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6 Best Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers on the Market

A fifth-wheel toy hauler is versatile and durable whether you use it to carry toys or live in. With more manufacturers producing toy haulers, you have a lot of models to sift through. We’ve identified the top five on the market based on their overall quality and features. 

First, we’ll look at the benefits of a fifth wheel toy hauler and share our favorites. Let’s dive in.  

What Is a Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler?

A fifth-wheel toy hauler has a garage space and a fold-down ramp door in the rear or on the side, or both. Garages vary in size and features.

Some come equipped with washer and dryer prep, a half bathroom, and a dropdown queen bed (or two!). They also commonly have features like onboard generators and sliding screen doors that lead out to the ramp, which can double as a patio.

fifth wheel toy hauler

How Much Does a Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler Cost?

The cost of a fifth-wheel toy hauler varies depending on the size, floor plan, and features. You can find them from $50,000 to $150,000. And luxury models can cost over $200,000. 

The Top Five Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers

We’re highlighting the top five fifth wheel toy haulers based on build quality, features, and livability. Check out each of these brands. 

1. Luxe Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel

About: The Luxe Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel is highly livable and built to last. It has luxury features and residential furnishings and appliances. All floor plans have room for customization since you can order directly from the manufacturer. They range from 45’ 6” to 48’ 2” long from hitch to rear bumper.

The garages on the Luxe toy haulers range from 10’ to 13.8’ long. They feature electric bunks, a loft for additional sleeping space, and a half bath. And the ramps can hold 5,000 lbs, so you can entertain out on the patio. 

The living spaces in these toy haulers have large kitchens and seating areas. The main bedroom is also spacious with a full bathroom and washer and dryer prep. It has plenty of storage throughout. 

MSRP: Starting around $300,000

BRAND NEW Luxe Toy Hauler Floorplan Tour; 46FB Front Bathroom

Pro Tip: Does the Luxe Toy Hauler tickle your fancy? To help you learn more about the manufacturer, we uncovered Who Is Luxe Fifth Wheel?

2. Brinkley Model G Toyhaulers

About: Brinkley’s Model G Toyhauler comes in three floor plans of lengths 40’2″, 45’2″, and 45’5″. The Model G toy hauler comes equipped with the following:

  • 7,000-pound axles, upgradeable to 8,000-pound axles
  • 30,000-pound Gen-Y executive torsion flex pin-box
  • SumoSprings
  • H-rated Cooper 16-ply tires
  • a MORryde CRE3000 equalizer system

The 3500 model boasts an 11-foot garage, while the 4000 model features a spacious 16-foot garage. Both have optional with insulated floors, a heated thermal cavity, lockable dovetail storage boxes, adjustable tie-down systems, and durable gray tough-ply flooring.

MSRP: Starting around $189,000

This Toy Hauler is INSANE | 2024 Brinkley Model G 3500

3. Grand Design Momentum Toy Hauler

About: Grand Design’s Momentum Toy Hauler has multiple floor plans. They range from 38’ 11” to 44’ 2” long. And they have massive holding tanks. The fresh and grey water tanks have over a 100-gallon capacity. 

The garages range from 11’ long to a whopping 18’. The 18-footer has four sofas that convert to beds, a loft bed, and a half bathroom. Other floor plans feature garages with washer and dryer prep. In addition, they offer a gas tank and pump on the exterior. 

The interior of this fifth wheel toy hauler has quality construction throughout with modern decor. From kitchen islands to electric fireplaces and more, you’ll enjoy a comfortable living space. 

MSRP: Starting at $148,000

NEW 2023 Grand Design Momentum 410THR | New Floor Plan Designed by Changing Lanes!

4. ATC PLĀ 700 Fifth Wheel

About: The ATC PLĀ 700 Fifth Wheel Toyhauler has a different look than most other 5th wheels. This is because it is a toyhauler first and homey fifth when second. Still, they are worth a look. ATC started as a cargo trailer builder and has organically spread into the toy hauler RV space.

  • 4 Floorplans
  • None of the ATC PLĀ floorplans have any slide-outs.
  • Length range from 37’3″ to 46’3″
  • 200 gal fresh water tank
  • Can accommodate your motorcycles, ATVs and even a full size vehicle
  • Estimated carrying capacity up to 9,750 lb (in the 4023 model)
EXCLUSIVE LOOK Inside ATC’s Plā 700 Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler with Premium Off-Grid Power Package

5. Heartland Road Warrior

Heartland’s Road Warrior is an elegant and versatile fifth wheel toy hauler. You can choose from seven floorplans that offer features such as long super sofas to bar stools on the kitchen island. And the 4275 model has a rear and side ramp that can serve as a patio. 

