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Go North – The Series

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  The Go North video series chronicles a 6-month expedition as we “go north” through Canada and Alaska, and all the way to the Arctic Ocean in a Lance Truck Camper. Our exploration took us almost 15,000 miles through some of the wildest country in North America.

We produced a 20-episode web series following the adventure, along with a feature film!

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We get it – planning an RV trip to Alaska is a daunting task! That’s why we’re sharing our itinerary spreadsheet as a template for YOUR northern adventure.

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Check out our ‘Go North’ Alaska Itinerary for help planning your own Alaskan adventure.

The Call of the North: Journey to the Arctic Ocean | Go North Ep 1

Episode 1 – The Call of the North

In this episode, we kick things off with an introduction to who we are and what the Go North expedition is about. After almost 4 years traveling the contiguous US, it’s time that we see some of Canada and Alaska. It has always been our plan to do it with a truck camper because of being smaller and more flexible, while still having the capabilities of a truck. While we have never tried this form of travel we are very excited to be hitting the road.

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The Call of the North | Go North Episode 1

Building the Lance Truck Camper & Pickup Out for Our Expedition North | Go North Ep 2

Episode 2 – The Build

We follow the build of our home on wheels for the trip north this summer. We are taking a Ford F350 Dually Truck and pairing it with a Lance 1172 Truck Camper. We had the opportunity to follow the build of the 1172 camper we are taking through Lance’s manufacturing facility. Once complete, the camper received a few more modifications including a RV Water Filter Store system installed as well as a Pepwave router and data plan setup for connectivity. The last major modifications made to the RV was a retrofit of a Truma VarioHeat furnace and AquaGo water heater that we are going to be testing out this summer. This episode also showcases the modifications we made to the truck to be able to carry the camper including Hellwig sway bars and airbags. ​

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The Build | Go North Episode 2

RV Downsizing: Packing the Lance 1172 Truck Camper & Hitting the Road! | Go North Ep 3

Episode 3 – Packing & Hitting the Road

There was a lot to do to actually hit the road, changing rigs to make this adventure was quite an undertaking. Fortunately, unlike when we first hit the road and had to downsize from our house, the change isn’t quite as drastic and we are downsizing temporarily vs. permanently. We just have to live without some things for 6-9 months instead of getting rid of all the things we won’t be taking. In this episode we wrap up our affairs to hit the road and actually start rolling north!

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How We Packed Our Truck Camper for Alaska | Go North Episode 3 

The Adventure Begins - Driving to Washington & Our RV Lithium Battery Install | Go North Ep 4

Episode 4 – The Adventure Begins

This episode chronicles the first week on the road to Alaska. Starting in Alabama Hills we headed north to Reno, Nevada to visit with Battle Born Batteries and install a custom lithium Ion battery bank and inverter that will power this trip.
If your interested there is more information about our electrical system here.

Once the installation was complete we headed north to Whidbey Island, Washington to settle in for a few days and make final preparations to cross into Canada. Whidbey is what we consider one of our “homes” and it was very nice to spend some time in a familiar place before heading out on this journey.

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Adventure Begins at the End of the Roads You Know ​| Go North Episode 4
Lance Truck Camper Lithium + Alternator Charging
First Impressions on Downsizing from a Fifth Wheel to a Truck Camper

RVing in Canada - Shuswap Lake Wake Surfing & Lake Louise Avalanches | Go North Ep 5

Episode 5 – First Adventures in Canada

We finally make it to Canada and start having some amazing adventures on our journey to the arctic ocean! We travel in the truck camper from Whidbey Island, WAvto Sumas where we crossed the Canadian border. From there we spent some time in Abbotsford learning Canada and getting settled before heading on to visit friends in Shuswap Lake where we had the opportunity to go wake-surfing! The next leg of our drive was on the Trans Canada Highway (Highway 1) up through the Columbia mountains to the Rockies where we visited Lake Louise. We had an amazing time in Lake Louise because we got to watch many snow avalanches tumbling down the mountains!
We also met up with two other awesome creators: The RV Geeks & Does Size Matter?

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RVing in Canada | Go North Episode 5
Shuswap Lake to Banff National Park | Go North Episode 5

Banff National Park, Jasper and the Icefields Parkway in Spring - RVing to Alaska | Go North Ep. 6

Episode 6 – Banff, Jasper, & the Icefields Parkway

This episode follows our journey from Lake Louise, through Banff National Park, skiing at Banff Sunshine, hiking Johnston Canyon, driving the Icefields Parkway, visiting Athabasca Glacier and falls and eventually making it to Jasper. We then visit Maligne lake and head further up the highway with a little awning incident on our way to Grand Prairie to re-stock. Finally we make it to the start of the Alaska highway in Dawson Creek!

