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9 Best Four-Season Fifth Wheels for Year-Round Camping

Are you looking for a four-season fifth wheel? This article shares the benefits of a fifth wheel that you can use year-round. We also look at nine models optimal for spring, summer, fall, and winter. 

We dive into the key features to look for when shopping for a four-season fifth wheel. You might be surprised that some brands claim to be four seasons but lack vital components. 

Let’s dig in! 

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What Is a Four-Season Fifth Wheel?

A four-season fifth wheel is a fifthwheel RV that has been designated as a four-season camper. This means the manufacturer has added some features to it that help with staying cool in hot temperatures and warm in cold temperatures. This could mean better heating and cooling systems, better insulation, heat pads on the water tanks, or something else.

Unfortunately, there is no industry standard as to what a “4-season certified” camper is, so you have to do some digging on what that means for your particular RV. Sometimes it really means that you could take your camper into freezing temperatures, but other times it just means your furnace will bleed off heat to help warm your water tanks.

The best four-season fifth wheels can be used any time of year. They are set up to be fully functional in winter or cold climates. They usually feature added insulation and heating systems.

However, that doesn’t mean pipes or plumbing systems are exempt from potential freezing. It’s always important to take precautions. For example, you’ll still need to use a heated water hose or heat your RV’s outdoor bays.

What Are the Benefits of a Four-Season Fifth Wheel?

The benefits of a four-season fifth wheel are numerous, but one of the main benefits is the ability to camp in cold weather. You can RV in northern states subject to snowfall, ice, and below-freezing temperatures. 

They also typically have better construction. Manufacturers put care into ensuring good insulation and an overall durable structure to withstand the elements. 

Pro Tip: If you’re going to RV in cold weather, make sure you know How to RV in Winter.

Fifth wheel RV parked in snow camping spot
If you’re planning on camping in cold weather, a four-season fifth wheel may be the perfect RV for you.

Key Features to Look for in a Four-Season Fifth Wheel

There are a lot of factors to consider when getting a four-season fifth wheel suitable for winter conditions. The best winter fifth wheels will have better insulation, double pane windows, heated and insulated tanks, and a robust heating system. Let’s take a closer look at each of these.


The higher R-value, the better. An R-value tells you how much insulation it has per inch of thickness. Most RVs have a fairly low R-value. When looking for the best four-season fifth wheel, ensure the R-value of the walls is above ten and the ceiling and floor have an R-value above 20. 

Pro Tip: Many dealers and manufacturers often don’t include these values in their listings. You may have to call the manufacturer and do some digging in the product specifications to get exact figures.

Double Pane Windows

Double-pane windows are essential for a four-season fifth wheel. Most RVs only have single-pane windows. A single pane is a thinner barrier from the cold and creates more condensation, which can lead to mold and mildew. Double-pane windows provide more insulation between the inside of your RV and the elements.

Montana four-season fifth wheel RV
With better insulation and heating, a four-season fifth wheel makes for the perfect winter home on wheels.

Heated and Insulated Tanks

Heated and insulated holding tanks are a key feature of four-season fifth wheels. Keeping your tanks from freezing is vital when camping in cold weather. If your tank freezes, it can cause major damage to your entire plumbing season. A frozen tank can also crack, leaving you with costly repairs.

Robust Furnace & Heat Pump Option

Next, ensure your RV furnace is big enough to keep your fifth wheel warm in cold temperatures. Most RV furnaces run on propane and you usually don’t get much say in which furnace your fifth wheel comes with. However, if you can opt for a higher efficiency model knowing you’ll be in colder climates, you could potentially save money refilling your tank.

Smaller RVs have more high-efficiency options, like the Truma Combi heaters. However, these are too small to keep up with a space of a four-season fifth wheel. A better option to look for would be an RV heat pump option on an air conditioner. These can help supplement your furnace with electric heat in cooler, above-freezing temperatures.

Ducted Heating

Ducted heating also contributes to more efficient heating. It allows for an even distribution of heat throughout your rig. So, your bedroom can stay as warm as your kitchen. And good heat distribution throughout the RV can help prevent plumbing from freezing.

