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8 Best Foraging Bags and Baskets for Comfortable Collecting

Foraging is trendy for those who enjoy spending time in nature and sourcing their food. Whether collecting berries, mushrooms, or wild greens, having the right tools makes any foraging experience easier. However, hauling home any natural treasures you find without a foraging bag may be challenging.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to upgrade, we’ve found eight great foraging bags and baskets worth considering. They allow you to stay comfortable while bringing your goodies home.

Let’s see which bags or baskets you should order before your next foraging adventure!

Gear You Need While Foraging Wild Edibles

What Is a Foraging Bag?

A foraging bag is specifically for collecting and gathering fruits, berries, nuts, mushrooms, and other items in nature. They’re typically lightweight and breathable materials like canvas or nylon. Some will feature adjustable shoulder or waist straps for increased comfort.

Foraging bags and baskets work far better than upturned hats and the scooped-up bottom of your shirt. They also are designed for more comfortable collecting than a used strawberry carton. While these items and methods work, you’ll quickly realize that having a proper foraging bag or basket makes everything much easier.

More serious foragers have pockets and compartments inside their bags. This allows them to keep whatever goodies they find neatly organized. Additionally, it’s not uncommon to find some with built-in insulation to keep items as fresh as possible.

Why Do People Forage?

There are many reasons people forage for food. Some hobbyists see the practice as an outdoor sport like hunting and fishing. They find it a relaxing way to spend time in nature, and anything they eat is icing on the cake. 

Some foragers enjoy the health benefits of connecting with nature. How much more natural can you get than finding wild berries and other edible foods growing in the wild? However, even if you come back empty-handed, spending time in nature can benefit your health.

Unfortunately, not everyone who forages for food is doing it for fun. Some individuals live in impoverished conditions and must seek wild foods out of necessity. Reliable food sources may be hard to come by, so they have few other options. Finally, if you were to find yourself in a survival situation, having foraging skills of knowing what you can and cannot eat in the wild can be life-saving until help arrives.

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Foraging basket with berries
Gather fruits, berries, nuts, mushrooms, and more in a foraging bag or basket.

What Makes a Good Foraging Bag?

While almost any bag or basket will do for foraging, there are some things you want to look for when shopping for yours. Since you’ll be spending hours using your foraging bag or basket, you’ll want to be comfortable. Ensure you choose one with adjustable straps, padded shoulders, or weight distribution.

It’s best to choose a foraging bag or basket that will last. You’ll likely spend your time in rugged, outdoor environments with your bag, so it must withstand the elements. Water-repellant and durable materials are ideal while staying lightweight enough not to crush your find or tire you out.

You also want to consider the storage capacity of the bag or basket. If you choose a bag that’s too small, you may have to leave goodies behind instead of bringing them home. Additionally, choosing a bag that’s too large can mean carrying a heavier and bulkier load. Get a bag or basket with pockets or compartments to keep it organized.

The final thing you need to consider is the ability to clean it. You’ll have dirt and other debris inside and outside your bag. A bag with washable materials like canvas or nylon can allow you to clean it easily.

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Mom and daughter foraging together
Foraging is a great way to get out into nature.

Bags Vs. Baskets, What’s Better?

Using foraging bags versus foraging baskets is largely a personal preference. Bags fold down much smaller, but baskets can provide a more supportive shape. Depending on what you are collecting, one may work better than the other for transportation. Many foragers use both, each for a specific purpose for their strengths.

For mushroom foraging, however, it is generally recommended to use wicker baskets or mesh bags instead of water-tight canvas bags so that the mushroom spores can drop off them. This allows them to spread throughout the forest as you walk and help further the propagation of the fungi.

8 Best Foraging Bags and Baskets for Comfortable Collecting

Whether you’re new to foraging or you’ve been doing it for decades, staying comfortable while foraging is crucial. That’s why we’ve found some of the best foraging bags and baskets to help you stay comfortable while collecting natural goods.  

Which one is best for you? Let’s look and see!