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Connectivity in Alaska & Canada
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Alaska Highway Detour - Dinosaurs, Dams, Chainsaw Carvings, and Future Flooding | GO NORTH EP. 7

Episode 7 – Alaska Highway Detour

When traveling without set schedules we highly recommend taking detours to out of the way places when you can. This section of our journey was just that, a large detour to check out some small towns that we would not have normally made it to. It turned out these places were amazing and each had something special: Tumbler Ridge has dinosaur fossils, Chetwynd has amazing chainsaw carvings, and Hudson’s Hope has a hydro-electric dam, whose expansion could change the face of the Peace Valley. We end this episode with a stop in Fort Nelson to refuel and plan the next leg of our journey.

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Alaska Highway Detour | Go North Episode 7

The Alaska Highway, Northern Rockies, Liard Hot Springs, 4x4 and more! | Go North Ep.8

Episode 8 – Driving the Alaska Highway

The Alaska Highway is an amazing drive and the only connection between Alaska and the contiguous United States. In this episode we traverse the northern Rocky Mountain corridor of the drive. Along the way we first stopped at Summit Lake to hike the Flowing Springs Lake Trail. Up the road we visited the Toad River Lodge with its thousands of hats, then drove the 4×4 Nonda Creek Road to access a piece of the Muskwa-Kechika Management Area. Muncho Lake was an amazing overnight stop where we first got to see the teal/blue-green color that so many of the mountain lakes up here have. Up the road we visited the Liard Hot Springs, before making it to Watson Lake and the Sign Post Forest. In Watson Lake we learn the history of the Alaska Highway before proceeding further to Johnson’s Crossing, in preparation to drive the Canol Road.

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Driving the Alaska Highway – What to Do Between Fort Nelson and Watson Lake | Go North Episode 8

Trouble with Wildlife, Canol Road, Top of the World Highway & Crossing into Alaska! | Go North Ep 9

Episode 9 – Trouble with Wildlife

This episode takes us down the remote Canol Road, or Yukon Highway 6. Halfway through, we had a close encounter with some wildlife that was intent on stopping our travels. Later the Canol put is in a pickle when rain turned things to mud and made for a slippery drive. Out the other side the Campbell Highway took us up to the Klondike Hwy that led to Dawson City. We stop in Faro and Dawson for a bit before heading up the Top of the World and entering into Alaska via the Poker Creek Border Crossing. From there we drove the Taylor Highway to Tok where we re-provisioned and headed south to the Richardson Highway that takes us to Paxson, the start of the Denali Highway. ​

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Trouble with Porcupines: An Off-Road Yukon Adventure on Canol Road | Go North Episode 9, Part 1
The Klondike Highway, Dawson City, Top of the World, and Entering Alaska | Go North Episode 9, Part 2 
Tour of the Lance 1172 Truck Camper Live Video – June 5, 2019​

Denali Highway & Denali National Park| Go North Ep.10

Episode 10 – Denali Highway & National Park

Our first big adventure in Alaska took us down the old Denali Highway to Denali National Park. This road runs through some amazing Alaska wilderness and was the original road used to access Denali National Park. We checked in to Teklanika campground for a wonderful 5 days of exploring this pristine wilderness. Denali blew us away with its remote beauty. Hiking is encouraged, however there are very few trails so it is all backcountry. This was intimidating at first, but after a few days we found ourselves falling in love with this type of hiking, finding a freeing sensation in going wherever you want. One day we did get to see Denali the mountain (formerly Mount McKinley) which is the tallest peak in North America. We fell in love with this remote wild landscape. The borders that protect these lands are important to keep this place wild for generations to come to enjoy.

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Denali National Park | Go North Episode 10

Driving the Dalton Highway to the Arctic! Fun in the Midnight Sun & Fairbanks AK | Go North Ep 11

Episode 11 – Fun in the Midnight Sun

This episode takes us further north yet again,  above the Arctic Circle.  Before getting there, we stopped in Fairbanks to join the festivities of the Summer Solstice.  We raced in the Midnight Sun Run 10k foot race that winds its way through Fairbanks and is a party as much as it is a race!  Then we tackle the famous Dalton Highway.  We found rough, and sometimes muddy road conditions, but beautiful scenery in the Brooks Mountain Range, the last mountains before the Arctic Ocean.  This road follows the Alaska Pipeline that pumps crude oil from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez and we took the opportunity to learn all we could about this pipe.  We did not drive all the way to the ocean but turned around after the brooks range to head back down through Alaska and into Canada in preparation of our actual Arctic Ocean journey up the Dempster Highway.

