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Go Fast Campers: Turn Any Off Road Vehicle Into a Camper

Off-roading and overlanding are more popular than ever these days, and many people are looking for more and more convenient ways to add a camping element. Instead of setting up traditional tents or dragging a trailer, many adventurers are looking for convenience that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. Better yet, a multi-purpose topper or rooftop tent that makes camp setup and takedown a breeze. This is what Go Fast Campers aims to deliver. These lightweight campers can turn almost any vehicle into an off-road camping machine. If you’ve dreamed of this style of camping, a GFC camper might be a suitable choice to consider.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at Go Fast Campers specs and see if they’re the right fit to make your adventuring dreams come true. Let’s dive in!

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What Are Go Fast Campers?

Go Fast Campers (GFC) specializes in lightweight and durable camping solutions for trucks and off-road SUVs. Their most popular products are their line of rooftop tents and truck bed campers. They’re for outdoor enthusiasts and overlanders who want to take their adventures anywhere their trucks can travel.

Their rooftop tents can easily mount on a vehicle’s roof, creating a sleeping space that keeps you off the ground. Go Fast Campers achieves its lightweight structure by using billet aluminum.

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Who Makes Go Fast Campers?

Go Fast Campers are a product of Go Fast Campers LLC out of their Bozeman, Montana, production facility. Jon Turner and Brian Tomlinson founded the company in 2017. The duo combined their expertise and passion with the goal of creating better rooftop tents and truck bed campers.

Because the team maintains the entire manufacturing process, they can closely monitor the details. This allows them full control of their quality and craftsmanship.

GFC installed off-road
From rooftop tents and truck bed campers, Go Fast Campers have off-road solutions for adventurers.

How Much Do Go Fast Campers Cost?

Go Fast Campers has options that range from around $3,995 to $7,700. If you’re a solo traveler weighing under 200 pounds, you might prefer the Platform Topper. However, the Platform Camper is a bit more expensive but an option if you need more space or have more roof load.

Remember, this doesn’t include the price of the truck. You’ll need to provide the truck separately. However, due to their lightweight materials, you don’t always need the biggest and beefiest truck you can find.

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What’s Special About Go Fast Campers?

Go Fast Campers boasts a combination of lightweight and durable construction. However, one of the biggest benefits of its light weight is turning almost any truck into an off-road camper.

They also offer tremendous customization. You can purchase various accessories and components to create a personalized setup that fits your needs or preferences. You can work directly with their team to ensure your camper does everything you need.

Go Fast Campers make affordable and sturdy campers for off-road adventures.

What Kinds of Campers Does Go Fast Campers Make?

Go Fast Campers offers three types of campers. Let’s look at the options available and which might be right for you.

Platform Camper

The Platform Camper is the flagship product from Go Fast Campers, combining their rooftop tent and pickup topper into one cohesive package. It’s a versatile and rugged truck bed camper, with a truck bed topper with swing-up panels and a roof tent on top. It has a three-panel modular floor called a “Trans-form-a-floor” that allows you to access the rooftop tent from the bed of the truck, as well as convert the sleeping space into a standing desk, a spot to change, or even a bunk bed.

The Platform Camper weighs approximately 270 pounds and comes in various colors. You can likely find the color that matches your vehicle or preferences. It’s compatible with 117 vehicles, so there’s a good chance it’ll fit yours.

With the Platform GFC camper, a solo camper or couple can experience the outdoors without sacrificing much comfort or convenience. There’s space for two adults and a dog or child to sleep comfortably. The only question you’ll have to ask is where you’ll go on your first adventure.

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Platform RTT

The Platform RTT is the roof tent part of the camper just outlined above. It’s designed to replace your current roof rack with a pop-up tent if you’re not using it with the GFC topper. This is a popular option for off-road SUV drivers who don’t need the pickup topper frame and shell, like 4Runner and Land Cruiser drivers.

The RTT measures 53″x97″ on the exterior, and 50″x90″ on the interior with 55″ height at peak. When closed, the RTT is just 6″ thick. It features accessory racks that make it easy to secure lights, awnings, or many other gadgets you’ll need during your adventures. The camper weighs approximately 137 pounds and offers six feet of vertical height. It creates enough space for two adults and a dog or child.

The billet aluminum components provide more durability to this camper. It’s a suitable solution for hikers, hunters, and surfers who need a comfy place to sleep while enjoying the great outdoors. You can set up and take down this camper in seconds, with more time to enjoy the activities you love. However you’ll have to purchase your ladder separately.

Off-roading vehicle
The RTT is the rooftop tent offering by Go Fast Campers, compatible with 4Runners, Land Cruisers, and other off-roading SUVs.

Platform Topper

The GFC Platform Topper is the unique camper shell Go Fast Camper created to try and improve the versatility and usability of a pickup topper. The Platform Topper is different from what you get with the Platform Camper in that there is no pass-through to the above roof tent, and you really can’t turn it into a camper later. This really is intended to be a stand-a-lone offering.

Although only weighing 135 pounds, aluminum joints can withstand 800 pounds of dynamic load on the platform. Sleeping space inside will depend on the bed size of your truck.

The eye-turner feature is the side panels. They are made out of 5000-Series aluminum. You can raise and lower these using gas struts to make accessing your truck bed’s corners convenient. Go Fast Campers calls it “Cabana Mode” when you open all the panels. It’s great for hanging out wherever you’re parked and enjoying the wilderness. 


One of the best features of these campers is the ability to customize them. There are few limits to what you can do between ladders, mattresses, and solar panel trays. Various rack mounts and railings allow you to bring more gear on your adventures. If you’re spending time exploring, you might as well do so comfortably.

GFC Platform Topper
Enjoy camping off the beaten path with a GFC Platform Topper.

What Vehicles Work with Go Fast Campers?

Thankfully, GFC campers are compatible with a wide variety of vehicles. As a result, there’s a chance you’ll find one that works with your truck. However, before you click “submit order,” you’ll want to verify your dream camper is compatible.

Luckily, their website has a compatibility tool to make it easier. If you have the unfortunate experience of discovering that your vehicle is incompatible, you’re not out of luck. You can reach out to their support and submit an unsupported truck request. Their goal is to be compatible with as many trucks as possible.

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How Are GFC Campers Mounted?

Go Fast Campers recommends that you have one of their trained professionals mount your campers. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could easily cause severe damage to your vehicle and camper. It could be a serious safety risk if you do not install it correctly.

GFC designed their camper units so you don’t have to take them on and off between every use, but they are supposedly easy to remove if needed. However, once you mount them, you should be able to leave the camper on your vehicle due to the low height and weight additions. Adding these campers to your vehicle shouldn’t add more than 7.5 inches to your overall height. If you park in a garage, you’ll just want to verify how much space you’ll have to ensure no clearance issues.

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What Is the Lead Time for Go Fast Campers?

Despite the demand, Go Fast Campers typically has a 10- to 12-week lead time on their orders from order to fulfillment. However, shipping costs for these campers can be a beast. Freight charges vary depending on where you’re sending it. However, we recommend sending it to one of their authorized retailers to ensure they install it correctly the first time.

Are Go Fast Campers Worth It?

Go Fast Campers can be worth it if you dream of converting your truck into an off-road beast for one or two people. It’s an easy and effective way to do it and comes with budget-friendly options and lightweight craftsmanship, making them likely to be compatible with the vehicle you already have in your garage. If you’re ready to take your tent camping to the literal next level, be sure to check out GFC Campers.

Would GFC campers fit your travel lifestyle? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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