1. Barebones Harvesting & Gathering Bag

The Barebones Harvesting and Gathering Bag comes in dark khaki and slate gray. They feature a vintage-inspired design from water and weather-resistant waxed canvas materials. The drop-out bottom allows you to empty every item in the bag quickly. A removable waterproof liner makes cleaning up a breeze. The dual straps will enable you to conveniently carry the load on your back.

This attractive bag allows large leafy plants or flowers to hang out the top without getting damaged in transit.

Barebones Harvesting and Gathering Bag - Foraging,...
  • Durable Foraging Bag: Crafted from high-quality materials, this...
  • Spacious Design: With a generous interior capacity, this...
  • Comfortable Carrying: The adjustable shoulder strap ensures...

2. RingSun Collapsible Foraging Bag

If you’re particularly into mushroom foraging, an excellent option to consider is the RingSun Collapsible Foraging Bag. This waxed-canvas bag comes in three colors; brown, green, and white. The drawstring makes it easier to close to keep the contents safe.

This is a smaller pouch for smaller collecting journeys. The bag is 8.5 inches wide by 9.25 inches tall but folds to 2.65 inches wide by 3.94 inches tall when not in use. You can secure this pouch to a belt, making it convenient for any adventure.

RingSun Waxed Canvas Mushroom Foraging Bag,...
  • Premium Foraging Bag: The foraging bag is crafted from...
  • Leather Belt Pouch's Size: The height of the leather canvas pouch...
  • Unique Waxed Canvas Pouch Design: The leather belt pouch with...

3. Frieyss Leather Foraging Bag

The Frieyss Leather Foraging Bag is so light (0.15 pounds) you’ll barely notice you’re carrying it. It’s handmade from soft cowhide that is durable, flexible, and strong. It can fit in the palm of your hand when you fold it and expand to nearly 10 inches when you want to use it. For perspective, it can hold approximately four standard-size cans of soda. This means you’ll have plenty of room for berries, nuts, or other items you find during your adventures.

While the outer layer is soft cowhide, the inside is a waxed canvas for easier cleaning and increased durability. It’s nothing fancy but small enough to bring with you on every hike easily.

Foraging Bag,Mushroom Foraging Bag Waxed Canvas...
  • High-quality raw materials: handmade, the outer layer is made of...
  • Size: Folded size 3.5*4 inches, about the size of the palm of an...
  • Instructions:THE Canvas Pouch comes with a loop that you can...

4. Hide & Drink Waxed Canvas Collapsible Foraging Pouch

The Hide and Drink Waxed Canvas Collapsible Foraging Pouch comes in four color options; Blue Mar, Charcoal Black, Fatigue, and Honey Bourbon. This stylish foraging pouch is waxed canvas to create a strong and durable fabric. It’s very similar to item #2 on this list, with slightly larger dimensions and different color options.

It folds into a compact design and expands to 9.25 inches by 8.25 inches in seconds. The pouch can hold approximately two pounds of whatever item you collect that day. As the pouch attaches to your belt, you’ll have full function of both hands while hunting for goods.

Hide & Drink, Foraging Pouch (Collapsible) for...
  • FIND THAT TREASURE IN STYLE: Forage that fancy flora and fauna...
  • AMPLE ROOM, COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN: The Pouch measures 9.25 in height...
Foraging with foraging bag
The more comfortable your foraging bag is, the more frequently you will want to forage.

5. Orsus Workshop Foraging Mesh Basket

Orsus Workshop is a Ukrainian company that makes handmade leather and wooden goods. This Orsus Workshop Foraging Mesh Basket is a mesh fabric basket with a vine hoop and handles at the top and a solid vine swirl at the bottom. It’s perfect for fruit picking, mushroom hunting, or a weekly trip to the farmer’s market. The thick handles help you to carry the basket comfortably, however, you won’t be able to sling this one over your shoulder. The high-quality material means you don’t have to worry about it ripping or wearing out anytime soon.

The pouch portion of the basket measures 11 inches by 11 inches and is 11.8 inches tall, and features tiny mesh holes to help with air circulation inside the basket. The soft mesh conforms to whatever you put in it so it won’t damage your delicate produce like berries, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Conversely, it’s sturdy enough for tougher crops like apples, carrots, or potatoes.

