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What’s So Special About Hallmark Campers?

There are several big players in the RV manufacturing game. When you see them on the road or in campgrounds, they’re the brands you recognize. However, some brands are making high-quality RVs and not getting the recognition they deserve. Hallmark Campers is one of them. 

The company has been producing RVs and satisfying customers for decades, and you likely haven’t even heard of them. Today we’ll look at why we think you should consider a Hallmark camper for your next truck camper.

Who Is Hallmark RV?

Hubert Monroe Ward is the mastermind behind Hallmark Campers. After spending time in the military and being injured in Pearl Harbor, Ward used the engineering skills he acquired in the military to create the Tortuga trailer. This compact travel trailer had moderate success in the late 1950s but would lay the foundation for the company’s future.

Lightweight Truck Campers by @hallmarkrv

Hubert entered into a couple of partnerships to continue to develop RVs, but in 1969 Hubert launched Hallmark Luxury Campers with his two sons.

Various family members have helped the company grow and gain success even to this day. Hallmark has a 30,000 square foot facility north of Denver. They invite potential customers or anyone interested in RVs to visit their factory showroom.

What Kind of Campers Does Hallmark RV Sell?

While the Tortuga travel trailer was where it all started, the company currently targets the truck camper segment of the RV industry. They make campers for heavy/light-duty, flatbeds, and various bed lengths. If you have a truck, one of their 10 models will fit. Their “camper match” helps you find the perfect truck camper to match your truck.

The Cuchara, Ute, Everest, Guanella Overland, Milner, and the EXC are great options if you have a ¾ ton or one-ton truck. Most units feature bathrooms, kitchens, and queen size beds. These are beefy truck campers with everything you need for full-time living, overlanding, or weekend camping. You can live in luxury and stay comfortable while on your camping adventures.

Hallmark truck camper.
Hit the highway in a Hallmark camper.

Light duty truck drivers have several options as well. The Guanella, EXC and Milner are all compatible with light-duty and short-bed trucks. The La Veta and EXC are great options for light-duty trucks that are long or mid-size. Just because they’re lighter campers doesn’t mean they’re lacking in quality or amenities.

Customers love Hallmark Campers for their fiberglass exterior framing, maintenance-free composite roofs, and increased storage space for multiple batteries. Because these aren’t cookie-cutter campers, they have a long list of optional add-ons to ensure your truck camper meets every one of your needs. 

If you can dream it, there’s a good chance Hallmark Campers can make it happen on your truck camper.

Hallmark Flatbed Truck Campers

Not many truck camper brands build flatbed units, but Hallmark does. Overlanding has grown in popularity in recent years, and there’s a new demand for flatbed options. Flatbed trucks typically provide immense storage space, floor space, and stability while adventuring. These are both appealing for those looking to overland regularly or even full-time.

Hallmark Flatbed campers are available in 7′ foot or 8.5′ foot floor lengths and can come with rear or side entry. While Hallmark does not sell or supply the flatbeds themselves, they recommend Hillsboro, Sherptek, Bowen Customs, or Highway Products flatbeds to work with their campers. They are happy to assist with flatbed truck bed information.

These flatbed truck camper models come with the fiberglass composite frame of other units but with excellent standard features. These features include a large 4.2 CF refrigerator, 6-gallon water heater, and 16K BTU heater ducted throughout the camper. All of their flatbed campers come solar-ready, which will significantly enhance your off-grid camping adventures.

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close up of Hallmark RV logo.
Hallmark is a reliable and established brand in the RV industry. They’re a favorite amongst adventures that want to get off the beaten track.

What Are the Hallmarks of a Hallmark Camper?

There are several areas where Hallmark Campers separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Let’s look at why we think Hallmark Campers is an excellent brand you should consider.

High Quality

When it comes to truck campers, the quality is incredibly important, but many manufacturers fall short. Hallmark Campers strives to maintain top-of-the-line products in all parts and components. The brand stands behind its quality and will even provide you with contact information for previous customers. That’s confidence in a product! 

Fiberglass Construction

Every single Hallmark Camper comes with a molded fiberglass exterior frame and molded fiberglass composite roof. These keep the unit light but incredibly strong. The technology used in constructing the walls is the same used on luxury yachts, military aircraft, and high-speed trains.


Having a low-profile camper means you no longer have to cross your fingers every time you approach a low clearance point. They’re more compact and aerodynamic, which can make driving easier and reduce your fuel bill. 

