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8 Cozy Fire Pit Seating Ideas for Your Backyard or Camp

When creating a warm and inviting outdoor space, a fire pit can be the perfect centerpiece. Finding the right fire pit seating arrangement is key to enhancing the experience. Today, we are taking a closer look at eight seating ideas that can transform your fire pit area into a cozy haven. So bust out your s’more-making gear and get ready to kick back and relax. Let’s dive in!

Can You Put a Fire Pit on a Patio?

Putting a fire pit on a patio can enhance your outdoor living space and create a cozy ambiance. However, there are a few things to consider before you set up your fire pit. First, ensure that your patio consists of fire-resistant materials. Materials like concrete or stone are best to prevent any safety hazards. 

Another thing you will want to consider is the fire pit’s size and location. Taking this into account will help ensure you can position it to allow for proper ventilation. Make sure your fire pit is not too close to any structures or flammable objects. Lastly, if you plan to incorporate fire pit seating options, you will want plenty of space to maximize the relaxation and enjoyment of your fire pit.

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Can You Build Your Own Fire Pit?

Building a fire pit can upgrade your outdoor space, adding functionality and aesthetic appeal. There are several options for this DIY project, but most fire pit DIYers will build with stones or bricks. These materials are durable, heat-resistant, and readily available at local home improvement stores.

Before you start building your fire pit, prepare the ground. Clear the area of any debris, grass, or vegetation, and then level the foundation area. Once you prepare the ground, you can start building your fire pit using stones or bricks. Decide whether you want a circular or square shape and stack your building materials to the desired height.

Next, consider the fire pit seating space. A good rule of thumb is to leave 7 feet of space out from the pit for chairs and walking space around. You don’t want to be too crowded, so it’s better to err on the bigger side for your seating area.

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What Is the Best Material for Fire Pit Ground Area?

To keep your fire pit safe, you will want to create a fire-resistant barrier between the fire pit and the ground. Consider the pros and cons of gravel, sand, and dirt when setting up your fire pit.


Gravel is a popular choice for the ground area of a fire pit due to its excellent drainage ability and stability. It allows water to pass through to prevent damage to the pit but also provides a solid and level surface to build your fire.


Sand is another option for the ground area of a fire pit. It offers suitable heat resistance and acts as a natural insulator. This helps prevent heat from transferring to the ground. It also makes for a nice aesthetic choice. Extend the sand out to the fire pit seating area for a beach-themed relaxation spot.


Dirt is readily available, making it a convenient choice for DIY fire pit builders. When properly compacted and leveled, dirt can provide a stable surface for the fire pit. However, it is crucial to note that dirt does not offer the same heat resistance or drainage properties as gravel and sand. You will need to regularly maintain the dirt to keep your fire pit area safe for use.

Fire pit with cozy seating at sunset
Spend your summer evenings roasting marshmallows over the fire in your own backyard fire pit.

Things to Consider When Arranging Your Fire Pit Seating

When arranging your fire pit seating area, keep in mind the following factors to ensure your setup is cozy and safe. The best fire pit seating areas will have seating at the same height or lower than the pit, as well as be considerate of the shape of the fire pit, the permanence of the pit, and who is using it.

Keep Seating The Same Height or Lower 

When arranging your fire pit seating area, keep the seating at the same height or lower than the fire pit. This ensures that everyone sitting around the fire pit will have a clear line of vision to talk across the fire while they sit back and relax. 

The Shape Of Your Fire Pit Matters

The shape of your fire pit will impact your seating setup. For rectangular fire pits, you will want seating options like a bench or chair. They can line up with the sharp corners and provide a clear view of the fire from all sides. Fire pit seating for circular pits should be curved or moveable to maximize the space of the area.

Stationary Vs. Permanent Set Up

Deciding between a stationary or permanent fire pit setup influences the design and flexibility of your seating arrangement. A stationary fire pit allows for a more permanent seating configuration. This can include built-in seating options like stone benches or retaining walls that surround the fire pit. On the other hand, a portable or temporary fire pit setup provides greater flexibility in adjusting the seating layout to different occasions or personal preferences. 