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Fun in the Midnight Sun! Fairbanks, Dalton Highway, and the Arctic Ocean | Go North Episode 11
7 Tips for Driving the Dalton Highway | Live Video – June 29, 2019

Road to the Arctic Ocean, Driving the Dempster Highway to Tuktoyaktuk | Go North Ep 12

Episode 12 – Road to the Arctic Ocean

This episode takes us down the remote Canol Road, or Yukon Highway 6. Halfway through, we had a close encounter with some wildlife that was intent on stopping our travels. Later the Canol put is in a pickle when rain turned things to mud and made for a slippery drive. Out the other side the Campbell Highway took us up to the Klondike Hwy that led to Dawson City. We stop in Faro and Dawson for a bit before heading up the Top of the World and entering into Alaska via the Poker Creek Border Crossing. From there we drove the Taylor Highway to Tok where we re-provisioned and headed south to the Richardson Highway that takes us to Paxson, the start of the Denali Highway. ​

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Dawson City, Yukon: GOLD, Gambling & the Sour Toe Cocktail | Go North Ep 13

Episode 13 – Gold, Gambling, and Human Toes!

In this episode, we explore Dawson City, then cross back to Alaska with an RV tour group. Along the way, we discover how gold was extracted using dredges of the past, explore defunct paddle wheelers, learn about the cultural heritage of the area and finally partake in the famous Sourtoe Cocktail of Dawson City! Once making it back to Alaska, we briefly stop in Chicken before driving on to Tok where we finally got our rig cleaned up from our Dempster Highway adventure!

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Top 10 Things to Do in Dawson City, Yukon | Go North Episode 13

Alaska Salmon Fishing, Worthington Glacier & Kennicott Mine - Valdez & McCarthy | Go North Ep 14

Episode 14 – Salmon Fishing, Glaciers, and McCarthy

In this episode, we head for Alaska’s coastal town of Valdez on Prince William Sound. This place is amazing, and we head out on a salmon fishing charter with some friends from Dometic to see if we can fill our electric cooler! Afterwards, we take an adventurous hike right up to (and UNDER) the Worthington Glacier! Finally, we head out to the remote & off-grid town of McCarthy to see the Kennecott Mine and what life might have been like in the pioneer days. 

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Up Close with Katmai National Park Bears - Adventures in Homer & Seward, Alaska | Go North Ep 15

Episode 15 – Katmai Bears & the Kenai

We have lots going on in this episode as we travel through Anchorage to Alaska’s Kenai.  We first visit Homer where we fly over to Katmai National Park to watch the bears fishing for salmon up close!  We explore a bit more of Homer before heading up to Seward to visit the Alaska Sea Life Center and take a boat cruise of resurrection bay.  We wrap up our time in Seward by climbing Marathon Mountain before heading to the town of Kenai to get out of the smoke from the Swan Lake Fire.  

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Alaska Bear Viewing & Exploring Homer and Seward, Alaska | Go North Episode 15

Alaska Jet Ski & Helicopter Tours to Glaciers, Adventures in Whittier & Anchorage | Go North Ep 16

Episode 16 – Jet Skis & Helicopter to Glacier

Episode 16 takes us to Whittier, Alaska where we explore the towns living arrangements in the Begich Towers then go Get Skiing to Glaciers in Blackstone Bay. We then head over to Anchorage first with a stop in Turnigan Arm to watch the bore tide surfers. In Anchorage, a friend takes us for a ride in an R44 helicopter in Alaska’s Chugach Mountains and spoke with us about life in Alaska before we head further north and get our first (but not last!) glimpse of the Aurora Borealis.

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Alaskan Salmon Dinner Chat – Live from Whittier, Alaska | Live Video – Aug 27, 2019
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Northern Lights In Alaska, Chena Hot Springs & Ice Museums | Go North Ep 17

Episode 17 – The Aurora Borealis

This episode takes us to back to Fairbanks, Alaska for a fall adventure with some friends from Battle Born Batteries. We visit the Chena Hot Springs Resort for a soak and a visit to the Aurora Ice Museum. Our group also flies up to the arctic for a tour down the Dalton Highway where we experienced the best Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights display of the trip yet. We visited North Pole, Alaska for some Christmas spirit available year-round then stopped over at Denali National Park to see it in its fall glory. Leaving Fairbanks we head south as the weather cools off but make one last stop in the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge and visit Deadman Lake Campground for a bit of downtime before crossing back to Canada.

