily adjust the temperature as needed. These appliances work just as well as any other grill to deliver delicious food to your plate. 

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Man using electric grill in backyard
Make grilling on the go easy with a portable electric grill.

7 Best Portable Electric Camping Grills for Cooking Anywhere

Now that you know an electric camping grill can be a great addition to your camping gear, you might wonder which one to get. Here are a few of our top picks for portable electric camping grills. 

1. George Foreman Electric Indoor/Outdoor Grill

About: This electric grill is small but packs a punch. At just over 14 pounds and with a removable stand, you can easily store it. This square grill cooks up to 12 servings at a time. Five heat settings ensure you can cook at your desired temperature. 

George Foreman 12-Serving Indoor/Outdoor...
  • 12plus Servings - It’s tailgate time The 200 square inches of...
  • Apartment-Approved - Your landlord will love this grill just as...
  • Adjustable Temperature Control - Perfect heat is the secret...

Size: It has 200 square inches of cooking surface measuring 10.43 by 22.25 by 12 inches. It weighs in at 14.33 pounds. 

Power Draw: 1440 Watts

Best Features: The easy-to-remove stand allows you to quickly move the grill indoors if bad weather threatens to shut down your cookout. This is great because it will enable you to finish your meal indoors if needed.

2. George Foreman, Silver Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill (GGR50B) 

About: This circular George Foreman electric grill for camping can cook up to 15 servings at a time. The large non-stick cooking surface allows you to cook everything at once. It can help you avoid some of your food getting cold before the rest is finished. It has five heat settings, and you can use it on the included stand or on a tabletop. 

George Foreman, Silver, 12+ Servings Upto 15...
  • George Tough Nonstick Coating - There's a lot to love about this...
  • Indoor or Outdoor Removable Stand - Don't let the weather keep...
  • Adjustable Temperature Control - The temperature probe lets you...

Size: This unit weighs 21 pounds, measuring 22.2 by 17.9 by 13 inches.

Power Draw: 1600 Watts

Best Features: This grill is great for those who need to feed a larger group of people or want to cook multiple things at once. It is larger than many other electric grills. It also gives both those who live in apartments or RVs a safe option. 

Portable electric grill making vegetables while camping
Whether you’re camping, RVing, or living in an apartment, an electric grill ensures you can always grill a meal.

3. Weber Q1400 Electric Grill

About: The Weber Q1400 Electric Grill is a compact tabletop grill that easily fits on your countertop or campsite table but is large enough for you to feed a crowd. The cast-iron grates give you even and efficient heating. It isn’t the most lightweight electric grill on the market; however, it works to your advantage. This heavy-duty, solid appliance gives you peace of mind that you will have a quality product that will stand the test of time. 

Weber Q1400 Electric Grill, Gray
  • 1560-watt electric heating element to heat 189 square-inch total...
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid...
  • Fully assembled out of box

Size: The Weber Q1400 portable electric grill for camping has 189 square inches of cook space. It measures 23.5 by 27 by 14.5 inches, weighing 29.5 pounds. 

Power Draw: 1560 Watts

Best Features: This is truly a plug-and-go grill. It comes fully assembled out of the box, so you can get to grilling immediately. It is easy to use anywhere you can access a table and an outlet. 

4. Cuisinart CEG-980 Outdoor Electric Grill with VersaStand

About: The Cuisinart CEG-980 Electric Grill will have you forgetting that you are using an electric grill. This unit has grates similar to that of a standard gas or charcoal grill. You’ll get excellent char marks, and it has room for airflow under the grates, giving users even heating. It also has stable legs, making it perfect for sitting on a campsite or deck. 

Cuisinart CEG-980 Outdoor Electric Grill with...
  • COMPACT SIZE: 120 Volt / 60Hz. Pronounced briefcase-style...
  • GREAT FOR FAMILY MEALS: Cooks 8 burgers, 8 steaks, 6 to 10...
  • TELESCOPING STAND: Portable electric grill with 145-square-inch...

Size: This Cuisinart weighs only 16 pounds with dimensions of 22 by 11.8 by 17.6 inches. 

Power Draw: 1500 Watts

Best Features: You’ll have no problem inviting the neighbors over for dinner with this grill. The cooking surface can hold either eight burgers, eight steaks, up to 10 chicken breasts, or 4 pounds of fish at a time. 

Bacon wrapped potatoes being made on grill
Many electric grills are small and portable, making them perfect for camping trips.

5. Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill + Griddle

About: Griddles are all the rage these days, and for a good reason. The Hamilton Beach Grill+Griddle gives you the best of both worlds. The reversible surfaces allow you to choose to cook with a flat or a grooved grill top. Because it has two plates, you can mix things up and simultaneously use a flat and grooved surface. This is a tabletop appliance intended for use indoors. 

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill +...
  • 3 WAYS TO COOK: With two reversible cooking plates that are...
  • GREAT FOR COOKING EVERY MEAL: From cooking eggs and sausage on...
  • 2 COOKING ZONES: The grill is powered by 1400 watts and has two...

Size: This grill and griddle combo measures 12.51 by 23 by 6.71 inches. It weighs 9 pounds and features 180 square inches of cooking surface.  

Power Draw: 1400 Watts

Best Features: In addition to having interchangeable plates, you can control each plate’s temperature. This is a great feature for those cooking various foods that require different temperatures. You can cook pancakes on the griddle and bacon on the grill simultaneously.

6. Electric BBQ Grill Techwood 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

About: This portable electric grill gives space for cooking up to 15 servings. The foldable racks give your food plenty of room to breathe and cook evenly. Additionally, the adjustable temperature control makes cooking a breeze. You can quickly go from 200 to 425 degrees with the turn of a knob.

No products found.

Size: This electric grill has 240 square inches of cooking space. This electric camping grill measures 17.9 by 11 by 14.8 inches and weighs 12.27 pounds. 

Power Draw: 1600 Watts

Best Features: This grill gives you the best of everything. It is highly portable and has the convenience of electricity while getting you close to a traditional grilling experience. At first glance, you’d easily mistake it for a charcoal grill. This unit will easily transition from your kitchen countertop to an outside picnic table. 

temperature control for electric grill
Ditch the propane and charcoal and switch to an electric grill.

7. PowerXL Smokeless Grill with Tempered Glass Lid with Interchangeable Griddle Plate

About: The PowerXL Smokeless Grill quickly cooks your food without drying out your dinner. The see-through glass lid allows you to quickly check on the progress of your food without lifting it and allowing the heat to escape. Finally, the cross-hatch grill markings give you that sought-after fresh off-the-grill look. 

PowerXL Smokeless Grill with Tempered Glass Lid...
  • Smokeless indoor grill and griddle combo from PowerXL appliance...
  • Nonstick coating heat rapidly and maintain a constant temperature...
  • 1-Touch LED digital temperature control lets you customize...

Size: The PowerXL smokeless grill has dimensions of 20 by 12 by 5 inches and weighs 16.96 pounds. 

Power Draw: 1650 Watts

Best Features: You can remove the grill plates for easy clean-up. And checking the progress without interrupting cooking makes this a fantastic option.

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Is an Electric Camping Grill Worth It?

An electric camping grill is perfect for those that don’t want to lug extra propane or charcoal around from campsite to campsite. You won’t have to worry about gathering firewood for a tasty meal. An electric grill is worth it for those that want a compact unit with a simple cooking process and an easy clean-up. 

Do you bring an electric camping grill on your adventures? Drop a comment below with your grill recommendations!

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