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Who Is Expedition Overland (XOverland)?

There’s some exciting entertainment for the rough and rugged outdoor adventurers who have taken to the world of “overlanding.” A small production company and crew called Expedition Overland (XOverland) has produced many videos that can simply be called docudramas for explorers. Viewers will be mesmerized by the locations and can watch, with rapture, the equipment tested in the field and described in detail. They’ll be wishing to outfit their own vehicles with the latest in overlanding gear to tackle excursions like the crew at Expedition Overland. That’s the company’s goal. It wants to show those on the sidelines that adventure can be found anywhere by anyone.

Who is Expedition Overland (XOverland)?

Expedition Overland is a video channel series made up of teams that visit remote places worldwide in their overland vehicles. Created by Clay and Rachelle Croft in 2010, the concept began as a docuseries filmed by professional cinematographers. They capture real stories as the teams create adventures, proving that “ordinary people do extraordinary things.” 

Each vehicle is equipped for specific expeditions, showcasing how flexible overlanding can be in meeting different needs for different adventures. In fact, they recently added powered paragliders to their fleet. In addition to taking these motorized vehicles on amazing explorations, they highlight tested gear, products, and planning. It’s mainly for those interested in overlanding themselves.

Expedition Overland produces adrenaline-rushing episodes but is all about family-friendly outings. Their three sons are a part of the crew on many trips, proving that overlanding can be rewarding to kids of any age. You can currently see the 21 seasons of Expedition Overland on Amazon Prime Video.

How We Build an Overlanding Vehicle for Travel | Expedition Overland 'Proven' Gear & Tactics

How Did Expedition Overland Start? 

Having just returned from Uganda, where he produced a volunteer film project, Clay Croft discovered that the Recession in 2010 canceled six months of video work. Out of desperation, he, his wife, and several friends decided to start a video channel about overlanding in their Toyota Land Cruiser. After all, they already had the gear. Plus, having six years of experience with a small production company helped!

Expedition Overland has watched some members come and go over the years. But, over the last 12 years, they have gained loyal viewers. They inspire others to venture out on their own overlanding trips.

EP1//The Very FIRST Episode of Expedition Overland:Exploring the Boulder River Valley, Montana

Where Is Expedition Overland? 

The company itself is in Belgrade, Montana. However, their adventures take them worldwide. Most recently, they have filmed expeditions in Alaska and the Yukon Territories, South and Central America, and all over the U.S. The company also makes many videos about the gear and vehicles they use for each excursion.

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Jeep overlanding through mud
Overlanding enthusiasts will enjoy watching Expedition Overland gear up for all of their exciting off-roading adventures.

Expedition Overland’s Top YouTube Videos

Each of XOverland’s videos is part documentary, part equipment review, or introduction. With great skill, Clay Croft winds a story together that is entertaining and incredibly inspirational to viewers. Here are the company’s most popular episodes thus far:

Truck camper overlanding in the desert
Learn how to build your own overlanding machine with Expedition Overland.

We Are Going To Alaska! Expedition Overland AK/YK S1 EP1

In this video, a team of five makes a plan that takes two years to execute. Eventually it takes them to the wilds of Alaska. Starting in Moab, Utah, the team members all conclude that they need some adventure in their lives. And so it begins.

Their trip takes them through harsh desert conditions, blizzards in British Columbia, and rain and river crossings in Montana and Wyoming. They finally head to the Land of the Midnight Sun with more team members to try their hand at overlanding there.

We Are Going To Alaska! Expedition Overland AK/YK S1 EP1

Toyota 4Runner Overland Vehicle Builds: Expedition Overland Central America

The Expedition Overland team partners with Toyota, which gave them two 2015 Trail Runners for overland builds. They outfitted the trucks with Icon suspensions, Zeon platinum winches, ham radios, and Bushwacker fenders.

Then they added Expedition Overland graphic wraps, roof racks, bumpers, Rigid lightbars, 12V refrigerator/freezers, and battery power management systems. They also added storage drawer systems and bedding. The team attached max tracks for vehicle recovery, and the trucks were ready to hit the road.

Toyota 4Runner Overland Vehicle Builds: Expedition Overland Central America

EP1 Return to Alaska // X Overland’s The Last Frontier Series

The crew of XOverland return to Alaska to explore more off-road wild frontiers in this docuseries. First, they travel through the Inside Passage on the Alaska Maritime Highway ferry. This takes them and their outfitted vehicles in Whittier, Alaska. They then head to Anchorage to start on yet another adventure.

The overland trucks have an additional trailer that houses the camp kitchen and other supplies. With rooftop tents and all their needs met through carried supplies and backup equipment. That’s their takeoff point toward Rainy Point Lodge on a float plane. At the lodge, the crew rides horses and learns of Clay Croft’s previous experiences as a new storyteller several years before. It was the seed of a dream that later launched the company.

EP1 Return to Alaska // X Overland's The Last Frontier Series

What Products Does XOverland Sell?

From their website, XOverland sells a variety of clothing. This includes hoodies, hats, patches, and t-shirts. All come in men’s and women’s styles. Although limited in nature, they also offer gear like wooden encased journals, specialty knives, and multi-purpose tools. But their biggest income comes from affiliate sales and company sponsorships from the gear they use and highlight in testing videos in their docuseries. 

Viewers and blog readers can purchase much of the equipment they use through links on their website. They come from such companies as Overlander and Exploration Outfitters. These items would be parts, equipment, and appliances used to build your own overlanding vehicle. That includes roof tents, winches, water storage containers, tools, and tires.

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Where Can You Follow Expedition Overland?

The easiest place to find Expedition Overland is on their YouTube channel or Amazon Prime Video. Find them to experience great quality cinematography, explorations, and stories that will make you dream of following its example. With 12 years of experience, the Crofts and their team offer family-friendly entertainment with real-life adventure.

Do you watch Expedition Overland? Tell us about your favorite episode in the comments!

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Sunday 19th of June 2022

I became a fan of XOverland when they first jumped into the scene. The first series of videos were great, a couple of friends having the trip of a lifetime. I cant say that now, and while I have watched all the videos, I noticed a trend. What stated out as just a, everyone and anyone can do this, has now grow into a hey, look what I got for free. It has now morphed into a rich kids club of overlanders. When you can have a $60,000 expedition trailer shipped to you from Down Under and the PCore system and personal from the company to install it. sorry, to rich for me. Your series on the other hand inspired my wife and I to start planning for our Alaska journey. Thank you for the wonderful series.

Mortons on the Move

Wednesday 22nd of June 2022

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