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Take a Closer Look at the Flagstaff E-Pro Camper

Flagstaff EPro is a line of lightweight campers from Forest River that we have been seeing more and more on the road. Their design allows today’s more fuel-efficient and smaller SUVs to pull them. That means you’ll be able to go camping with a vehicle you likely use daily. The EPro camper even comes in a toy hauler version that’ll allow you to stow away small vehicles like dirt bikes or scooters inside the RV!

Let’s dig into what makes the Flagstaff EPro so special. 

What Is a Flagstaff EPro? 

Everyday driving vehicles like smaller SUVs can tow the Flagstaff EPro line of campers. But it’s still spacious enough to walk around in. They also feature amenities like functioning kitchens and bathrooms.

Some EPro floorplans have wet baths and others have dry baths. Learn the difference here: RV Wet Bath vs Dry Bath Comparison: Which Is Better?

The Flagstaff EPro offers 10 different floorplans, which vary in size from 12 feet to 21 feet long. 

The E-Pro design allows today’s more fuel-efficient and smaller SUVs to pull them.

Who Makes Flagstaff Campers? 

Flagstaff campers are made by Forest River RV, a well-known and well-respected RV manufacturer. It’s been in the business since 1996. Forest River manufactures a wide variety of RV campers across over 40 brand names. From diesel pusher motorhomes to trailers of all sizes, Forest River is one of the biggest manufacturer names in the industry.

Forest River RV is a division of Forest River, Inc, which is a Berkshire Hathaway company. In addition to recreational vehicles, they produce pontoon boats, buses, cargo trailers, and commercial trucks.

Where Are Flagstaff Campers Made? 

Forest River has manufacturing facilities located throughout the Midwest, but is headquartered in the RV manufacturing capital of the U.S.—Elkhart, Ind. The EPro camper is manufactured in the same Forest River factory as its twin sister, the Geo Pro under the Rockwood brand name.

About Flagstaff EPro Travel Trailers

The Flagstaff EPro is a series of travel trailers that pack the maximum amount of amenities in a camper that’s light enough to be towed by smaller SUVs. In our experience, any trailer that is easily towed by a vehicle that is already in the driveway does well in the consumer market. Combine it with the economies-of-scale from a large manufacturer like Forest River and you can get a reasonably affordable entry-level travel trailer for weekend getaways.

What Can Tow A Flagstaff EPro?

With hitch weights of less than 500lbs and Unloaded Vehicle Weights (UVW) between ~2,700 to 3,600lbs, many trucks and SUVs can tow these vehicles. However, be sure to add in the cargo carrying capacity to get your gross vehicle weight rating to make sure you don’t go overweight on your vehicle. Remember, the UVW doesn’t include the water in your RV tanks.

GVWRs of the E-Pro trailers range between 3,877lbs and 4931lbs, depending on the model you choose. This means the towing capacity of your vehicle to be safe should be more than that. The best SUVs for towing have towing capacities well above this, and many mid-sized and small SUVs meet or exceed this too. For example, the Ford Explorer has a towing capacity of up to 5,600lbs (depending on the package).

Additionally, most small to midsized trucks can handle these trailers without issue.

What Do You Get In A Flagstaff EPro?

The EPro offers many standard options and upgrades in this class of camper. For example, standard on most models are things like an AM/FM radio with Bluetooth and USB port. It also comes with a 12-volt TV with a built-in DVD player, a WiFi range booster, and a roof-mount solar panel with a 1,000-watt inverter.

Options include a 13,500 BTU air-conditioner, a hitch-mounted bike rack, and all-terrain tires.

Toy Hauler Model

The Flagstaff EPro offers a unit, the E19FBTH, that can haul a small “toy” like a dirt bike or small four wheeler. It’s a true rarity for campers that can be towed by small SUVs. Most toy haulers are large travel trailers or fifth wheels that require a heavy-duty truck to tow.

In addition to being capable of hauling a toy, the toy hauler floor plan offers a dry bath (separate shower/toilet), kitchen, full bed, optional solar panels, and much much more. 

2020 Flagstaff E-Pro 19TH Walkthrough

Travel Trailer Models

Flagstaff EPro currently has nine different travel trailer floorplans. Each is light enough to be towed by crossover SUVs and features regular camper amenities.