Pro Tip: Learn more about Redwood RV who make some amazing 4-season fifth wheels.

Four-season fifth wheel in desert
The insulation and double-panned windows of a four-season fifth wheel will keep you warm in winter and cool in extreme heat.

9 Best Four-Season Fifth Wheels for Year-Round Camping

Let’s check out nine of the best four-season fifth wheels on the market. 

#1. Outdoors RV Glacier Peak F27MKS

About: The Outdoors RV Glacier Peak F27MKS is 29 feet long. It has a queen-size bed in the front with a full bathroom. In the living area, you’ll find a sleeper sofa and a dinette. It also has a kitchen with plenty of storage and a large entertainment center.

4-Season Features: The Glacier Peak F27MKS has a climate-designed furnace for extreme camping. It also has thermal pane windows, triple-layer roof insulation, and two layers of R-7 fiberglass insulation. And with a fully enclosed, heated, and insulated underbelly, you can worry less about your pipes freezing. The refrigerator is the Norcold cold weather kit, which allows the fridge to operate in below zero-degree Fahrenheit temperatures.

MSRP: $66,912

New 2022 Glacier Peak F27MKS Titanium Series Four Season 5th Wheel by Outdoors RV

#2. Northwood Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 30-5RD

About: The Northwood Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 30-5RD is 35-feet-1-inch long and has two slide-outs. It has a u-shaped dinette in the rear that converts into a bed and a tri-fold sofa in the living area. The spacious kitchen has an L-shaped countertop. And the bedroom has a king-size bed, a full-size bathroom, and washer and dryer hookups.

4-Season Features: The Grande Ronde 30-5RD comes equipped with high-density block foam insulation. It has an R-18 ceiling and R-15 reflective foil insulation in the slides. You also get thermal pane windows, ducted heat, and an electric fireplace. And you have the option of heating pads on the holding tanks. 

MSRP: $112,000

Quick Tour of the New Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 30 5RD Fifth Wheel

#3. Forest River Arctic Wolf 261RK (w/ Elemental Protection Package)

About: Forest River’s Arctic Wolf 261RK has a large rear kitchen with a walk-in pantry and an outdoor kitchen. In the living area, you get theater seating, a dinette, an electric fireplace, and an entertainment center. There’s a queen-size bed in the bedroom and a full bathroom. This four-season fifth wheel is 30-feet-7-inches long.

4-Season Features: The Arctic Wolf 261RK’s elemental protection package includes a high-efficiency furnace with 35,000 BTUs and an electric fireplace. It also has an enclosed underbelly with forced air heat to the holding tanks. The windows have thermo-control reflective safety glass. Additionally, it has a seamless PVC roofing membrane with heat reflectivity and two-inch thick laminated exterior walls with block foam insulation. 

MSRP: $57,766

They Built My Layout in a Fifth Wheel • 2022 Arctic Wolf 261RK

#4. Keystone Alpine 3712KB

About: Keystone’s Alpine 3712KB measures 41 feet 5 inches long. It has a front living room with two tri-fold sofas, one theater seating couch, an electric fireplace, and an entertainment center. The large kitchen is mid-ship with an island, residential appliances, and a dinette. You have the bedroom, full bathroom with a walk-in shower, and washer and dryer prep in the rear.

4-Season Features: The Alpine 3712KB has a polar package with heated ducting to the holding tanks and 12-volt heating pads. It also has in-floor heating ducts and a 35,000 BTU furnace. 

MSRP: $130,551

Look inside this Amazing Luxury RV! Keystone Alpine 3712KB

#5. Heartland RV Big Country 3155RLK

About: The Heartland RV Big Country 3155RLK measures 36 feet 5 inches long. It has a front bedroom with a large closet and washer and dryer prep. The full-size bathroom is accessible from the hallway leading down to the living area. Furthermore, the large kitchen has ample counter space, storage, and an island. And it has a large sleeper sofa, loveseat, and dining table with chairs.

4-Season Features: The 3155RLK has high-density block foam insulation and a triple-insulated floor. It also comes with a heated and enclosed underbelly and a 35,000 BTU furnace. 

