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Where Can You Go Glamping in Arizona? Here are 7 Unforgettable Getaways.

Where Can You Go Glamping in Arizona? Here are 7 Unforgettable Getaways.

Glamping Arizona may be the best way to experience the beauty that this stunning state has to offer. You can cozy up outside your tent, drink in hand, with cacti as your neighbors and dazzling stars above. We have seven glamping getaways for you to choose from to make your next visit to Arizona unforgettable.

Arizona Is the Perfect Place for a Glamping Getaway

Arizona is the perfect place for a glamping getaway regardless of the weather. Winter in Northern Arizona is full of exciting possibilities, with hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. Coming home to a canvas tent with a wood-burning stove and cozy blankets is a great way to spend the evening after playing in the snow.

Summer in Arizona can be pretty toasty, but there’s still much to explore. When you’ve spent your day hiking around Verde Valley, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, or the Grand Canyon, heading back to your glamping site for a soak in a cold tub is luxury.

But the weather isn’t the only reason to go glamping in Arizona. The diversity of the terrain makes Arizona perfect for glamping. From the wooded forests of Northern Arizona to the southern valleys that house the millions of majestic Saguaros, Arizona has a lot to offer.

7 Amazing Places for Glamping in Arizona

Glamping in Arizona is an experience like nothing else. With many National Parks right in your backyard, the vast expanse of the sky at night, and the cacti that seem to arise everywhere, glamping here is a true getaway. 

You can choose from luxury canvas tents, backcountry yurts, small canvas villages, and even an Airstream or a covered wagon. These seven unique places for glamping in Arizona will provide you with many memorable moments.

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1. Luxury Tent With National Park Access

About: If you’re looking for easy access to gorgeous views, then this glamping Arizona site is the perfect place to set up camp. Just north of the Grand Canyon and south of Zion and Bryce Canyon, this is luxury camping at its finest. With its handcrafted furniture and hotel-like amenities, it’s easy to see why Architectural Digest featured this site.

Glamping Amenities:  You’ll have everything you need under this canvas tent, including a queen bed and a seating area for two. You’ll have an outdoor kitchen, towels and linens, and an outdoor bathroom with a shower. You’ll have a heater and air conditioning. When it’s time to enjoy the cool Arizona desert, there’s a fire pit to gather around.

Morton Road Trip Rating: 8.7/10

Couple glamping in Arizona
Glamp in either luxury canvas tents, backcountry yurts, small canvas villages, an Airstream or a covered wagon.

2. Covered Wagon Camping for Two

About: If you want a unique glamping Arizona site, look no further. Here, you’ll sleep under the stars in a fully restored covered Sheepherder Wagon. This site gives you direct access to the many wide-open spaces of Arizona. Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, The Grand Canyon, and even Lake Powell are nearby. Many travel magazines featured it, including Travel & Leisure and the Phoenix Magazine. This is glamping with style.

covered wagon camping airizona
Source: VRBO

Glamping Amenities: You’ll feel like a cowboy with the amenities you have while staying here. You can experience outdoor cooking and dining under the stars. You’ll even have an outhouse for your bathroom, along with a gorgeous outdoor shower. You can enjoy a bed built for two with linens and even some board games for your evening entertainment. But the best thing is that breakfast is included in your stay.

Morton Road Trip Rating: 6.7/10

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3. Large Safari Tent in the Desert

About: Ever wanted to go on a safari without worrying about lions? There are no lions in Arizona, but there are safari-like tents. This safari tent is 14×16 feet and is off-grid, but with all the amenities you’ll need to relax and enjoy your time in the beauty of the desert. Just west of Flagstaff, this Red Beauty is named after Red Butte Mountain, giving you gorgeous views of its namesake.

Couple sleeping in a glamping tent
Spend the night camping in a spacious tent while glamping in Arizona.

Glamping Amenities: You shouldn’t want for anything when staying here. This site comes complete with a king-sized bed and all the bedding. You’ll be warm and cozy with the wood-burning stove, and when it gets too hot, you can cool down with the fan. It has an outdoor composting toilet, but the hot shower, fire pit, hammock, and wide-open spaces ultimately make up for that.

Even better is an indoor kitchen complete with cookware, utensils, coffee, and tea. There are even bikes so you can wander the surrounding area. But the best thing is the outdoor cold water tin tub to keep you cool on hot Arizona summer days. 

Morton Road Trip Rating: 8.2/10

4. Under Canvas Grand Canyon

About: Under Canvas Grand Canyon isn’t your typical Arizona glamping experience. This is a resort glamping site. Located just 25 minutes from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, you’ll enjoy 160 acres of forested beauty.

Glamping Amenities: You can choose from family-size canvas tents to two-person cozy tents. Some tents have a private bath, while others share a bathhouse. While there are no kitchens in the tents, onsite dining rivals the best restaurants. Try coffee on tap 24/7 while staying here. 