Foraging Mesh Basket For Fruit Picking, Mushroom...
  • The basket is needed while picking morel mushrooms so they can...
  • The basket is very sturdy. We use high quality material so you...
  • Size unfolded: 11*11*11.8 inches, 574 us fl oz.

5. SLDHR Mesh Pouch Harvesting Bag

The SLDHR Mesh Pouch Harvesting Bag has an adjustable handle that can double as a messenger-bag-style foraging bag. It comes in two colors (black and brown) and measures 18 inches by 17 inches. Its larger size makes it ideal for collecting shells and giving mushrooms plenty of space without worrying about crushing them. In addition, the mesh bag helps spread spores from mushrooms as you continue hunting. The storage pocket is large enough to store your phone so you can grab it quickly to snap a picture of wildlife or other beauty you spot in the wild.

We like this bag because of its over-shoulder form, allowing for easy collection and carrying. It allows you to carry practically anything and lots of it if you hit the foraging jackpot. The mesh allows you to keep tabs on your stash easily. Users report it being great for clamming as well.

Mushroom Hunting Foraging Bag, Mesh Pouch...
  • Bag size:18 x 17 inch; adjustable strap that you can adjust into...
  • When worn over the shoulder and hung to your front, it will fall...
  • 8 inch pocket,the pocket that the bag can stuff into for...

6. UpBloom Original Foraging Bag

The UpBloom Original Foraging Bag is an easy-to-wear canvas gardening apron perfect for picking and placing with both hands at once. With the bag secured to your waist, your hips carry the weight instead of your neck and shoulders. This can allow you to spend hours foraging without the wear and tear on your body. It can adjust up to a 42-inch waist, and you can toss it into the wash after each gathering adventure. Whether you’re picking blueberries, apples, or some other deliciousness, this foraging bag can help you carry it home.

Our only qualm with this bag is that more delicate cargo may get damaged if doing a lot of walking. The weight of the items may bang into the thighs. Some reviewers, however, have solved this by putting another container in the apron to provide more support and protection.

7. Acropolis Foraging Basket Backpack with Straps

This Acropolis Foraging Basket Backpack with Straps is about as sturdy as it gets for foraging bags. This 13-liter wicker basket will fit snugly on your back and is strong enough to protect whatever you put inside. Versatile straps allow you to carry in the backpack style, over one shoulder, or as two carry straps to fit your type of foraging. Plus, its unique design doubles as a storage basket at home.

Whether you’re gathering fruits and vegetables or shells along the seashore, this basket will help you to get them home safely. The wicker is very lightweight by sturdy to hold your treasures.

Mushroom Foraging Bag - Backpack with Straps for...
  • SMART DESIGN. Very functional and original smart design....
  • THREE VARIANTS OF CARRYING: on two shoulder straps as a backpack,...
  • UNIQUE DESIGN. Open the bag and easily put in your favorite...

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Foraging mushroom
You don’t need a fancy foraging bag to get started, but they do make the experience more enjoyable.

What Else Can I Use for a Foraging Bag?

Thankfully, you don’t need a fancy foraging bag to start foraging. There’s a good chance you have all that you need. You can start with something as simple as a plastic sack, a mesh beach bag, or a drawstring athlete’s bag. 

Foraging allows you to embrace the simple side of life, so don’t overthink it. The best bag is the one you have on you when you need it. Look around and see what you have available. After a few trips, you should have enough experience to decide whether it’s an activity you enjoy or not. If so, it’s an excellent opportunity to upgrade to a more comfortable and capable foraging bag.

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How To Get Started Foraging - Practical Guidance For Absolute Beginners

Find the Right Foraging Bag for You

Foraging can be an excellent opportunity to spend time outside and enjoy nature. You can fill your lungs with fresh air while filling your bag with treats you can enjoy later. The more you get out into nature, the more you will benefit from getting a bag with a specific design for gathering goods. 

The more comfortable the bag, the more likely you will want to venture out for another adventure. So, if you enjoy the experience, don’t be afraid to spend a few bucks to make the experience even better.

Would you use any of these bags on your next foraging expedition? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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