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7 Best Flatbed Truck Tool Boxes to Pair with Truck Campers

7 Best Flatbed Truck Tool Boxes to Pair with Truck Campers

Are you in the market for flatbed truck tool boxes? These handy boxes help increase your truck bed storage capacity and come in many varieties for any flatbed truck application. 

This article will cover the types of tool boxes, which ones are best to use with truck campers, and our seven top picks. 

What Is a Flatbed Truck?

A flatbed truck has an open bed instead of the typical one with sides and a tailgate on traditional pickups. 

You can get a flatbed on pickup-style and heavy-duty trucks. These vehicles transport heavy loads or loads too large for a traditional truck bed. 

Forklifts can easily load and unload with them, and you can even put a camper on them. 

What Are Flatbed Truck Tool Boxes?

Because flatbeds don’t have sides, you need to use a different tool box than usual. 

You can install them under the bed, on the sides, or at the front. Some have drawers, locks, and are constructed of various materials. 

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Flatbed truck with under truck toolbox
We had toolboxes on the sides but lots of space for boxes under the truck camper

Do All Truck Tool Boxes Fit Flatbed Trucks?

Although flatbeds can utilize various types and styles of truck tool boxes, not all work well with these trucks. What’s great about your toolbox setup on a flatbed is that its an easily customizable setup. This means you can pick what works for your needs.

You’ll get the most use out of your truck bed and your tool box if you choose one specifically made for your bed style. 

Types of Flatbed Tool Boxes That Pair with Truck Campers

You can find a few different styles of flatbed tool boxes that you can use in conjunction with a truck camper. Here are the best ones:

Flat bed truck with camper parked
Always be prepared on the go with a properly stocked tool box.

Underbody Tool Boxes

Underbody tool boxes secure underneath the bed of your flatbed truck. They can support a lot of weight while simultaneously keeping your bed free. Underbody tool boxes are a great option to use with a truck camper. 

Topsider Tool Boxes

Usually, you install topsider tool boxes on your truck rails on a traditional truck bed. On a flatbed, they sit on the edge to keep the center and front free for a camper. 

They open towards whatever side you install them on for easy access.

truck camper tool boxes
Its most common for truck campers to use both underbed and topside boxes

Headboard Roller Drawer Tool Boxes

A headboard drawer roller toolbox sits at the head of your bed, and you can access it via drawers on the side instead of opening the top. 

This style works well for truck campers that do not need to sit all the way on the bed of the truck.

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7 Best Flatbed Truck Tool Boxes to Pair with Truck Campers

You may have trouble finding the perfect tool box for your truck. With a camper on top you don’t have much space. Here are our top seven flatbed truck tool boxes to pair with your camper. Take a look.

1. Brute FlatbedSafe Heavy Duty Roller Drawer Truck Tool Box

Price: Around $1,200

The Brute FlatbedSafe is a headboard roller toolbox in aluminum diamond-plated or black powder-coated options. This tool box conforms to the headboard of a flatbed truck and gives the owner easy access. 

This is an interesting option if your truck camper does not need to sit all the way forward. This is common with larger flatbeds beyond 8 feet.

The heavy-duty box comes with a reinforced top designed for carrying additional equipment on top without fear of bending it. The aluminum construction is 50% lighter than steel and works great with a truck bed camper. 

2. Brute Pro Series Contractor TopSider Tool Box with Doors

The Brute Pro Series TopSider Tool Box comes in different lengths to fit any size. This flatbed toolbox sits on the outside edge of the bed and has diamond-tread aluminum with .08” thick reinforcements. 

Brute 80-TBS200-72 Pro Series 72" Contractor...
  • Available in several lengths
  • Made of 0. 063 inch thick aluminum diamond tread
  • 0. 080 inch thick aluminum reinforcement throughout the tool box

It has a top compartment that opens outwards with a hydraulic door lift system and a bottom one that opens outwards with a fold-down door and cable system. Each compartment locks. 

Additionally, it features weather-resistant construction with built-in rain gutters to prevent water pooling and rust. 

Flat bed driving
Save storage space with a flatbed tool box on your truck.

3. Brute Flat Bed Truck TopSider Tool Box With Bottom Drawers

Price: $990

This Brute tool box is a squared topsider with a top compartment and two bottom drawers. 

You can choose between an aluminum diamond-plated tool box or a black powder-coat option, and it comes in 72” or 92” lengths. 

You can easily access all your tools and supplies while still having a free truck bed for hauling heavy equipment or carrying a truck camper. 

It also has extra deep compartments, and the bottom drawers make it so that you never lose anything in the back again. 

4. UWS Double Door Diamond Tread Aluminum Topsider Truck Box

Price: $890 – $1,067

The UWS Double Door Topsider Box comes in black or shiny and is 72 inches long.

This topsider tool box features two main compartments that open with a downwards hatch and cable system. It’s made out of silver or black diamond-plated aluminum with a t-style handle latch. 

This is a great size and option that fits most flatbed truck camper builds.

5. Buyers Products Diamond Tread Aluminum Underbody Truck Box

Price: $265- $560

If you want an underbody flatbed tool box, this one from Buyers Products comes in nine different sizes. 

Buyers Products 1705110 Diamond Tread Aluminum...
  • Diamond Tread Aluminum Underbody Truck Box: Protect your tools...
  • Built Tough: The locking, die cast, compression latch system...
  • More Than Just Parts: From snow and ice equipment to toolboxes,...

It’s made from diamond-plated aluminum and can stand up to the stresses of under-body mounting. 

Furthermore, it has a t-style handle and latch, and the door opens downward to reveal a spacious interior cargo area. 

Flatbed truck and 5th wheel parked at campsite
Keep your tools and equipment safe on the road in a flatbed tool box.

6. Buyers Products Black Steel Underbody Truck Box with T-Handle

Price: $200 – $315

This underbody flatbed tool box from Buyers Products comes in nine different sizes and has a lockable t-style handle. Steel is heavier but also stronger and more secure than aluminum versions.

Buyers Products 1703305 Black Steel Underbody...
  • Black Steel Underbody Truck Box: Keep tools and equipment safe...
  • Built To Last: This corrosion-resistant truck box is designed for...
  • More Than Just Parts: From snow and ice equipment to toolboxes,...

It’s made with a durable alloy steel construction that is corrosion-resistant and made with aircraft-grade cables for holding the door. Additionally, it has a weatherproof gasket for keeping your cargo clean and dry. 

7. ARKSEN Aluminum Under Truck Tool Box for Truck Bed or RV Trailer

Price: $215 – $230

The Arksen underbody aluminum tool box is perfect for flatbed pickup trucks, especially those carrying large cargo or truck campers. 

ARKSEN 36 Inch Heavy Duty Aluminum Bar Tread Tool...
  • [TOOL ORGANIZER] Keep all your tools and small accessories...
  • [HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION] This long, rectangular storage chest is...
  • [LOCKABLE] This toolbox is fitted with a built-in security lock...

It comes in a 30” or 36” option and has locking t-handle latches to protect your items from theft. Additionally, it has a sturdy aluminum construction with hand-welded seams for extra strength. Since this box mounts under the body, the construction materials withstand corrosion and all types of weather. 

Are Flatbed Truck Tool Boxes Worth It?

If you have a flatbed truck and need space to store cargo like tools, extra equipment, and more, we highly recommend any of these flatbed tool boxes. If you haul a truck camper with a flatbed, you can never go wrong with more storage space.

Adding a tool box can increase your exterior storage capacity and keep your tools and equipment organized and safe from weather and theft.

Do you have a tool box for your flatbed truck? Tell us about it down below!

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