While regular coffee is great, what’s even better are the complimentary events. You can have s’mores around the fire, stroll through the onsite zen garden, or participate in yoga. This is a resort. You happen to be sleeping under a canvas tent.

Morton Road Trip Rating: 9.5/10

5. Secluded Stargazing Yurt

About: If you want to get a bit primitive with your glamping Arizona experience, then this secluded yurt is just for you. East of Flagstaff on the border of Arizona and New Mexico, this is a serene site for wide-open views of rocky terrain.

You’ll camp alongside history on Navajo land next to the host’s great-grandmother’s stone house. It stands as a reminder of days gone by. While the buildings from the late 1800s may be empty, this is still a working farm, giving you the simple joys of farm life. 

airizona yurt
Source: AirBNB

Glamping Amenities: This is a place where you have to do a bit of work before cozying up under the stars. Electricity and water are limited, and the bathroom is an outhouse. But the warmth of the wood-burning fireplace and a pellet stove, along with a simple kitchen and all the cookware, makes any work worth it. There is also a fire pit and a BBQ grill for excellent evening meals on cool Arizona nights.

Morton Road Trip Rating: 8.6/10

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6. Arizona Nordic Village

About: Fifteen miles northwest of Flagstaff, you’ll find the Arizona Nordic Village. In the Coconino National Forest, you can choose between backcountry or frontcountry yurts. Backcountry yurts require hiking in with all your gear, while the frontcountry yurts are next to the parking lot. With various sizes for two to eight people, you can choose what suits you.

Glamping Amenities: If you like to rough it while being snuggled in a shelter that is more than just a tent, this glamping Arizona experience is for you. Each yurt has either beds or bunk beds with mattress pads, wood-burning stoves, picnic tables, and nearby portable toilets. 

You’ll need to bring in your sleeping bags and pillows. You’ll also need to bring water, food, and cooking utensils. There are battery-operated lanterns provided, but if you want more light, be sure to obtain a headlamp with you, as well.

Interior View Of Tent Pitched On Glamping Camp Site With No People
Glamp close to Arizona’s many national parks for easy access.

For those who cherish a hot cup of joe and a warm shower, pay a visit to the lodge after exploring the many nearby trails on your morning hike. The club has complimentary coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, along with hot showers for an additional fee.

Morton Road Trip Rating: 8.2/10

7. Airstream With Outdoor Tub

About: Hidalgo is the Classic Silver Streak Vintage Airstream. This glamping Arizona experience is one of the coolest yet. Not only are you camping under the stars of the Arizona desert on a small farm, but you’re doing it in a vintage Airstream. Hidalgo is only 30 minutes away from the Grand Canyon, giving you excellent access to nature, yet with all the house’s amenities.

Glamping Amenities: You can get away from it all and still enjoy cooking your meals while staying here. With a complete kitchen, including cookware, utensils, a French press, and a tea kettle, you’ll want for nothing. Your indoor bathroom includes large bath towels, instant hot water, and a composting toilet.

Arizona airstream glamping site
Enjoy glamping in an Airstream while in Arizona.

You can warm up with the wood-burning stove and then fall asleep on the full-size bed with thick comfortable bedding and pillows. There’s more, including an outdoor propane grill, picnic table, hammock, and a cold soaking tub.

Morton Road Trip Rating: 8.6/10

What Does Glamping Mean?

Glamping is camping, but it can be more similar to staying in a hotel room than an actual tent. And although it’s the fancy tents that usually help define glamping, it’s also the many fun amenities that differentiate glamping from camping. While many glamping opportunities do have all the luxuries of a fancy hotel, others are a bit more rustic, with just a bed and a wood-burning stove under a canvas tent. 

Most glamping sites will come complete with a bed, linens, pillows, and comforter, along with an outdoor BBQ grill, picnic table, and fire pit. Some will have private bathrooms and showers within the tents. Others will have a bathhouse just outside the door. Some will have full kitchens and living rooms, along with a fireplace or two. Whatever amenities are offered, it’s the canvas tents, yurts, vintage campers, and unique shelters that make glamping unforgettable.

Woman toasting each other at a glamping site.
Enjoy a fun weekend escape with your friends or family while glamping in Arizona.

Do Glamping Getaways Have Toilets?

Most, if not all, glamping getaways will have toilets. Some may be outhouses or vault toilets. There may be composting toilets located inside the tent or shelter itself. Some bathhouses may be shared with other nearby glamping guests. There may be real flushing toilets with everything you’d expect from a hotel bathroom. Rest assured, though; you will have a seat somewhere when glamping in Arizona.

Treat Yourself While Glamping in Arizona

From vintage campers, canvas tents, and covered wagons, your camping expectations have skyrocketed. This isn’t your traditional camping trip. Glamping in Arizona isn’t camping. It’s an experience full of natural beauty and fine luxuries, all combined to create an unforgettable getaway.

Have you gone glamping in Arizona before? Tell us about it in the comments!

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