Who Will Be Using the Fire Pit

Who will be using your fire pit is essential to consider to create a comfortable and accommodating fire pit seating arrangement. Take into account the number of guests you will likely be entertaining around your fire pit to ensure you have enough seating. Additionally, if children will sit around the fire, ensure your fire pit seating arrangement can keep them safe from heat and flames. 

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Fire pit with wooden chairs
From wooden rocking chairs to stone benches, there are a lot of cozy fire pit seating options available.

8 Cozy Fire Pit Seating Ideas for Your Backyard or Camp

Whether you’re looking for a permanent seating arrangement for your fire pit or want portable chairs to use around the campfire, these 8 options will cozy up your fire pit seating area. 

1. SUNSITT 11 Pieces Patio Furniture Sectional Set 

This circular eleven-piece patio furniture set is the perfect sectional for a cozy fire pit setting. The durable set is weather-resistant brown wicker and comes with beige cushions for a natural outdoor aesthetic. 

The SUNSITT patio set includes 6 armless chairs, 1 round coffee table, 4 side tables, and a set of 4 accent pillows. Substitute the round coffee table with a fire pit for the ultimate outdoor design. The set weighs 222 pounds and measures 118 by 97 by 26.6 inches.

SUNSITT 11 Pieces Patio Furniture Set Outdoor...
  • Curved Sectional Seats - Beautifully designed, the semi-circle...
  • Comfortable and Functional - Multiple combination possibilities....
  • Timeless Design for Outdoor Scenes - Featuring a high quality...

2. Patio Wise Solid Wood Fire Pit Curved Bench 

Patio Wise is a family-owned and operated company that claims to prioritize quality and durability in its products. Their solid wood curved bench option is lightweight but durable. Easily assemble this bench by yourself for a cozy and rustic fire pit seating option. No additional tools are necessary to build this bench.

With all-natural, weather-resistant acacia wood, the Patio Wise wood bench is scratch-resistant and stable while still being chic and comfortable. This bench is 75 by 16 by 17.75 inches and weighs 25 pounds. While it is lightweight, it can withstand inclement weather, ensuring you will have seating for your s’more-making all summer.

Patio Wise Acacia Wood Curved Fire Pit Bench,...
  • TRADITIONAL & ELEGANT: Whether you’re creating a lovely...
  • ALL-WEATHER DESIGN: Made from all-natural weather-resistant...
  • CONVENIENT & VERSATILE: Measures 57-Inches Long x 16-Inches Wide...

3. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Rocking Chair 

If you’re looking for a portable fire pit seating option that you can take camping, you might prefer the GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker. This rocking chair comes with padded armrests, a built-in cup holder, a mesh backrest, and a convenient carry handle. 

The GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker is 24.75 by 24.5 by 34 inches and weighs 12 pounds. This sturdy chair can support up to 250 pounds. Choose between twenty color options to pick the perfect rocker for your setup.

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Camping Chair |...
  • OUTDOOR LIVING. Great for relaxing by the campfire or sideline,...
  • A FRONT ROW SEAT. Perfect for sports games or backyard lawn BBQ,...
  • CUTTING-EDGE DESIGN. Shock absorbers with patented Spring-Action...
Mortons on the Move sitting around a campfire
Whether you’re camping or at home, fire pit seating can elevate the coziness of the fire pit.

4. Rilyson Rocking Chair Swivel Chairs

Rock, swivel, and glide around the fire pit in these Rilyson Rocking Swivel Chairs. This set of chairs is hand-woven rattan and a powder-coated steel frame. All material is weather-resistant, making the set sturdy and durable in all weather. 

These Rilyson chairs are 32 by 32 by 35 inches and weigh 88 pounds. Rest and relax in these high-back chairs with a curved armrest that supports both your neck and arms. The 4-inch thick sponge-padded cushions feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. Each chair can hold up to 350 pounds.