One floor plan (E19BH) features a double bunk bed set up at the back with a full bed at the front. Another floor plan (E19FBS) features a slide-out, a reclining sofa, and a large rear bathroom. Three other floor plans also have slideouts—the E19FDS, the E20BHS, and the E20FBS.

Most EPro travel trailer floorplans feature amenities like built-in TVs, AM/FM radios with Bluetooth, optional solar panels, and optional bike racks. 


Flagstaff EPro campers range in length from 12 feet to 21 feet. Dry weights range from 1,763 pounds up to 3,547 pounds. Most floorplans feature a 31-gallon fresh water tank and 30-gallon gray and black holding tanks, but a few smaller model floor plans feature smaller holding tanks.


The Flagstaff EPro has many features for a camper in its class. Amenities like power awnings, built-in solar systems, heated holding tanks, ACs, powerful furnaces, MaxxAir vent fans, and much more are all offerings with the EPro camper.

NEW 2022! Flagstaff E-Pro E20FBS

Many of the above amenities aren’t typical in campers of this size, but the EPro packs a lot into a nimble package.  

How Much Do EPro Campers Cost? 

EPro campers range in price from $18,000 to $39,000, depending on the size, layout, and options chosen for your particular model. It will also depend on the dealer that you work with for your order.

Used Flagstaff E-Pros that are just a couple of years old can still cost $14,000 to $30,000 depending on age, condition, and options.

What Is the Difference Between EPro and Geo Pro?

There’s actually very little difference between these two, except Geo Pro falls under Forest River’s Rockwood brand, whereas the EPro is under the Flagstaff brand. The only real differences are the decals on the campers and slightly different interior design elements. 

Curious to learn more about the Geo Pro? We’ve got the full scoop here: Are Geo Pro Campers Good RVs?

Is a Flagstaff EPro Worth It?

The Flagstaff EPro camper fits the bill for many campers. It packs many features for a camper in its class into an affordable package. Many commonly driven vehicles can tow them, so customers don’t have to invest in a new vehicle to start camping.

Forest River is a well-known RV manufacturer that’s been in the market for some time, however, their specialty is more in lightweight campers. With any lightweight RV, manufacturers use lightweight materials and they typically don’t stand up to hard use. However, for weekend getaways and getting into the camping lifestyle, the Flagstaff E-Pro can be a wonderful entry camper option.

Flagstaff EPro interior
Enjoy modern finishes and spacious amenities in your new EPro camper.

Do you own a Flagstaff EPro camper? Share your experience in the comments below.

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Christopher Zilar

Sunday 21st of May 2023

We have owned our 19FD for two years. We love it. Our very first trip with it proved how great a product we had. We were boon docking and never ran out of power due to the solar panel. Ours includes a few upgrades, the best of which is a tankless water heater that truly gets the water hot. It's not extra fancy- just the bare minimum. But that's perfect for us since we prefer to be outdoors when camping.

My lovely wife loves the bath tub, microwave, and oven. And she's impressed with the water heater.

I love that it's built for off road travel and there's nothing complicated about it.

The only complaint my lovely wife has is that the door handle opens opposite to what's intuitive and it feels stuck to her. (I have no problem opening the door, but she does.)

My only complaint is that there is very little room for two - definitely not enough room for more than two. So if we have to stay inside for an extended period, I would feel a little claustrophobic.

We wouldn't want to live in it full time, but it's been a great home away from home. And we have had several friends stay in it as a guest room when they visit.

Les Willys

Thursday 29th of December 2022

We now own the trailer that is featured in the video on this page. We have used it on 2 trips last fall and love everything about it. We tow it with a Jeep Wagoneer and can honsetly say, we can't feel it behind us. We haven't had the opportunity to use/take advantage of the solar package, but we will be doing so this summer.

Steve Culbertson

Wednesday 9th of November 2022

Have owned a 19FBS for almost 2 years. Amazing boondock ready little camper. All lights (LED), fan, fridge, TV, stereo are 12vdc. Slide and electric awning. Dual battery with solar and dual propane tank. This rig is set up for BLM, National Forest, and state park camping. The only limitation is the holding tanks. Ours even has the off-road package. We tow it with a Lexus GX470. Forest River put a lot of thought into this camper. It hits the bulls eye.