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Go North – The Movie

~ In Loving Memory of Mocha & Bella, the best travel companions anyone could ask for ~

To Watch:

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  2. To Cast to a smart TV equipped with Apple AirPlay or Google Chromecast:
    • Note: You must first be on a device that has the ability to cast.
    • Click the “Cast” button in the lower right of your video player, then select the device you wish to watch on.
      cast button on vimeo
    • If you do not see a “Cast” button in the lower right of your video player:
      • Open this page on a smartphone or tablet and try again. (These often have the ability to cast)
      • You may be able to navigate to the movie on your TV to the Vimeo website. Open your TV internet browser and visit or search for “go north the movie.”
      • Download the Vimeo App on your smart device and cast from there. Here are the instructions.
      • If none of these work, you might be able to cast this to your TV and will need to watch on your computer or smart device.
  3. Thank you so much for your support. Enjoy the show!

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