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Hot Springs, Ice Museums, Arctic Flights & the Northern Lights | Go North Episode 17
Fall in Alaska & the Northern Lights | Live Video – Sept 3, 2019

Leaving Alaska: Kluane National Park, Haines, & Skagway | Go North Ep 18

Episode 18 – Leaving Alaska

This episode follows us out of Alaska along the Alaska Highway to Kluane National Park, home to the 2nd largest mountain in North America which stand just 600 feet short of the mighty Denali! From here we are lured back to Alaska briefly down to Haines and ride the Blue Canoe to Skagway, visit the smallest desert in the world, and learn how Whitehorse, Yukon Territory got it’s name.

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Leaving Alaska: Kluane National Park, Haines & Skagway | Go North Episode 18
Tips for Boondocking in Canada & Alaska | Live Video – Sept 21, 2019

Southbound on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway, Boya Lake, Hyder and the Salmon Glacier | Go North Ep 19

Episode 19 – Southbound on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway

This episode takes us south down the Stewart-Cassiar Highway Number 37 from northern BC. Along the way we explore the tropical blue Boya Lake and the famous Jade City. At the south end we hopped on Highway 37A out the the coast at Stewart, British Columbia. From here we make the southern most land crossing into Hyder, Alaska where we explore the Fish Creek Observation Site before we drive up to the stunning Salmon Glacier.

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Southbound on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway: Boya Lake, Hyder AK, and the Salmon Glacier | Go North Episode 19
Cold Weather Camping | ​Live Video – Oct 6, 2019

The End of the Journey: Camping in Snow, Mountain Biking, Prince George & Going Home | Go North Ep20

Episode 20 – The End of the Journey

It’s the Finale! This episode wraps up our journey of 6 months in Alaska and Northern Canada. We wrap up with a few adventures along highway 16 including mountain biking at Burns Lake where we got snowed on. We also visited the Hazeltons and Nechako White Sturgeon Conversation Center before making it to Prince George, BC. We took a few days here to explore the town and do things like eat out at great restaurants, tour breweries, visit the exploration place, and hike in the local parks. Outside town we hiked the Ancient Forest and Teapot Mountain. We also visit the Huble Homestead for Thanksgiving and went horseback riding!

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The End of the Journey: Burns Lake, Prince George, and Coming Home | Go North Episode 20
​Back in the USA! What’s Next?! | Live Video – Oct 23, 2019
Handing in the Keys to the Lance Truck Camper | Live Video – Nov 7, 2019

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Craig P

Monday 4th of December 2023

Your series has inspired me to drive to Alaska and the Arctic Ocean. Always on my bucket list to drive the Alcan. Watching your video now is perfect timing - we are having a custom Sprinter van built out - our first " RV ". Thanks guys!

Mortons on the Move

Thursday 7th of December 2023

Excellent! Im sure you will love it. A sprinter is a great way to go :)


Wednesday 12th of October 2022

Is your modified lance topper for sale? I loved the choices you made using batteries instead of generator, composting toilet and water heater choice for water savings, and water filtration system. You are very talented!!

Mortons on the Move

Saturday 15th of October 2022

Thanks, Unfortunately, its not but it was a great rig!

Rosemary Ferreri

Wednesday 1st of December 2021

Hi: Is there a way we can download the exact roads and places you stopped on Alaska trip?

Mortons on the Move

Monday 7th of March 2022

We dont currently have a downloadable route but are working on something like that .

Ryan P McGuire

Tuesday 1st of June 2021

Do you have a broken out Itinerary of the trip north along with all the enhancements to the truck & camper you made...whether it be before or during the trip? This would be a huge help. I've lived in Anchorage, ferried there from WA, driven the Alcan/ Cassiar. You're series makes me want to do it all over again with the setup you had. Thank you for sharing. Watching the series convinced me to go the truck & truck camper route vs Sprinter van. I just bought an F250 w Real lite truck camper, so the mini me version of your setup while still working. But would love to hook up the set up you had. If you have some details, would love if you can share them. Keep on, keeping on. Cheers, Ryan

Mortons on the Move

Wednesday 9th of June 2021

We've posted the Go North itinerary on our FAQ page, which you can access here: As for the truck and truck camper, you can read more about them and the enhancements we made here: Safe travels! :)


Saturday 27th of March 2021

Hi, Just finished watching your Go North show with my wife, and wow, loved it! We’ve been in Alaska for 23 years and loved seeing your whole adventure. Was happily surprised at the part when you ran in the Midnight Sun Run in Fairbanks and there were my friends and I playing old time music for you as you ran by, ha! The beauty and filming of the show was amazing, thank you for sharing your adventure with us. We look forward to a next season if you make one. Shane

Mortons on the Move

Monday 29th of March 2021

Thank you so much! The Midnight Sun Run was so much fun and one of the many unforgettable experiences we had. Our next series will be about our trip to New Zealand. It's coming soon, so stay tuned! :)