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The Complete Guide to Using Your Fantastic Fan

RVs can get stuffy and stale even when the weather is nice. They can act as a hot box of sorts without airflow. Opening windows can help, but it often doesn’t seem to do enough without a steady wind. If your RV is hot inside, you really need something to pull the hot air out, which is where a Fantastic Fan can help. 

What is a Fantastic Fan? Read on to find out!

What Is the Fantastic Fan? 

A Fantastic Fan is a vented high-powered fan capable of recycling air in a small space within minutes. The fan replaces the standard manufacturer fan and works to create airflow in your RV. Some models are reversible, meaning you can suck air out or pull air in, whichever you need for the circumstance. 

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Depending on your RV model, you may need more than just a fan for airflow. Check out our recommendations for small air conditioners here: What Are the Smallest Portable Air Conditioners for Tight Spaces?

Types of Fans

The Fantastic Fan comes in several different models offering a variety of benefits. Let’s take a look at how they differ to decide which is the best fit for you. 

Fantastic Fan 8000

The Fantastic Fan 8000 runs on 12V power, which is great because you can use it when you’re not plugged into shore power. The shallow amp draw means it won’t tax your battery bank too much, and you’ll have power for other electronics.

Fantastic Fan
Fantastic Fans are easy to operate and easy to clean.

This model comes with three different speeds: low, medium, and high. The variable speeds make controlling your RV’s climate as easy as possible. Plus, you can remove the screen for cleaning. Whether you want to circulate air while relaxing or help steam exit the RV while cooking, the 8000 model can get the job done.

4000R Fantastic Fan

The 4000R Fantastic Fan features three-speed options to fit your needs. When activated, you can pull stale air out of your RV through the vented fan. There’s a reverse button so you can bring air in, furthering the airflow. This gives you effortless flexibility for the direction of airflow. There are 10 blades, each 12in long. 

Fantastic Fan 5000RBT

The Fantastic Fan 5000RBT has everything you need in a fan. Three blades, reversible airflow, a removable screen, and a thermostat round out this unit. It also has a knob that allows you to manually open the dome lid. Once installed, you’ll appreciate just how quiet this 12V fan is, considering how much air it moves at its highest speed.

Fantastic Fan 6000RBTA

The Fantastic Fan 6000RBTA kicks things up a notch. This version has a built-in thermostat. If the temperature exceeds the desired range, the vent will open, and the fan will turn on automatically. Once it’s reached the ideal conditions, it will close again. There’s also a built-in rain sensor, so if it’s left open in the rain, it’ll close for you. 

Fantastic Fan 6600R

The Fantastic Fan 6600R can also choose the direction of air. It’s a variable speed fan, meaning the speed can automatically change based on the current needs. The vented fan’s rain sensor means your RV’s interior won’t get wet if it begins to rain. This version comes with a remote, making things a little bit easier for those who have high ceilings or mobility issues. 

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How to Use a Fantastic Fan

How you use your Fantastic Fan depends in part on the model you choose. For all models, you can push a button to pull the hot air up and out of your RV. For models that feature a reverse mode, you can pull hot air out and draw cool air into your living space. 

To rid your RV of odors or hot, stale air, pull the air out. If the air outside is cooler than the air inside, you can reverse the blades to bring that cool air inside. Pulling the outside air in also gives precise airflow to the RV. 

Fantastic Fan
Some models include a dark cover to help keep sunlight out.

Can It Run on Battery Alone?

Yes, you can run a Fantastic Fan on your onboard battery. Because the fans use 12V power, you can run them even when not connected to shore power. 

How to Install a Fantastic Fan

Installing a new Fantastic Fan is a simple upgrade. Start by removing your old vent and fan completely. Don’t forget to remove all old caulking and glue while you’re at it so you’ll have a clean start for mounting the new fan. 

Your new fan should fit into the same spot without modifications. If, for some reason, it doesn’t work, contact the manufacturer. After placing your new fan, caulk the area well to keep the rain out–you don’t want to develop a leak from the installation. 

Not sure which sealant to use when installing your fan? Read this: 7 Best RV Roof Sealants and How to Choose for Your Camper

Is It Worth It? 

Airflow is essential in an RV. Not only is a stagnant RV uncomfortable, but it can also be problematic. When there’s no airflow, especially when it’s hot, mold can grow quickly, and removing it can become complicated. 

Fantastic Fan
Day or night, having increased airflow will make RV living more comfortable.

A Fantastic Fan helps to give much-needed airflow, providing comfort on hot or humid days. With a variety of models to choose from and an easy installation process, these fans are a no-brainer for most travelers.

Do you have one installed in your RV? Do you think it makes a difference over the standard manufacturer’s vent? Let us know in the comments.

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