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A Closer Look at Ember RV Trailers: Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

A Closer Look at Ember RV Trailers: Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

For overlanders, camping in an RV resort where the next neighbor is ten feet to the left isn’t ideal. It may be downright unthinkable. These campers want to travel deep into the forests, drive along steep canyon walls, and camp on the sandy shores of Baja. Getting as far away from other people and as connected to nature as possible is part of the adventure.

There aren’t many trailers for this type of travel and use. Ember RV is a new company seeking to equip overlanders with proper trailers to help them enjoy their journey. Let’s look closer at Ember trailers and whether you might want one in the future!

What Is Ember RV?

Ember RV is an independent brand that manufactures overlanding trailers. Independent, as in it’s not owned by one of the big RV manufacturing conglomerates like Thor, Forest River, and the like. The company is located in Bristol, Indiana, which is just a stone’s throw away from the RV epicenter of Elkhart, Indiana.

Ashley Bontrager Lehman, the granddaughter of Jayco founders Lloyd and Bertha Bontrager, is the CEO/President/Founder of Ember RV. After spending some time in Washington, D.C., Lehman returned to Elkhart County, Indiana to become senior management and start her own business. Her ambition, work ethic, and adherence to the Golden Rule have helped make her a successful entrepreneur in the RV industry. In 2021, she co-founded Ember RV with Chris Barth, Steve Delagrange, and Ernie Miller.

Its vision is to become a highly sought-after company with “a commitment to quality, team member fulfillment, customer satisfaction, and a better ownership experience.” The mission at Ember RV is to build a better RV by creating a better RV company.

The company makes three lines of Ember trailers: the Overland Micro Series, the Overland Series, and the Touring Edition. They designed all three for going off-road and off-grid so overlanders could get as deep into nature as they wanted.

ember rv
Ember RV creates some of the best overlanding trailers on the market. The Thule Tepui rooftop tent is a cool optional add-on.

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What Is Overlanding?

Overlanding is an off-road vehicle-based exploration of the outdoors. Enthusiasts must be self-reliant and adventurous, seeking to escape the norms and dive deep into the heart of nature. Overlanders often explore remote locations, requiring particular gear and modifications for safety due to the rough terrain. You can expect massive boulders, riverbeds, lakebeds, and muddy, washed-out trails. To do this, a properly equipped vehicle is essential to safe exploration.

Ember RV
Get off the beaten path in an Ember trailer.

What Makes Ember Trailers Unique?

Ember RV designs its trailers with the rigors of overlanding in mind. The details and features make this type of exploration enjoyable and safe. From the rooftop cargo racks and front gearbox to the heavy-duty coil springs with dual shock absorbers of the CURT independent suspension, the Ember trailers are for people who need storage for outdoor gear and plan on traversing rough terrain. They build these trailers on a Trailblazer heavy-duty off-road chassis with steel fenders/wheel wells and 5-sided aluminum frame constructions on the walls. Off-road tires are also standard.

Ember RVs come standard with 200W solar panels, a 1000W inverter, and a charge controller. They have extra-large fresh water tanks for the trailer size. Off-road and off-grid exploration is possible and encouraged with a trailer from Ember RV.

There are many options available on Ember Trailers that we are personally excited to see. You can order your trailer with Battle Born Lithium-ion batteries, Thule rooftop tents, the Truma Combi, and wireless security cameras for the outside of the RV.

Who Are Ember Trailers Designed for?

Because of their design, Ember trailers aren’t for the family who loves camping at the local private campground. They enjoy access to amenities like a swimming pool, mini golf, horseshoe pits, a basketball court, and more. Although this is one type of camping, it is not the intent of this trailer. Ember trailers are for overlanding.

Instead, people who want to get off the beaten path, travel to remote locations, and see landscapes or places they haven’t discovered will appreciate the accessibility and design of Ember trailers. There isn’t much interior space. So they’re for people who plan to spend most of their time adventuring outdoors.

Ember RV
Ember RV has an impressive lineup with multiple floorplan options.

How Much Do Ember RV Trailers Cost?

The cost of an Ember RV Trailer depends on the series and model. Generally speaking, base model Ember trailers starting prices range between around $29,000 at the low end and $54,000 at the high end. Cost increases as you add on packages or other custom modifications, and we’ve seen new models listed for as high as $78,000.

