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9 Fabulous RV Renovation Ideas

There’s an abundance of RV renovation ideas circulating social media every day. It’s hard to decipher where to look or what your first project should be. Together, let’s take a look at some of the most common upgrades that will have your rig looking crisp and contemporary in no time. 

RV Renovation Ideas for a Personal Touch or High-End Feel

Any project you tackle will come with its equal share of challenges and victories. The key to RV renovation success is deciding what your objective is first.

Perhaps you envision a complete transformation of your new home on wheels, turning it into a personal oasis. Or, maybe a fresh coat of paint and swapping out the window treatments will be sufficient for you. Regardless, more than likely, it will be cozier and more inviting than it was before.

RV Renovation Ideas

Small Upgrades Yield Big Results

As you research RV renovation ideas, you’ll notice that many updates can make a drastic difference with little time and money invested. Just as the saying goes, “a little goes a long way.” You may be surprised at how a simple furniture swap or floor replacement can take your RV from dark and dingy to shabby and chic.

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9 RV Renovation Ideas for a Fresh, New Space

We’ve compiled a list of nine RV renovation ideas that will light that creative spark to get you moving and motivated. Whether you take on one project or all nine, these ideas will have your RV ready for its front-page photoshoot by the time you finish.

1. Painting Your RV

You may groan and dread the task when you think of painting your RV. But paint is pretty inexpensive, making it a monotonous duty that can yield tremendous results on a budget.

2. Upgrade Your Flooring

Changing out the flooring in an RV can completely revamp the space. Color and texture can vary depending on the manufacturer and material. This type of project is relatively straightforward, cost-efficient, and sure to deliver an impressive outcome.

DIY RV Reflooring with a Flush Slide-Out

3. Switch Out Your Furniture

Swapping furniture is among the most effective RV renovation ideas. Many RVs have a cramped, half-moon dinette area that may feel restrictive. Consider replacing it with a collapsible table and four chairs for a sleek and functional upgrade.

new rv furniture in rv renovation
New desk, chairs, and ottoman furniture in our RV renovation

4. Update Interior Light Fixtures

Many of the RVs on the road today have the standard plastic coverings with cream trim. Although these may be useful, they’re certainly not fashionable. Much like appliances, you can install light fixtures designed for a home in an RV setting as well. The options for custom accessories can range from frilly and fancy to modern and sophisticated.

5. Add a Custom Backsplash to the Kitchen or Bathroom

Do those murky neutral colors along your RV’s backsplash make your eyes burn?

One of our simplest and most inexpensive RV renovation ideas is to add a custom backsplash to your kitchen or bathroom. Whether you’d like to add stark white subway tiles or multi-colored shapes and leaves, the possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your RV.

new backsplash rv kitchen renovation
Brighten your kitchen or bathroom with new backsplash!

6. Use Funky Wallpaper for a Splash of Color

If you think adding a new backsplash is a vast improvement, just imagine what a difference whimsical wallpaper would make. The color and design combinations are endless – from floral and vines to seashells and sand. Not to mention, the cost can be low while making an immense impact.

7. Incorporate Custom Elements 

Try taking out obsolete cabinet knobs and light plate switches and replacing them with stylish and contemporary alternatives. On the other hand, tasteful additions such as custom art or wall-mounted plants would make a lovely accent to any living space.

8. Upgrade Your Faucets

So your faucets might be operable, but are they decorative? As your list of RV renovation ideas continues to grow, why not consider adding some flair to your faucets? Another advantage to upgrading your taps is the change in water flow. This faucet enhancement would be a relatively modest change with a noticeable water-saving outcome.

RV Faucets and Filters That Will Effortlessly Save & Purify Water - RV Touch Faucet

9. The Easiest RV Renovation Idea: Decorate!

Last but not least: decorate. The options are unlimited. You can choose to go all out or keep it simple – that’s the beauty of it! Some styles you might consider are bohemian, classy chic, vintage, and modern. 

renovation of rv with decorations
Decorating can really update the feel of your RV.

Enjoy the Renovations – You Earned It!

Well, there you have it! Nine fabulous RV renovation ideas that will have your rig looking runway-ready in no time.

You can also look forward to the lessons you’ll learn and the skills you’ll adopt along the way. Nothing can compare to the pride and satisfaction you’ll possess once you see your devoted efforts come to life. Enjoy the journey before, during, and long after the renovations are complete because you earned it!

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Pat Parker

Friday 19th of February 2021

Some great ideas, thanks for sharing

Mortons on the Move

Friday 19th of February 2021

You're welcome!

Jerry T Daminato

Friday 19th of February 2021

What do you recommend material/brand-wise for a kitchen backsplash?


Friday 19th of February 2021

I've remodeled three RVs, I've used the Tic Tac, Smart Tile, and a real stone peel and stick from HD. From my experience, Tic Tac seem to work better for me. They're all fairly simple to install but the Tic Tac have performed better (lasted, ease of clean, sticking longevity, etc). The real stone ones were gorgeous but after a while the individual stones started to come loose. Good luck!