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Who Owns Entegra Motorhomes?

Who Owns Entegra Motorhomes?

With so many manufacturers in the RV industry today, it’s hard to keep up with who owns who and which models are quality models. You’ve probably heard of Airstream, Tiffin, Keystone RV, and Entegra motorhomes. Although they make very different RVs and focus on providing very different qualities to their customers, they’re all owned by Thor Industries.

In fact, Thor Industries is the world’s largest manufacturer of RVs because it has acquired numerous brands over the years. While Thor Industries owns the Entegra Coach brand now, it wasn’t always part of Thor’s family of companies. 

Let’s look at the history of Entegra Coach and learn a bit more about their motorhomes. 

About Entegra Motorhomes

For years, Entegra focused on producing luxury diesel pushers in the RV industry. In 2018, Entegra expanded to include Class A and Class C gas engine motorhomes. 2021 saw Entegra continuing to grow with its first Class B, the Ethos. In 2022, it will introduce another Class B model, the Launch.

Who Owns Entegra Motorhomes?

The roots of Entegra reach back to a company called Travel Supreme who started out building luxury high-end fifth wheels in the 80’s. In the early 2000’s they began producing high end class A motorhomes. However during the 2008 financial crisis Travel Supreme, like so many other RV manufacturers, closed its doors.

Then in 2008, Jayco acquired the assets of Travel Supreme and launched the Entegra division. If you compare early Entegra coaches to the original Travel Supreme you will see lots of similarities.

In 2016, Thor Industries bought Jayco and its subsidiaries Starcraft RV, Highland Ridge, and Entegra Coach for $576 million.

Entegra motorhome driving down the highway
Head out on the highway in an Entegra motorhome.

Who Is the CEO?

Ken Walters is the President of the Jayco Family of Companies. He transitioned from his positions as the Vice President of Sales and Product Development in 2020. However, the founder of Jayco, Lloyd Bontrager, still has his hand on the company even though he passed away in an airplane crash in 1985. He taught his employees to follow the Golden Rule and built the company on the standard of treating others the way you want to be treated. At Entegra, it’s called the Bontrager Promise. 

Close up on Entegra logo on motorhome.
Owned by Thor Industries, an Entegra motorhome is sure to provide a quality home on wheels.

What Is the Average Cost of an Entegra Motorhome?

The prices vary depending on the model within the Entegra motor coach line. The diesel motorhomes start at an MSRP of $373,650 for the Reatta. The most expensive model is the Cornerstone which starts at $815,730. The gas Class As starts at $156,668 for the Vision, $188,243 for the Vision XL, and $222,225 for the Emblem.

The Class C Entegra motorhomes start at $132,368 for the Odyssey. From there, the prices increase with the Accolade XL starting at $335,550. The Class B Ethos starts at $131,550, and the Launch starts at $197,250. Depending on each unit’s floor plan, upgrades, and features, the pricing will go up from there. 

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Most Common Entegra Models

The Aspire and Anthem are the two best-selling diesel pushers made by Entegra. Built on a Spartan K2 raised-rail chassis, they run on a Cummins L9 turbocharged 450 HP engine with 1,250 lb torque at 1,400 RPM. The Aspire has a 17,000 lb front axle rating, whereas the Anthem has a 20,000 lb rating. The Anthem also comes equipped with a Valid Truline air leveling system with an auxiliary air compressor.

All of the Anthem units have a GVWR of 52,000 lbs. The Aspire units are lighter, with a range of 41,000 lbs to 49,000 lbs depending on the model. The Anthem and Aspire models are also 45′ 5″ in length except for one Aspire (the 40P) that is 40′ 11″ in length.

Inside, the Aspire models don’t have a fireplace, whereas the Anthem models do. The Anthem line also has powered solar and blackout nightshades, while the Aspire line has manual shades. Both lines have hand-laid porcelain tiled floors, premium leather Villa furniture, and a Whirlpool stacked washer and dryer.

Even though there aren’t as many Cornerstones sold, this coach is the number one selling motorhome in the Cummins X 605HP engine category. Named the best motorcoach for luxury living by Travel + Leisure magazine, it’s the most expensive unit manufactured by Entegra.

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Entegra motorhomes lined up in parking lot.
Enjoy the spacious luxury of an Entegra Class A or Class C motorhome.

How Many Entegra Motorhomes Locations Are There? 

Entegra motorhomes are manufactured in Middlebury, IN, near Elkhart, the RV capital of the world. Two out of every three RVs come out of this part of the country. In fact, most Jayco employees come from the Amish and Mennonite communities. Jayco does have a west location in Twin Falls, Idaho as well.

A bunch of Entegra motorhomes parked in warehouse.
Sustainability supporters will love that Entegra is green certified by TRA Certification.

What Types of RVs Does Entegra Motorhomes Sell? 

Entegra is most well-known for its Class A and Class C motorhomes. The company manufactures both diesel and gas engine motorhomes. There are five diesel engine models and three gas engine models. The most luxurious line is the Cornerstone. Entegra recently launched the Class B line with the 2021 Ethos model. 

RV TOUR // Entegra Aspire 44R //Family of 4 Living FULL TIME in a 45 Foot Class A Motorhome

Is Entegra Motorhomes a Good Company to Buy From?

Entegra has been manufacturing motor coaches for decades, and it operates under its sustainability initiatives. All of Jayco’s products – from Entegra to Highland Ridge to Starcraft – are green certified by TRA Certification. The company was the first to receive this recognition in the RV industry.

If you want a luxury motor coach, Entegra might be the perfect fit. Entegra manufactures a variety of floor plans and offers a wide price range for its RVs. If you’re in the market for a drivable RV, check out the Class A, Class B, and Class C Entegra lines. 

Which Entegra motorhome catches your eye? Tell us in the comments!

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