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7 Best Free Standing Hammock Sets for Lounging Anywhere

Hammocks are great, but what if there aren’t any trees around? Or, what if the trees aren’t perfectly spaced to accommodate your hammock? Finally, what if you just want to be able to park your hammock in the best location – close to your patio, the campfire, or with the ultimate view over the water? The free-standing hammock is your solution.

You can easily disassemble these sets when you need to create more space, pack down for travel, or bring them inside. Let’s take a closer look at some excellent options!

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What Is a Free Standing Hammock?

A free-standing hammock set comes with a hammock and stand. Generally, you shouldn’t need tools for setup. You put the stand together, attach the hammock, and you’re done! No need for trees or hard-to-make knots. You can set up a free-standing hammock anywhere. You can even put one on your back patio or inside your sunroom.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Free Standing Hammock?

The pros of owning a free-standing hammock include ease of setup and portability. With a traditional hammock, you need access to two trees. With a free-standing hammock, you can set it up anywhere. Some can be set up with only one person, while others require two people to put them together.

However, free-standing hammocks can be a pain to bring in and out during inclement weather. You have to disassemble them, and even though it’s not time-consuming or complex, it’s still something else you have to do. In addition, there are weight limits, so if you want to lay in a free-standing hammock with your spouse or child, you might be limited due to the rigidity and strength of the hammock stand.

Woman and dog in hammock at camping site
No trees? No problem! A free-standing hammock lets you relax anywhere.

7 Best Free Standing Hammock Sets for Lounging Anywhere

Let’s look at seven great options to create a lounge space anywhere. Whether living in an urban environment or on a farm, these free-standing hammocks are small enough to fit most locations and spacious enough to provide a comfortable, relaxing place to lie down.

1. Lazy Daze Double Cotton Hammock with Steel Stand

About: Available in eight different colors, this free-standing hammock supports a maximum weight of 450 pounds. The rust-free zinc-coated frame is durable and robust and easily folds into a compact carrying bag.

Lazy Daze Hammocks Double Hammock with 9ft...
  • 【Lazy Daze Hammock Combo】The weather-resistant hammock is...
  • 【Height Adjustable Stand】Six optional hook positions are...
  • 【Easy Assembly】Assemble your hammock and steel stand in 10...

Key Features: With weather-resistant fabric, you can place this free-standing hammock anywhere. It has an easy setup that takes less than 10 minutes. The adjustable hooks allow you to change the height, which means everyone in the family can use this hammock.

Reviews say this is a very comfortable hammock, however, if you’re over 6’4″ you might want to find a longer one.

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2. Amazon Basics Double Hammock with Steel Stand

About: This colorful hammock measures 94” x 63” and 130” end-to-end. It’s 53% polyester, 33% cotton, 11% rayon, and 3% nylon. Although not quite as strong as the previous one, this free-standing hammock supports up to 400 pounds.

Amazon Basics Double Hammock with 9-Foot Space...
  • Includes double hammock, 9' space-saving heavy duty steel stand,...
  • Hammock bed measures 94" x 63" (130" end-to-end)
  • Accommodates two adults: 450-lb. capacity

Key Features: This hammock also features an adjustable pin that allows you to change the height. The space-saving design means you can fit this 9ft hammock in smaller places. It also comes with a carrying case, and the frame is heavy-duty steel.

Free-standing hammock on beach
Relax in a hammock no matter where you roam with a free-standing hammock.

3. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Steel Stand

About: Like the Lazy Daze hammock, this Vivere hammock supports up to 450 pounds. It measures 108” x 48” x 44” and comes with a carrying bag. The material is high-quality cotton.

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space Saving...
  • Vivere combo, the double hammock with stand and carry bag is our...
  • The hammock stand is constructed of heavy duty Steel and...
  • Vivere hammocks have pure polyester end strings that will last...

Key Features: This hammock is available in 40+ colors, so you’ll have no problem finding one that matches the exterior of your home. The pure polyester end strings will last longer than traditional cotton ones. Plus, the durable, heavy-duty steel frame means this free-standing hammock will be around for a long time.

4. RedSwing Folding Portable Hammock with Stand

About: For a completely different look and feel, try this portable hammock that lays more like a cot. It measures 92”’ x 39.4” x 28.9”’ and easily packs up without disassembling it. It only has a weight limit of 264 pounds.

RedSwing Portable Folding Hammock with...
  • Heavy Duty Material: The collapsible folding hammock is made from...
  • Easy to Setup&Use: Unlike the traditional hammock, our foldable...
  • Convenient Design: Our standalone hammock provides a soft pillow...

