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Flyte Camp Makes Amazing Vintage RVs New Again

Flyte Camp Makes Amazing Vintage RVs New Again

They don’t make vehicles like they used to! Older vehicles have that classic, vintage look that is missing in the modern era. You may not have guessed it, but the same goes for RVs. RVs have been around for a long time, and they used to look a lot different than they do now. It isn’t too often you find something vintage that isn’t totally rundown. But if you love all things vintage, you’ll be so excited to learn about Flyte Camp. 

What Is Flyte Camp? 

Flyte Camp is a vintage travel trailer restoration and renovation company. They take old RVs and make them look brand new again. They can restore RVs to their original factory look, or they can renovate the RV for a totally new and customized design. 

Flyte Camp officially began in 2010 when travel trailer lovers Justin and Anna Scribner founded the company. They specialize in renovating and restoring vintage travel trailers from before 1965. They have the skills and expertise to replicate the work from days of old to give you the perfect classic camper. 

Where Is Flyte Camp Located?

Flyte Camp is located in Bend, Oregon, which is a hub for outdoor lovers and the perfect place for this creative company to call home. 

Flyte Camp on Flippin’ RVs

The RV power couple behind Flyte Camp, Justin and Anna, are the stars of the TV show Flippin’ RVs. To date, there are 2 full seasons with 12 episodes each and a mini-season (2.1) with only 4 episodes. On the show, Justin and Anna search for discarded RVs across the country to bring back to their Bend workshop and totally transform. 


The pair also completes projects for clients searching for a fresh look for their old travel trailers. The owners of Flyte Camp go above and beyond for their clients to deliver exactly what they want. Watching this show gives you a look into the past and will have you wanting your own vintage RV by the time you’re done.  

About Flyte Camp’s Vintage Trailer Restorations

Trailer restoration involves returning something old to the original factory look. When restoring a vehicle, the goal is to use as many original parts as possible. The Flyte Camp team are experts in restorations; however, most clients opt for renovation. The reason restoration may not be the way to go is twofold. First, original parts can be challenging to find given limited production in the year they were built. Second, this limited production leads to higher costs. In many cases, the cost to restore a vintage travel trailer is higher than the market value. 

Renovation is another great option. The Flyte Camp team will work with you to design a customized trailer that looks vintage but without the excessive price tag. 

Flyte Camp’s Vintage Inspired Model: The Flyte Camp Neutron

Flyte Camp also has its own self-contained travel trailer, the Neutron. While they are currently updating information on their website about the Neutron, they’ve historically made these trailers to order. They look totally vintage but have all new modern amenities. The Neutron includes electricity, plumbing, a bathroom with a shower, a TV, a microwave, a kitchen, and more. You won’t be sacrificing luxury when you go with this classic look, that’s for sure. 

The Neutron measures just over 20 feet in length. It gives you plenty of headroom with the high ceilings and doors. Not to mention, it can sleep 4 adults and can be pulled at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour.

Given Justin and Anna’s years of experience with vintage trailers, you’ll almost believe the Neutron is from the 1900s. But once you get inside, you’ll love all the modern additions. 

Neutron Travel Trailer Part 1: Front Coupler & Propane Tanks

Flyte Camp Restorations

Here are just a few examples of Flyte Camp’s restoration work:

1928 Ford House Car

This Ford House Car looks just like a classic Ford with a house on the back! The exterior is a pristine silver and the interior is complete with all original parts. This restored RV has found a home at the Volo Auto Museum in Illinois. 

You can view the 1928 Ford House Car here.


1934 Covered Wagon

The 1934 Covered Wagon was the first of its kind: a dual axle production trailer. Justin and Anna bought it from the MH/RV Hall of Fame and completely restored it to its original glory. It has a leatherette exterior, a painted canvas roof, original linoleum flooring, original light fixtures, and more. The only “new” things are the tires, the 110 wiring, the plumbing, and the upholstery. Everything else on both the interior and exterior is completely restored. You’ll absolutely love this classic, which is also on display at the Volo Auto Museum. 

Check out the 1934 Covered Wagon here.


1961 Holiday House Geographic Model X

Last up is one more amazing restoration from Flyte Camp we just had to share! The Holiday House Geographic is a highly sought-after vintage travel trailer. In fact, it is so rare there is only one other known to exist. 

Restoration included refinishing the exterior with champagne and moss green coating with bronze pin-stripes. They also updated the entire running system to bring it back into working order. The Holiday House Geographic even has a vintage fabric awning that has been restored. 

The interior restoration is absolutely classic. It has black walnut skin, cabinets, and flooring. There is vintage lighting throughout, a two-burner stovetop, fridge, and sink. The Holiday House also has some modern updates, including an on-demand water heater, holding tanks, and power. Additionally, it has air conditioning and heat. 

All in all, this restoration has to be one of the most impressive out there! 

Don’t miss the photos of this rare restoration:


From Old to New Again

Flyte Camp takes the old and makes it new again. They are the premier company for restoring and renovating pre-1965 travel trailers and motorhomes. You will hardly believe your eyes when you check out the before and after pictures.

Airstream Argosy Renovation

We personally have a little experience with vintage restorations. In November of 2018 we decided to visit our dear friend Kyle & Olivia Brady of Drivin’ & Vibin’ to lend a hand with their 1979 Vintage Airstream Argosy renovation.

While it is a TON of work, there is something intensely satisfying about taking something old and run-down and making it like new again.

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