These low-profile campers are also much easier to maneuver into remote camping spaces, and because they’re shorter, they have a lower center of gravity. This decreases your risk of tipping over and keeps you and your loved ones safer.

flatbed pop-up hallmark camper camping in utah


Owning a quality truck camper typically requires a dually truck because most quality truck campers aren’t light. However, Hallmark Campers defies this stereotype. These truck campers weigh anywhere from 995 lbs to 1893 lbs. Most truck campers weigh well over 2,000 lbs, so you don’t always need the largest truck to haul one.

If you already own a pickup, you can likely find a Hallmark Camper compatible with your vehicle. When selecting your truck camper, be aware of your towing numbers, especially your payload capacity. 

Exclusive Big-View Double Windows

What’s the point of parking your camper in an epic location if you can’t enjoy the view?

For many truck campers, it can feel like you’re living in a large box. However, with the Hallmark Campers’ big-view double windows, you not only get a great view, but it’s twice the size of many other truck camper windows. 

Truck with Hallmark camper.
If you have a flatbed truck, a Hallmark truck camper is perfect for you!

5-Year Structural Warranty

Most campers come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. However, all models come with an industry-leading five-year structural warranty, which reflects the company’s confidence in its product.

You can take your truck camper through some of the most rugged conditions and know that the company will come through if you have an issue.

Customer Service

Because Hallmark Campers is not huge, they can give their customers more personalized attention and care. You’ll hear rave reviews about the customer service going above and beyond. An actual person answers the phone and addresses the issue. 

This is a relief to many. Some larger brands can’t match this service and often require customers to muddle their way through an artificial intelligence answering service or leave voicemails and wait for a return phone call.

How Much Does a Hallmark Camper Cost?

Hallmark Campers range from $26,995 to $54,995. However, because these are often custom-made campers, there’s a long list of optional upgrades so you can customize your camper as much or as little as you like.

Remember that some of these upgrades could add thousands to your final cost. For example, upgrading cabinetry materials and custom appliances or alternative fuels can add $20,000 each to your price.

While the base models are relatively budget-friendly options for luxury truck campers, they can become more expensive very quickly. 

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2020 Hallmark Ute Truck Camper Interior Tour

What’s Special About Hallmark Campers (And Should You Buy One)?

The attention to detail that Hallmark Campers provides to customers and their finished product is hard to match. It’s the advantage of buying from a family-run and lesser-known brand. Working directly with the manufacturer to create your dream RV is something that not every manufacturer can offer.

If you’re in the market for a truck camper, these truck campers are a great choice. They’re rugged and built to last. 

And the company is one worthy of your respect. They’ll walk you through the entire process and be there to serve you even after the sale.

When investing in a truck camper, you don’t want to settle for just any model. While it may be tempting only to consider brands you recognize, basic research can pay off in the end. You may just find that a family-run business in Colorado, like Hallmark Campers, makes the best truck camper for your situation. 

What’s one feature you look for in a truck camper? Drop a comment below!

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Monday 25th of December 2023

My first truck camper was a Cuchara by Hallmark - that was in the 1996 time frame. I never had a problem with it and since it was my first truck camper, Hallmark went above and beyond in pointing out how I should care for it and keep it in great shape. That camper had camped at 11,200 feet and I think the lowest level I ever took it was around 8,000 feet to the headwaters of the Rio Grande, in the Rio Grande National Forest. Everything worked at 11,200 feet in my Hallmark.

If you would like to see a Wilderness area, there are 4 within the 1.8 mil acres of the Rio Grande National Forest. This National Forest was established by President T. Roosevelt in 1908 and the Wilderness Areas are described as "where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain". You can find solitude, quiet, and beauty within the valley leading up to the headwaters and beyond, almost 1/4 of the Rio Grande National Forest is labeled as "Wilderness" so be sure to follow the rules for those areas.

Most campgrounds in the area provide space for anything from tent campers to Class A motor coaches. Hallmark campers are great for those wanting to get out of town. There are also plenty of places to camp away from the crowds.

Great article on Hallmark! When I sold it to another "first-time" truck camper I set up a call with Hallmark to introduce him. He sent me a message some 5 years later saying that they had always helped him out as if he were a new customer.

I've since bought some large truck campers from well-known National Brands and none of them matched Hallmark's level of customer service.