The Road Warrior models range from 41’ 6” to 45’ 8” long. And the garage lengths vary between 11’ to 13’. Garages feature a dropdown queen bed and a 30-gallon fuel tank on the exterior. 

Each floor plan has a half bathroom off the garage and a full bathroom off the primary bedroom. The living area has a large kitchen and seating area with an entertainment center. You may also like the two entry doors. One goes into the garage, and the other goes into the living room.

2023 Road Warrior 414

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6. Keystone Fuzion Toy Hauler Fifth Wheels

About: Keystone’s Fuzion Toy Hauler Fifth Wheels come in multiple floor plans with slide-outs and large garages. The garage sizes range from 11’ to 15’ long, and the fifth wheel’s length ranges from 39’ to 44’ 11”. And they can sleep eight to nine people. 

The Fuzion has open floor plans with cross-conversational seating. It comes with one full bathroom or a bath and a half. Without the half bath, you can have a little more living space and storage. 

Additionally, it features zero-gravity ramp doors and three air conditioners. The fifth wheel toy hauler is a great option for long-term travel or full-time RVing.

MSRP: Starting around $125,000

2023 Keystone Fuzion 421 | HUGE Kitchen in a Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel with New Surprise!

Benefits of a Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler

Fifth wheel toy haulers have numerous benefits. First of all, they have the space to haul off-road toys, motorcycles, and gear.

However, you must still do the math and check your gross vehicle weight rating and cargo-carrying capacity to see what you’ll be able to haul. You’d think manufacturers would build them to withstand a higher cargo capacity than regular fifth wheels, but this is not always the case. (We started with a fifth wheel toy hauler and had to switch because we were overweight.)

Depending on the size of the garage and how much other gear you bring, some can carry a Razor or even a small car. 

Some people use the garage for functions other than a space to haul vehicles or gear. Popular uses include office space, a second bedroom or living area, and other creative uses. Some people even use the garage to store inventory for a business. 

Fifth wheel toy haulers also work great for boondocking. They typically have large holding tanks and the capacity for an onboard generator. These features help you stay off-grid longer. 

fifth wheel toy hauler
Tuck your toys away on your adventures in your fifth wheel toy hauler.

Who Makes the Best Toy Hauler 5th Wheel?

The Luxe Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel is luxury on wheels. It wins the prize for the best and most luxurious fifth-wheel toy hauler. It has high-end options such as solar and an additional 100-gallon fresh water tank. It’s also massive. It has a lot of room, making it ideal for full-time RV living. 

Things to Consider in a Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler

Besides the cargo-carrying capacity, you also want to consider how much weight you’re putting on the very back of your RV in general. Weight distribution is a critical factor in ride quality and handling when towing.

Having too much weight behind the rear axles (or too little) can affect how your RV goes down the road. Do your best to figure out the distribution in the various weight zones of your fifth wheel by putting it on a CAT Scale.

Weighing the RV the easy way with the Weigh my Truck App | How and why to weigh your RV or Motorhome

Also, be sure to monitor your toy hauler ramp for any signs of damage, including water damage. If water infiltrates your ramp/door, it may weaken or not seal properly. When weakened, it can bend under the weight of your toys or furniture if you’re using it as a porch.

If it doesn’t seal properly, you can experience insulation issues. Toy hauler garages already experience poor heating and cooling capabilities because they aren’t insulated as well as designated living areas. This is something to consider if you plan to use the space as an office or bedroom.

Are Toy Haulers Worth It?

Toy haulers can be a good option for people who frequently take their hobbies and recreational vehicles with them on trips, as they provide a convenient and secure way to do so. But they may not be the best choice for every RVer. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons and determine if a toy hauler is the right fit for your needs and budget.

Which fifth-wheel toy hauler caught your eye? Drop a comment below!

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The Alliance models didn’t make the cut? Interesting

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We've been shopping for a 5th wheel toy hauler for more than a year now. Grand Design was a good pick, but the absence of Alliance Valor is noticeable. We've found these 2 brands to be on another level when it comes to quality. It's a big drop down when considering the Forest River, Keystone, Heartland, etc... units.


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I’m very surprised you never mention ATC. Do you have something against them personally?