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Good Sam TravelAssist: Satisfied or a Nightmare?

Good Sam TravelAssist: Satisfied or a Nightmare?

It’s an unpleasant truth of traveling that you could get severely ill or injured while on the road. While we may not want to think about it happening to us or a loved one, it’s still crucial to be prepared just in case. That’s where medical assistance programs come in, including Good Sam TravelAssist. 

In exchange for a subscription fee, travelers who encounter emergencies on the road have various benefits that most insurance companies don’t offer. But does Good Sam live up to its promise? Let’s take a closer look. 

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Is Good Sam TravelAssist Good?

Whether something is good can be in the eye of the beholder, but Good Sam TravelAssist may be useful for certain travelers in certain circumstances. 

Those who are regularly far from home or have certain specific medical needs may enjoy having this premium. The medical evacuation and vehicle return services can be highly valuable. However, it may not be suitable for everyone. 

If you mostly take RV trips close to home or in a familiar area, you may not find as much value from Good Sam. Also, those who disagree with Good Sam’s coverage decisions after an incident may argue that it’s not worth the premium. 

To be clear, Good Sam TravelAssist isn’t health insurance. You’ll still need traditional health insurance coverage to pay your medical bills, so you’re not paying out of pocket.

As with any insurance policy, it is critical to read the fine print to know what is covered and what is not.

medavac medical emergency
Getting sick on the go can be stressful. GoodSam TravelAssist might help in times of extreme need.

How Does Good Sam TravelAssist Work?

As we stated previously, Good Sam TravelAssist provides benefits that come in handy during unique situations of frequent or full-time travelers. You likely won’t find these benefits in your typical RV insurance package.  

Benefits include paying for medical transport. This includes the cost of moving you to an upgraded medical facility if you get hurt on the road, ambulance services, and life flight. It’ll also cover the cost of flights home after an emergency. 

Good Sam will also help get your RV or vehicle back home or to a predetermined location so it isn’t stranded while you receive medical care. And if the worst should happen, the program will pay to transport your or a loved one’s remains back home. 

Once users enroll, they simply contact Good Sam TravelAssist after an emergency–once it is safe to do so and 911 or other services have already been alerted. From there, the company will work with you to determine eligible benefits and how to best provide them. 

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How Much Does It Cost?

GoodSam TravelAssist costs $89.99 per year for an individual, $99.99 for a couple, and $109.99 for a family, including legal dependents. Those who want additional benefits for their pets will need to purchase the Family + Pets coverage for $179.99 per year. 

Good Sam periodically offers sales on TravelAssist coverage, sometimes up to half off. Get on their email list or watch their website for news on these sales. 

In a medical emergency, a TravelAssist program may save you tons of money.

Alternatives To Good Sam TravelAssist

There are several alternatives to Good Sam’s TravelAssist program that offer similar benefits for similar fees. We recommend researching all of your options, the benefits they include, and the limits their plans have before choosing.

Skymed is a popular travel assist provider mentioned in many RV Facebook groups as a recommended alternative to Good Sam. Their claim of superiority is in how they “take you home” to your hospital of choice when traveling in North America.

Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) includes their FMCAssist program in all memberships. Although there is a rumor they may be dropping this included service.

AAA also offers emergency medical assistance through some of their travel insurance plans by Allianz Global. You must enter your information to get a quote for plans and benefits.

Keep your loved ones safe on the road.

The Benefits of Good Sam TravelAssist

Like other products similar to insurance, TravelAssist’s primary benefit is saving you potentially huge sums of money during a medical emergency. Medical evacuation from a remote or rural area to a satisfactory major hospital can cost thousands of dollars. It can be a significant headache at a time where you can least afford to spend time dealing with it. 

Other parts of the program, particularly the RV and vehicle return aspect, can also be extremely helpful. They’ll ensure your vehicle and valuables inside makes it home. They can even compensate someone you know and trust if they drive the RV back for you. Even for the Family + Pet plan, only one incident in a lifetime will make up for years of expenses. 

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Woman in doctors office.
Take the stress out of medical emergencies with Good Sam.

The Downsides of TravelAssist

Like traditional medical insurance, there’s always someone else making the final decision about whether you’re eligible. Whether or not you’re eligible for transportation to a different or better medical facility will be up to the program’s medical director

While Good Sam generally has good reviews and a good reputation, you may not always agree with these decisions. Especially in a stressful situation in an unfamiliar place. The family plans only cover children up to a certain age, meaning any adult children or non-dependent relatives will need to purchase their own plans if they want coverage. 

And then there’s the cost. While it’s not much, it is an added sum to your medical premiums. If you’re on a tight budget, it might be hard to shell out the extra dough. 

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Is Good Sam TravelAssist Worth It?

Whether or not Good Sam TravelAssist is worth it to you depends on your travel style and personal circumstances. 

If you’re lucky enough to already have emergency medical assistance coverage through your insurance, you likely won’t need Good Sam’s coverage. The same goes if your trips are usually fairly close to home where good medical services are available.

However, many frequent or full-time travelers may not know about local medical facilities suitable for emergencies. Plus, at $8-$15 a month, all it takes is one serious incident to make a lifetime of payments worth it. 

As always, consider your budget and risk tolerance before deciding whether Good Sam TravelAssist is right for you. 

Have you used Good Sam TravelAssist before? Drop a comment below!

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Arlene Lee

Sunday 19th of June 2022

On June 14th, we were 4 1/2 hrs away from Yellowstone when my husband had a Stroke and had to be air transported from Wy to University of Utah Medical Center.

GoodSam refused to help me even though my husband had purchased the RV Platinum Complete Plan. Jeremy at The Travel Assist Department told me to get in an accident and than call back.

I had to count on good Samaritans to move our RV to first a safe area, and than an RV park in UT by the Hospital. Two friends flew out to drive us home. GoodSam refused to assist. Said I had a basic plan. I have proof showing otherwise.

Mortons on the Move

Wednesday 22nd of June 2022

We're so sorry to hear that. Sounds like a nightmare!