Key Features: One of the best features of this free-standing hammock is the design. The steel and x-design of the legs create a strong frame.

It also features non-slip feet, which means you could set up this hammock on tile floors. Additionally, it also has a pillow, a pocket and a cup holder on the side of the hammock, and a large mesh pocket below to store your belongings.

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5. Sorbus Free Standing Hammock Bed with Stand

About: Similar in design to the RedSwing hammock above, this Sorbus free-standing hammock is designed more like a cot than a hammock you would hang between two trees. It measures 94.5” x 37” x 31.5” and holds up to 500 pounds of weight. You won’t need tools for setup as the joints snap into place.

Sorbus Cozy Hammock Bed- Patio Hammock with Stand...
  • Comfortable Hammock with Frame Stand (Green): Enjoy relaxation...
  • Pillow & Storage Pockets: Features a detachable support pillow...
  • Cozy Outdoor Living: Enjoy comfortable yard furniture to lounge...

Key Features: A detachable pillow provides added comfort for your head or feet. Storage pockets also offer places to put your magazines, cell phone, and snacks. The polyester hammock bed is fade-resistant and machine washable for long-lasting comfort in your backyard.

Two friends drinking beer in free-standing yellow hammock.
A free-standing hammock can cozy up any campsite.

6. PNAEUT 2-Person Hammock with Steel Stand

About: This hammock is made of a cotton and polyester blend for a tightly woven finish and is available in twelve colors. It measures 108” x 43” x 40” while supporting up to 450 pounds. The colors and stripes bring a pop to your backyard setup.

PNAEUT 2-Person Hammock with Space Saving Steel...
  • PASSIONATE BRAZILIAN STYLE , The combination of contrasting color...
  • ULTIMATE COMFORTABLE , The thicker and tighter woven cotton...
  • DOUBLE HAMMOCK , It has the stronger and durable steel stand, a...

Key Features: The number one best-seller on Amazon, this free-standing hammock is one of the cheapest options on this list. It features a durable steel frame and a carrying bag. The simple assembly requires no tools, and a large number of slings on the ends means you’ll enjoy this hammock for a long time.

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7. SUNCREAT Portable Double Hammock with Stand

About: Also available in twelve colors, you can use this hammock by SUNCREAT with a pad or without. The hammock bed is 76″ long x 52″ wide and supports 475 pounds. The powder-coated steel stand is durable and firm and measures 12 feet long.

SUNCREAT Patio Hammock with Stand Included,...
  • Reversible Quilted Polyester Pad: Two-layer quilted polyester...
  • Hardwood Spreader Bar: 52 inch hardwood spreader bars are more...
  • Upgraded 30% Thicker Ropes: The upgraded strong poly-cotton ropes...

Key Features: The cozy two-layered quilted polyester fabric with poly fiber filling creates a comfortable place to rest. There’s also a magazine bag and bottle holder that attaches to the side of the hammock. You can easily relax in this oversized hammock with a child or friend.

Woman reading in a free-standing hammock.
Read, work, or simply relax in a free-standing hammock.


Maybe one of the suggested free-standing hammocks above caught your eye, and you’re ready to make your purchase. But you have a couple more questions. Here are two frequently asked questions about free-standing hammocks.

Is There a Weight Limit?

There are always weight limits for free-standing hammocks. It’s essential to pay attention to the weight limit. All hammocks will provide the dimensions and weight capacity, so make sure to purchase one that suits your needs. Otherwise, you’ll end up breaking your new purchase with little hope of receiving a refund or replacement.

Can You Leave Your Hammock Outside?

This depends on your hammock. Again, read the product information before purchasing if you want to leave your hammock outside. However, it’s best not to leave any furniture outside for long periods.

The weather and sun fade the fabric, and the product won’t last as long. If you disassemble your hammock and bring it inside, it will last much longer, even if the product says the fabric is weather resistant.

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Is a Free Standing Hammock Worth It?

Free-standing hammocks are great alternatives to traditional hammocks. If you live in an urban setting or don’t have trees in your yard, you can’t hang a conventional hammock.

However, a free-standing hammock solves your problem. They’re comfortable and provide a place to relax and unwind. Grab a book or your earbuds. Spend a few hours chilling on a Saturday or a few minutes going over your day in the mornings. And when it’s time to take it down, most options disassemble easily and quickly.

Which style caught your eye? Do you like the Brazilian hammock design or the cot design? What color reflects your style and personality? Let us know in the comments below!

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