Rilyson Wicker Rocking Chair Swivel Chairs - 4...
  • 【High back & Curved Armrest】The outdoor rocking chairs...
  • 【Deep Seating & Comfort Cushions】This patio rocking chairs...
  • 【High Quality】This patio swivel rocker chairs are constructed...

5. Aok Garden Adirondack Chairs

The Aok Garden Adirondack Chairs are an eco-friendly option for your campfire. With recycled plastic, this set of 4 Adirondack chairs is sunlight-resistant and waterproof. While they are plastic, the chairs have a wood grain pattern to look like real wood. They should last a minimum of ten years. 

Build your chair easily in fifteen minutes. Each chair measures 35.4 by 29.5 by 36.2 inches and weighs thirty-one pounds. The sloped reclining back design allows you to relax by the fire while offering back support. 

Aok Garden Adirondack Chairs Set of 4, Weather...
  • 【Can't Decide? Go for Aok Garden HIPS!】This eco-friendly...
  • 【Feel the Texture under Your Fingertips】The details of the...
  • 【Why Choose Non-Folding Model?】More sturdy, durable, and...

6. Outsunny Outdoor Wicker Swivel Recliner Chair

This fire pit seating option not only rocks but also reclines. Enjoy the comfort of indoor-level relaxation outdoors. With a lifted footrest, reclining backrest, and 360-degree swiveling abilities, the Outsunny Outdoor Swivel Recliner Chair may be your preferred relaxation chair. 

Made from hand-woven rattan and water-resistant polyester cushions, this recliner can withstand all weather. It measures 28.75 by 37.5 by 37 inches and has a weight capacity of 265 pounds. Choose from either blue, beige, or cream when selecting the perfect chair for your firepit. 

Outsunny Outdoor Wicker Swivel Recliner Chair,...
  • Indoor Comfort Outside: Have all the comforts of an indoor chair...
  • Outdoor Rattan Swivel Recliner: This patio swivel chair is made...
  • Comfy Cushioned Chaired: The seat and backrest of our outdoor...
Adirondeck chairs
Adirondack chairs quickly cozy up a campfire setting.

7. HUMMUH Outdoor Ottomans

If you don’t have a ton of space for outdoor seating around your firepit, these HUMMUH Outdoor Ottomans are possible options. Coming in five color options, these ottomans are a set of 2 with 3.5-inch thick sponge-padded cushions. 

With PE wicker and a powder-coated steel frame, these ottomans can withstand rain and wind. Each ottoman measures 24 by 24 by 14 inches and weighs 27 pounds. Remove the cushion to turn each ottoman into a coffee table when you’re not using them for fire pit seating.

HUMMUH Outdoor Ottomans for Patio Set of 2 PE...
  • Outdoor and Indoor use-All weather PE wicker and powder coated...
  • High Quality Material - All-weather PE wicker and Anti-Rust steel...
  • Cozy Cushions with Detachable Covers:Featured with 3.5 inch thick...

8. DIY Stone Semi-Circle

Enhance your fire pit seating area by DIYing a stone seating arrangement. Start by selecting a durable and weather-resistant stone material that complements your outdoor space. Plan the dimensions and layout of your semi-circle, ensuring there’s enough space for comfortable seating. On a level surface, arrange the stones in a semi-circular pattern, leaving gaps between them for a charming and rustic look. 

The benefits of a DIY stone semi-circle for seating around a fire pit are practical and aesthetic. The sturdy stone construction offers a durable seating option that can withstand outdoor elements. The semi-circular arrangement creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere, allowing friends and family to gather comfortably around the fire. Whether it’s for entertaining guests or enjoying quiet evenings by the fire, the DIY stone semi-circle provides a functional and visually appealing seating solution.

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Building Your Perfect Fire Pit on a Budget

Sit Back and Relax Around the Campfire 

Whether you’re planning a gathering with friends and family for cozy conversations or simply unwinding after a long day, a well-planned fire pit seating arrangement can enhance the experience. Transform your outdoor space into a cozy retreat and make memories you will never forget. So grab your marshmallows and chocolate bars, and get ready for a fun-filled summer around the fire pit. 

Which fire pit seating option do you prefer? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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