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36 Essential Accessories ALL RVers Should Pack

When you buy an RV, you may expect that it comes with all the essentials you need to go camping. But, it usually does not! You are responsible for getting all the extra accessories that are essential to be able to use all your RV’s features and operate it safely. These essential accessories are needed for any type of RV, including fifth wheels, travel trailers, camper vans, and more.

You won’t want to hit the road for your first camping trip without them.

RV Driving & Maneuvering Essentials (8)

Driving an RV is different from driving a standard car. Maneuvering through tight spaces or unfamiliar terrain requires skill. However, these accessories can help ensure you have a smooth drive no matter your skill level. 

1. Tire Pressure Gauge and Inflator

Maintaining proper tire pressure is crucial for RV safety and performance. A tire pressure gauge and inflator ensure that tires inflate to the correct PSI, reducing the risk of blowouts and improving fuel efficiency. Since we enjoy overlanding and traveling on different terrains, this is a non-negotiable tool for our rig.  

What You Need To Know To Avoid a Catastrophic RV Tire Blowout

2. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

A tire pressure monitoring system provides real-time monitoring of tire pressure and temperature. The system alerts you to potential issues before they escalate into safety hazards. Avoid a road trip-ruining tire blowout with a TPMS.

Pro Tip: These are The Best RV Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems we’ve seen and used throughout our years of RVing. 

3. Rearview Camera

Enhance visibility and eliminate blind spots with a rearview camera system. A review camera can help you confidently navigate parking lots, reverse, and change lanes. Because we have a big rig, this helps us see spots we otherwise would not be able to see.

DIY Inexpensive Digital Wireless RV Backup Camera - Review EC170 and 903W TrA

4. Weight Distribution Hitch (Travel Trailers)

If you have a travel trailer, you will want a weight distribution hitch. This ensures proper weight distribution between the tow vehicle and trailer, improving stability and control while reducing sway. If you’ve ever seen a trailer on the highway rocking around, wiggling back and forth, or even crossing lanes, then you know how much of a difference a weight distribution hitch can make.

5. RV-Friendly GPS

Invest in a GPS for RVs. These take into consideration factors like height restrictions, weight limits, and RV-specific routes to help you navigate safely and efficiently. An RV-friendly GPS as a part of our driving setup has ensured we haven’t traveled somewhere our rig can’t safely drive.

6. RV Leveling System

No one wants to camp in an RV that rocks back and forth. A leveling system ensures your rig is comfortable and stable when you park on uneven terrain.

One basic leveling system is leveling bubbles, which show whether your RV is level from side to side. They provide a quick and easy method for basic leveling.

A more advanced system is the Level Mate Pro, which takes the guesswork out of leveling by providing real-time digital readings of your RV’s levelness.

Learn about the best RV leveling systems.

Your leveling setup is essential for a comfortable night of RV camping.

7. Leveling Blocks

Leveling blocks are versatile. RVers widely use them to raise or lower specific areas of their RVs to achieve a level position. With durable materials like plastic or rubber, you can stack and arrange these interlocking blocks to accommodate various terrain inclines. These are seven of the best level block options for comfortable camping. 

8. Wheel Chocks

Once your RV is level, wheel chocks are crucial for preventing it from rolling or shifting. You’ll place these wedge-shaped blocks against the tires to immobilize them, providing more stability and safety. Whether you’re camping on a slight slope or a steep incline, wheel chocks help keep your RV securely in place.

RV Safety Essentials (6)

RV Security - RV Security & Safety Series Part 1 | Tips and Recommendations from the Mortons

Safety should always be a top priority when traveling in an RV. Equip your vehicle with these essential safety accessories to protect yourself and your passengers.

9. Fire Extinguisher

Unfortunately, RV fires happen. When you’ve seen a rig catch fire, you know how quickly a little flame can destroy an RV. Prepare for emergencies by keeping a fire extinguisher readily accessible inside your RV. Correctly maintain it so it is accessible in a fire.

Pro Tip: Stay safe by avoiding these 7 Most Common Causes of RV Fires.

10. Carbon Monoxide Detector

Whether you live in an RV or a traditional home on wheels, you should always install a carbon monoxide detector. Many RVs have gas-burning appliances that could leak CO. A leak can be deadly. We hope you never have to hear your detector alerting you to a leak, but if you do, you’ll be grateful you have one.

11. GasStop Propane Shutoff

If you use propane in your RV, you will want a gas stop propane shutoff. When there’s a leak, a gas stop shutoff device automatically cuts off the flow of propane. This can help minimize the risk of a fire or explosion.

