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These Cool Girard RV Awnings Have No Support Arms

These Cool Girard RV Awnings Have No Support Arms

Have you heard of Girard Awnings? Having shade can make RV life better. They keep us cool and dry and save us money. But have you ever really paid attention to your RV awning? Maybe only when it has malfunctioned or made a squeaking noise. But you can have an exceptional RV awning or a standard one. 

Let’s look at Girard awnings’ innovative, sleek designs that have raised the bar in functionality. These ones have no arms. Let’s learn more.

Girard Awning

What Is a Girard Awning? 

A Girard awning is a motorized, lateral-arm, retractable RV shade. Girard has 12 types for RVs. They range from patio or slide to window ones. They have 220V, 110V, or 12V DC controls and motor configurations to fit all types of RVs. 

The Girard Group can custom make your awning to fit whatever size you need. The sleek design of these shade products and corrosion-resistant aluminum frames make Girard Group one of the leaders in innovation in the RV industry.

While Girard is not the only manufacturer of lateral RV awnings they have become one of the most well-known for the design.

girard nova
The Girard Nova Awning even has a dual puitch design

Who Makes Girard Awnings?

The Girard Group out of San Clemente, CA, makes Girard awnings. Since 1996, the company has manufactured custom awnings. They were the first company to introduce motorized lateral arms. 

Their innovative designs and top-quality products make them one of the best companies in the RV industry. After receiving an order, the company custom makes each shade within two weeks, and it comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Girard Awnings do not have arms making your RV look chic.

How Do Girard Awnings Work?

Girard awnings feature motorized lateral arms. These heavy-duty lateral arms keep the fabric taut and smooth. Unlike most RV retractable shades, these arms don’t form a triangle shape. You can barely tell it has supports as they extend with the fabric. They have no legs either.

You can now operate all Girard awnings with G-LINK wireless technology through a wall switch or remote. The newest product is the NOVA II dual-pitch awning. The additional 20-degree drop helps block the sun’s early morning and afternoon rays.

When it’s time to reel it in, it retracts completely into a fully enclosed cassette for a sleek aesthetic. This enclosure also protects it. Because of the design these awnings are commonly used on large class A motorhomes and are roof-mounted.


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Do Girard Awnings Work in Wind?

Just like all others, you should retract Girard awnings in windy conditions. Because they lack additional supports down to the coach this type of awning is more susceptable to wind and needs to be put in sooner. Heavy rain may be too much as well.

Aerial view of RV with awning
Stay cool in the hot sun with an RV awning.

One innovative safety feature is the anemometer, which will send a retract signal to the awning when winds increase.

Girard awnings have a two-year warranty that becomes void if damaged by wind or rain.

How Do You Install an RV Retractable Awning? 

Because the Girard Group offers a roof-mounted, side-mounted patio, over-the-door, slide-topper, and window awnings, each has a different installation process. However, all of them come with extensive instructions for installation.

First, the Girard Group recommends having at least two installers. You’ll need the following tools: electric drill, tape measure, two ladders, chalk line, and a flat head and Phillips screwdriver. 

Additionally, you’ll need a caulking gun, two tubes of silicone caulking, drill bits, Allen wrenches, open-end wrenches, and a keyhole saw. Before installing, make sure the RV is on level ground.

The basic installation process includes mounting the brackets, securing the awning, and locking it into place. You must install the roof-mount and sidewall application brackets within 2” of each end on the product. 

Consult your RV’s owner’s manual to ensure you don’t drill into any electrical wires when installing on the roof or sidewall. Once you’ve installed the brackets, place the awning onto them. 

Next, feed the motor wire through the white motor grommet. Consult the manual for completing the electrical work for proper installation. Finally, secure the locks by moving them along the bottom track. 

slide mounted girard
While Class A roof-mounted awnings are some of the most common places to find Girard, wall mounts like this slide are available too.

How Do You Adjust Girard Awnings? 

You can adjust a Girard awning if it doesn’t close completely by using an Allen wrench to tighten the screws. Close the awning after each adjustment until it closes. 

If you want to adjust the awning’s pitch or the elbow’s height, you need a 3/4” open-end wrench and a 3/8” open-end wrench. Extend the shade about 18”. 

You can loosen the right nuts on the arms to lower the pitch or lower the arm. Or you can tighten the nuts to raise the pitch or raise the arm. Don’t overtighten. Always bring the awning in completely to ensure a proper fit.

class a roof rail
Note how the rails on the roof of this coach look. These mimic the Girard awnings on the other side to make a very clean look.

What Pitch Should an Awning Be?

Girard awnings can be adjusted to a few different pitches. There is no specific pitch that works best so the best pitch is the one that provides the best shade for you.

Are Girard Awnings Any Good? 

You may find Girard awnings a great upgrade to your RV. They have an aesthetically pleasing and innovative design. You don’t have to worry about ducking your head to avoid walking into the arms of an awning. 

Your patio space can feel much bigger and more open without the standard arms blocking your view. The motorized feature makes extending and retracting it simple. If you want to replace or upgrade your RV awning, check out the Girard Group.

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Do you have an RV awning? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Mrs. Frankenheimer

Saturday 12th of February 2022

NOOOOO!!! We owned a very expensive 45 foot Entegra diesel pusher with the armless awnings from Girard. We had ours extended one night and we got a little bit of rain so we went to pull it in and the arm in the middle broke in half! It was a nightmare to get it replaced, the arm, not the awning. It would’ve cost $9000 to replace the awning!

Girard was not willing to have anything to do with it and because we had recently purchased the RV we worked with Entegra and alliance coach (now Lazydays The Villages) in Wildwood to get it taken care of, not without a whole lot of hassle! Ugh!

After that, we swore off of all armless awnings and never put that one out again. Now, we have a nice little Winnebago view what’s wonderful, with an awning that has wonderful supporting arms. Love it!

We were told by our representative at Entegra that those armless awnings can be caught up in an updraft and slam back over top of the RV and ruin the awning and the AC units or come down and slam into the side of the RV and ruin it that way. They are not a good thing!

sheldon r Clagg

Monday 18th of April 2022

amen brother, half million dollar motor home with the Girard awnings (trash) 16000.00 extra for extended warranty and Girard will not fix awning not opening or closing without middle support arm shooting out to front of awning!!! Junk, do not buy this product!!!!!

Bill Morgan

Saturday 12th of February 2022

"these ones"??? Time for a writing class.