MSRP: $110,451

Pro Tip: If you want a smaller four-season RV, you’ll love these 7 Best 4 Season Travel Trailers for Staying Cozy When It’s Cold.

What beautiful decor in this Big Country 3155 RLK

#6. DRV Mobile Suites 36RSSB3

About: DRV Mobile Suites 36RSSB3 is a luxury four-season fifth wheel. It measures 38-feet-7-inches long. The front bedroom has a king-size bed with a washer and dryer, plus a large closet. It also has a full-size bathroom, a large kitchen with residential finishes, and an island in the middle. The living room has a sleep sofa, theater seating, an electric fireplace, and a dining table with chairs. 

4-Season Features: The 36RSSB3 has ducted heating. Its floor insulation has an R-29 rating, the roof has an R-25, and the walls have an R-16. You can also put heating pads on all the holding tanks and an elbow heating pad on the drain pipe.

MSRP: $214,482

2022 DRV Mobile Suites 36 RSSB3 Luxury Fifth Wheel •

#7. Keystone Montana 3231CK

About: Keystone’s Montana 3231CK has a king bed in the front, a closet, and washer and dryer hookups. It also has a large full bathroom with double sinks. The kitchen features an island and lots of counter space. You also get a dining table with chairs, theater seating, a sleeper sofa, and an electric fireplace with an entertainment center above. The length of the fifth wheel is 37-feet-5-inches.

4-Season Features: The Montana 3231CK has dual pane frameless windows. It also has an enclosed underbelly with forced air heat and electric tank heaters. This four-season fifth wheel has insulated slide floors and a reflective foil-insulated front cap. It also has dual attic vents.

MSRP: $133,000

Keystone RV Montana 3231CK Fifth Wheel - Awesome Kitchen

#8. KZ Durango D321RKT

About: The KZ Durango D321RKT is 34-feet-10-inches long. You can choose a queen or king-size bed in the front bedroom, which has a washer and dryer prep, a built-in dresser, and a large closet. 

The full bathroom has a linen closet and a shower with a seat. You’ll find a large u-shaped kitchen with a dinette in the living area. And you get theater seating, a sleeper sofa, an electric fireplace, and an outdoor kitchen.

4-Season Features: The Duranco D321RKT has R-13 block-foam bonded sidewalls. It also has a completely heated water system and a fully vented attic. The underbelly is enclosed and fully heated. And it has Pex in-floor heated waterlines and kitchen gray pipes. Plus, all waterlines and drains sit above all of the insulation.

MSRP: $79,264


#9. Coachmen Chaparral 334FL

About: The final four-season fifth wheel on our list is the Coachmen Chaparral 334FL, with a spacious front living room and three couches.

Its middle kitchen features an island, lots of counter space and storage, and a dining table with chairs. The rear bedroom has overhead storage and a large bathroom with double sinks. You also get a washer and dryer prep in the bathroom linen closet. 

4-Season Features: The Chaparral 334FL features insulated pass-through storage and an enclosed, insulated, and heated underbelly. It also has gate valves with circulating heat. The side walls are rated R-15, the floor R-47, and the roof R-37. 

MSRP: $125,900

2022 Coachmen Chaparral 334 FL Fifth Wheel •

Can You Live In a Fifth Wheel In the Winter?

Yes, but you will need to take extra steps to outfit your fifth wheel for winter conditions. Just having a four-season rig isn’t enough. You will need heated hoses, RV skirting, and extra propane tanks to stay comfortable and maintain your fifth wheel’s utilities in below-freezing temperatures. Check out our deep-dive article about cold-weather RV camping to learn everything you need to know.

Is a 4-Season Fifth Wheel Worth It?

A four-season fifth wheel is worth it if you want to camp in cold climates for extended periods. Whether you go to Minnesota over the winter holidays or plan to stay at high altitudes throughout the winter, getting a fifth wheel that can handle it is ideal. The last thing you want to be is cold and miserable in a poorly insulated RV. 

Is a four-season fifth wheel right for you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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