GasStop – Propane Tank Gauge with Leak Detector &…
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rv propane gasstop
If you use propane in your rig, make sure you have a gas stop propane shutoff.

12. Tool Kit

RV maintenance is inevitable. Luckily, you can fix many RV issues yourself if you have the correct tools. We’ve avoided taking our rig to a mechanic numerous times by having the tools we needed to DIY a quick fix. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you have these 36 Most Important RV Tools packed in your RV tool kit.

13. Eternabond Tape

We don’t hit the road without a roll of Eternabond. Eternabond tape is a micro sealant tape that you can use to repair small holes, leaks, and torn seams on a roof. We’ve even used it to seal gaps in the underside of our rig. No one wants a leaky roof, and this tape can be a lifesaver in an emergency.

14. First Aid Kit

Accidents are bound to happen, especially when you spend your days hiking, biking, enjoying water sports, and more while RV camping. A first aid kit is handy for any bumps, scrapes, bug bites, burns, and other injuries that you may get while RVing. 

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RV Electrical Essentials (4)

Whether you use solar panels, a generator, or both, correctly powering your rig is essential. Maintain power reliability and safety with these essential electrical RV accessories.

15. RV Surge Protector

When you arrive at an RV park, plugging your RV directly into a power pole may cause an electrical surge, damaging the electronics in your RV. Safeguard your RV’s electrical system from power surges and fluctuations at campgrounds or RV parks with a surge protector. This device connects your RV electrical system to a power pole and adds an extra layer of protection to prevent surges.

Hughes Surge Protectors Discount
Safeguard your RV’s electrical system with a surge protector.

16. Power Adapters (AKA “Dog Bones”)

People often call power adapters dog bones because they resemble a dog bone. These are relatively cheap but can make a significant impact when plugging your RV into shore power. When you have a 30 amp RV but the 30 amp plug is broken or not at your campground, this device allows you to use a 50 amp plug

17. Extension Cords

You never know what electrical setup you will find when you arrive at a campsite. An extension cord ensures you can always plug your rig into a power source. The extension cord you pack should handle the power of the plug, so select your cord wisely.

Pro Tip: Don’t know what extension cord to choose? We shared how you can decide What Kind of RV Extension Cord Do You Need for Your Camper?

18. Headlamp

A headlamp can be useful for any necessary late-night repairs. It’s also a beneficial tool when you have power issues or are walking back to your campsite in the dark. Headlamps are battery-powered and small, making them a convenient tool to slip into one of your RV drawers for some extra peace of mind.

RV Water System Essentials (5)

You need water to survive, and these essentials can help you stay hydrated and maintain the correct sanitation of your RV’s water system.

rv water hookups
Your water system is essential for safe camping.

19. Water Pressure Regulator

Water pressure can vary at each campsite, so hooking your rig to a water source directly is not always wise. If the pressure is too high, you may damage your RV pipes. However, no one wants to shower with low pressure. A water pressure regulator helps control water pressure to ensure you don’t end up with a significant issue.

20. Drinking-Safe Water Hose

An RV water hose connects your rig to a water source so you can use your RV’s plumbing system, including toilets, sinks, and showers. It can also fill your RV’s fresh water tank with potable water that you can drink. A standard hose has different materials that can put chemicals into your water. This special RV hose will keep your water clean.

Pro Tip: Fill up your glass with one of these 7 Best Drinking-Safe RV Water Hoses for Fresh Water.

21. Water Fill Meter

A water fill meter attaches to your RV and water source to track how much water has passed through the RV water hose. The light indicators that show this in your rig aren’t always accurate, so this ensures you know how much water you can use while boondocking. Having one of these meters is one of five simple hacks for your RV water hose we shared.

22. Water Tank Sanitizer

Routinely sanitizing your RV’s water tank is crucial for maintaining clean and safe drinking water. Using a water tank sanitizer helps eliminate bacteria, algae, and other contaminants that can accumulate. You will want to regularly use one to ensure you have safe drinking water.

23. Water Filter

There are multiple types of water filters for RVs you can choose from. Water sources can drastically vary while you’re RVing. A suitable water filter system can remove impurities from your water, which protects your health. You don’t want to lose time on your RV adventure feeling under the weather because the water you consumed wasn’t clean.

RV Faucets and Filters That Will Effortlessly Save & Purify Water - RV Touch Faucet

RV Waste Essentials (3)

Correct waste management is vital for maintaining a clean and sanitary RV environment. While it is one of most RVers’ least favorite parts of RV life, caring for your waste tanks is crucial.

