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Escapees Membership: Is It Worth the Money?

There are so many RV membership clubs out there that it can feel impossible or at least impractical to join them all. One of the most popular is Escapees, which has been offering a variety of benefits to members for decades. But before plunking down your hard-earned cash, you may wonder if it’s worth the cost. Read on as we explore the various offerings of Escapees and how they can help save members money.

Escapees RV Club Review

What Is Escapees RV Club?

Escapees calls itself “a total support network for all RVers,” but what exactly does that mean?

Escapees offers an incredibly diverse set of combined benefits, specifically designed to help full-time travelers. Some casual and part-time RVers may also enjoy some of the benefits, but it is definitely aimed for those who have fully adopted the RV lifestyle.

Founded in 1978, the company started mainly as a way for full-time RVers to connect and get to know one another. In the decades since, it’s stayed true to this mission while expanding to cover the changing needs of its membership.

What are Xscapers?

Many RVers may wonder what Xscapers is and how it differs from the Escapees RV Club. Xscapers is a sub-group on Escapees for working-age RVers. While Escapees caters more towards those who retire to live full-time in their RVs, Xscapers focuses on a demographic who are not yet free from working their careers or those who wish to pursue new jobs after retirement.

Joining Xscapers is the same as joining Escapees, and any Escapee can also attend Xscaper events. Some member just may find their “tribe” within one group or the other.

How Much Does Escapees Cost?

Escapees is one of the more affordable RV membership clubs, costing just $49.95 per year for U.S. residents as of the writing of this article. That’s just over $4.16 per month. Residents of Mexico or Canada pay $59.95 annually (roughly $5 per month), while those in all other countries pay $64.95 (approximately $5.41 monthly). Lifetime memberships are also available for $850 for Americans and $905 for everyone else.

Escapees club website
For just $49.95 per year, U.S. residents can enjoy all the benefits of an Escapees membership.

What Are the Benefits of an Escapees Membership?

Lots of RV membership clubs make big promises about their benefits. But let’s take a look at whether Escapees truly delivers value for your family. Here are some of the most significant advantages of membership.


Traveling full-time in an RV can be a bit lonely, and even more, occasional RVers can struggle to find friends who share their interests. Escapees helps RVers connect through a variety of fun and informational events. These range from regional rallies and gatherings at big-time events to meetups themed around music, cocktails, and other interests. There are even online events for those who can’t participate in person.

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Escapees Mail Forwarding Service

One of the most valuable services offered by Escapees is mail forwarding, which allows RVers a stable address for mail, even if they live full-time on the road. With a dedicated mailbox, Escapees members can have staff scan mail or ship it remotely to their location. 

This includes packages in addition to letters. Escapees mail forwarding will even allow members to establish domicile in either Florida, Texas, or South Dakota, three of the most popular domicile states for RVers. 

RVer Job Exchange

The days of RVing being solely a retired person’s game are over. More people are looking to work remotely while they travel, but finding jobs that fit the RV lifestyle can sometimes be challenging. Escapees helps solve that problem with its RVer Job Exchange

Employers looking to hire RVers can post jobs for remote work or on-site “workamping” arrangements. Freelancers can even advertise their services and connect with those looking to hire them. It’s a perfect way to find work that understands the needs and benefits of RV life. 

Truck camper parked next to scenic mountain view
Find community, campsites, and more with your Escapees membership.

RVers Boot Camp

RVs can be a bit complicated and overwhelming, especially for those just learning to drive and live in one. Fortunately, Escapees can help them get acquainted with their new home on the go with a helpful “Boot Camp.”

Through 20 hours of work with experienced instructors, RVers will learn the basics of operating and maintaining an RV. They will also learn about staying safe on the road and around the campsite. While membership isn’t required to join the Boot Camp, Escapees members receive a discount of $50 – essentially eliminating the yearly membership fee!

RVers Online University

If you can’t take the time for an in-person boot camp or are looking for a lower-cost option for learning the basics of RVing and more, Escapees also offers RVers Online University. In addition to an online version with similar “boot camp” content, there’s also a course dedicated to helping new RVers transition to full-time life on the road. You’ll learn how to find campsites, get healthcare, and many other tips and tricks. 

Escapees members receive discounts between $20 and $50, depending on which courses they purchase. This helps defray some or all of the membership costs. 

Tom and Caitlin from Mortons on the Move in front of camper
Learning how to RV can be stressful. Trust us, we’ve been there! Escapees makes it easier.

Escapees Discount Fuel Program

You don’t need to be an RVer to feel the impact of sky-high gas prices in recent months. But with extra low mileage, even small increases can make a big difference in the budget of full-time RVers. Escapees helps out members with its Discount Fuel Program. For $4 a month or $40 annually, members can enjoy discounts of $0.12 per gallon on gas and $0.29 per gallon on diesel. 

More than 5,000 stations nationwide offer those discounts. It’s easy to see how the program pays for itself with even one fill up per month.

Escapees Roadside Assistance

With Escapees, there’s no more worrying about ending up stranded with a broken down engine or blown-out tire. The company’s Unlimited Roadside Assistance Coverage includes towing, tire changes, fuel delivery, lockout service, jump starts, and even mobile mechanic service. On top of all that, you’ll enjoy trip interruption coverage in case mechanical issues derail your adventure and discounts on hotels and rental cars. Starting at less than $10 per month, it can be an incredible value for the peace of mind it provides. 

Truck camper parked next to cliff
An Escapees membership comes with many discount perks.

RV Parks Discounts

Escapees members have access to more than a half-dozen RV campgrounds operated by the company, where they’ll enjoy deep discounts with member-only pricing. Even better, members can take 15% to 50% off at more than 800 affiliated RV parks around the country. There’s even an Escapees directory of free or low-cost overnight parking.

There are also discounts on other memberships like the popular Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome. By saving a few bucks with each stay, frequent RVers may find these discounts alone may make much of the membership cost worth it. 

Other Member Discounts

Savings aren’t limited to just RV parks and campgrounds. Members enjoy discounts at a large group of partner companies that sell items like tires, batteries, and RV mobile tech gear. There are also savings on RV classes, memberships to various RV-related organizations, and more. Whatever RVers need, chances are Escapees membership can help them save on it. 

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Is an Escapees Membership Worth It?

When RVers size up most memberships, they’re looking at their bottom line – is this membership going to save them more money than it costs? For casual and full-time RVers, the answer for Escapees is generally yes. At less than $50 per year, it’s easy to eclipse this amount in discounts before the value of the other benefits is even considered! Overall, almost every RVer will find some way to make Escapees membership worth it.

Do you have an Escapees membership? Share your thoughts on its benefits in the comments! 

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