The Ember RV Lineup

The Ember RV lineup includes the Overland Micro, the Overland Series, and the Touring Edition. Whether looking for a tiny camper to sleep one person or a larger trailer to sleep four, you’ll find an overlanding vehicle with Ember RV. The trailers range from 12 feet, 10 inches to 34 feet, 1 inch in length, and 3,495-8,995 pounds GVWR, so you have many options for a tow vehicle.

Overland Micro Series

The Ember Overland Micro Series measures 12’11” long and 9’2″ tall. It has a GVWR of 3,495lbs and has two available floorplans. The rear outdoor kitchen or rear outdoor locker floorplans give two options for overlanders looking for a smaller trailer.

The ROK model features a Camco DC 12V/AC 110V portable 75-liter refrigerator/cooler/freezer, a repositionable mobile desk/table, a futon, a nightstand, and a huge front window to let in plenty of natural light. The ROL model also has a desk/table, futon, nightstand, and huge front window. It also features a 68-inch wide by 25-inch diameter by 55.5-inch high rear outside locker to stash all your camping gear.

We want to note that the Overland Micro Series does not have a bathroom. You may want to grab yourself a portable toilet if you’re uncomfortable dealing with your waste properly on the trail.

The Ember Overland Micro Series trailer price starts at around $29,078.

Overland Series

The Overland Series of Ember trailers is chic yet robust. It offers owners more interior space than the Micro Series while providing off-road capabilities to explore new paths. The Ember Overland Series measures 20’6″ to 26’1″ long and 10’4″ tall. It has a GVWR ranging between 5,495 lbs to 6,995 lbs and has nine different floorplans. Six have a slide-out to provide additional interior space. Two have a permanent front queen bed, while the others include a Murphy bed.

They all have a full bathroom in the rear of the trailer and at least one lounging/sitting area with a sofa or a dinette. The kitchen has a 12V refrigerator for efficient cooling while dry camping without pulling a lot of electricity.

In addition, multiple floorplans feature bunk beds, which is excellent for overlanding families. The 190MBD, 191MBD, and 221MBD have double over double bunks, while the 170MBH have single over single bunks.

The Ember Overland Series Trailer prices starts at around $54,378.

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Touring Edition Series

The Ember Touring Edition trailers measure 26’6″ to 34’1″ long and range in height from 11’5″ to 11’6″ tall. It has a GVWR ranging from 7,295 lbs to 8,995 lbs and has eight floorplans.

Like the Overland Series, the Touring Edition Series by Ember RV offers several floorplans and options for overlanders. All these trailers are on torsion axles with 16-inch Goodyear Endurance tires. They come with 5-sided aluminum frame construction. They also feature European dual-pane acrylic windows and Ember’s exclusive “Stargazer” skylight.

All these Ember trailers have a slide-out in the unit’s center. They also have a full rear bathroom like the Overland Series. Four models have a permanent bed, while the others have a Murphy bed. The 24BH is the same floorplan as the 24MBH, except the permanent queen bed is now a Murphy bed over a sofa. The same is true about the 26RB/26MRB and 28BH/28MBH models.

In addition, four units have double over double bunk beds for a dedicated sleeping space for the kids. Also, four units have a sofa and a dinette in the living area. There’s plenty of lounging space with the slide-out, too.

The starting prices of the Ember RV Touring Edition is around $46,702.

ALL NEW SERIES of Ember RVs!! 2023 Touring Edition 20FB

Where Can I Buy Ember Trailers?

Dealers sell Ember trailers all over the United States. You can go to the “Find A Dealer” page on Ember RV’s website to locate a dealer near you. Insert your zip code, and the closest options will appear. For example, if you live in the Houston, Texas area, four dealers sell Ember trailers. Four dealers are nearby if you live in the Bozeman, Montana area.

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Ember RV Trailers: Building a Better RV By Building a Better RV Company

Ember RV says they seek to redefine the RV industry with bold steps to create better RVs. With affordable prices, overlanders can purchase an Ember trailer and hit the trails without worrying about whether the camper will hold up against the rugged terrain. From outdoor kitchens and bunk beds to full bathrooms, many floorplans, models, and options exist for overlanders who want to explore nature.

Will an Ember trailer purchase be in your future? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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