24. RV Sewer Hose Kit

A durable sewer hose kit is a must-have accessory for RV waste disposal. These kits attach your RV’s holding tanks to a dump station or sewer inlet for a secure and leak-free connection. Look for features like UV resistance, crush resistance, and bayonet fittings for convenient installation and reliable performance.

25. Disposable Gloves

Your waste tank is a breeding ground for germs, so disposable gloves are essential! Handling sewage during RV waste disposal requires protection against contamination. Disposable gloves provide a hygienic barrier between your hands and waste materials, minimizing the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria.

26. Sewer Hose Support

A sewer hose support can help prevent clogs in your sewer hose. This accessory elevates the hose off the ground and provides a continuous slope. It allows wastewater to flow freely from your RV’s holding tanks to the dump station. These are Top-Rated RV Sewer Hose Supports for Hassle-Free Dumping you can use.

rv waste accessories
Dumping your tanks is an essential chore while RVing – make sure you’re prepared.

RV Kitchen Essentials (5)

We love cooking and spend plenty of time in our RV’s kitchen. For us, these are essentials that keep our kitchen clean and help us make amazing meals. 

27. Coffee Maker

Start your day off right with a freshly-brewed cup of coffee from an RV-friendly coffee maker. Whether you prefer a traditional drip coffee maker or a single-serve pod machine, a dedicated coffee maker in your RV ensures that you can enjoy your favorite brew anytime, anywhere.

28. Pan Protectors

Protect your cookware from scratches and damage during storage with pan protectors. These soft and flexible liners cushion pots, pans, and dishes, preventing them from banging against each other and causing wear and tear. Pan protectors are especially useful in compact RV kitchens where items frequently move during travel.

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29. Collapsible Dish Drain

Save space in your RV kitchen with collapsible dishwashing accessories that fold flat for storage. A collapsible dish drain provides a convenient place to air-dry dishes and utensils after washing but easily collapses to take up minimal storage space.

Masirs Pop-Up Collapsible Dish Drying Rack:…
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  • COUNTERS STAY DRY: Dish drain board allows water to run directly…
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30. Collapsible Strainer

Similarly to the collapsible dish drain, a collapsible strainer can make cooking easy and take up minimal storage space. We like this set because it comes in different sizes. When you’re cooking for one or for a big family, you can find the right size for you.

31. Instant Pot

Buying an Instant Pot changed our RV meal game. This all-in-one appliance is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, and more. It allows you to prepare many meals with minimal effort. With its compact design and efficient features, an Instant Pot is a must-have for RVers looking to simplify mealtime on the road.

Pro Tip: These are some of our personal favorite Instant Pot recipes we’ve made while RVing.

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Other RV Essentials for Extra Comfort (5)

There are a few other RV essentials that we’ve grown accustomed to and can’t go back to not bringing along.

32. Outdoor Folding Chairs and Table

Extend your living space beyond your RV walls. Outdoor folding chairs and a table can create a cozy outdoor gathering space so you can sit back and relax. We love to eat outdoors when the weather is nice or hang out with our RV friends and enjoy nature.

campsite setup accessories
Make the outside of your RV just as cozy as the inside with foldable chairs and a table.

33. Outdoor Rug

One way to keep dirt and debris out of your RV is by using a durable and easy-to-clean outdoor rug. RVs can get dirty quickly and this helps cut back on buildup while enhancing your exterior space.

34. Mattress Topper

Not all RV mattresses are as comfortable as others. A mattress topper adds an extra layer of foam to your mattress to help you get a better night’s sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to enjoying your RV adventure.

rv mattress topper
Get a good night’s sleep by using a mattress topper. Trust me – it’s worth it!

35. Portable Fire Pit

One of the best parts of camping is making s’mores over a campfire. However, not all campsites have fire rings. Some spots may have campfire restrictions. A portable fire pit allows you to enjoy the ambiance of a crackling fire without gathering wood or dealing with smoke and ashes.

36. Cell Phone Booster

Stay connected and enjoy reliable cell service on the road with a cell phone booster. This device amplifies weak cellular signals. It improves call quality, data speeds, and overall connectivity in remote or low-signal areas. With a cell phone booster, you can keep in touch with loved ones, access maps and navigation apps, and connect online wherever your travels take you. This is an essential tool for solo RVers.

Don’t Forget the Essentials!

You don’t want to overpack your rig with items you will never use. However, you also don’t want to be underprepared for RV camping. Packing these essentials can ensure you have everything you need for a successful RV adventure. 

Are there any essentials you don’t leave home without? Let us know in the comments! 

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