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How to Make Your RV the Perfect Halloween Haunt

How to Make Your RV the Perfect Halloween Haunt

Want to celebrate the spooky season on the road and do some Halloween RVing? Whether you’re a full-time RVer or hitting the campgrounds for a weekend getaway, you can decorate your camper for the perfect Halloween haunt. From eerie decorations to safety precautions, we’ve got you covered on how to make your Hallow-RVing adventure the ultimate experience. Let’s dive in!

Do People Pass Out Candy in Campgrounds for Halloween?

Yes, people do pass out candy in campgrounds for Halloween. However, some campgrounds celebrate Halloween as early as September! We discovered this as soon as we started full-time RVing and found ourselves in a campground that did just that. Many campgrounds that close by the end of October due to cold weather will hold trick-or-treating weeks earlier. We loved joining in the festivities and handing out candy to all the goblins and ghouls that came to our doorstep.

Campgrounds can be a fantastic place to celebrate Halloween, and many RVers pass out candy. To join the fun, stock up on Halloween treats and create a welcoming atmosphere at your campsite. Set up a table with a spooky theme to encourage fellow campers to stop by for tricks and treats.

While it is crucial to make sure your Halloween celebrations don’t disrupt your fellow campers, getting a sweet treat from a friendly neighbor can always brighten someone’s day.

Trick-or-treaters walking from RV to RV in a campground.

Halloween Safety

Like any spooky season celebration, safety is vital. While it can be fun decorating your campsite or camper for Halloween, you want to ensure that you set up camp in a way that protects your RV, yourself, and other campers.

Don’t Use Open Flames in Your Rig

One key safety measure is avoiding open flames inside your RV. While the flickering glow of candles may seem like an appealing addition to your spooky decor, it poses a significant fire hazard in the confined space of your rig. Instead, opt for safer alternatives like LED candles or battery-operated lanterns.

Create an inviting space for trick-or-treaters.

Keep Clear Of Campfire

Keep flammable materials like Halloween decorations and costumes a safe distance away to prevent accidental fires. 

Pro Tip: Use campfire starters for a quick and easy way to control the fire.

Ensure Your String Lights Are Safe in Your RV

String lights can add a festive touch when decorating your Halloween camper. However, use these lights safely within the confines of your RV. First, check if your string lights are for indoor or outdoor use to ensure you’re using the correct type. Indoor string lights must meet safety standards and minimize the risk of electrical issues or overheating, which can pose fire hazards. 

When hanging your string lights, avoid placing them near flammable materials or in areas where they can come into contact with curtains, upholstery, or other combustibles. It’s also wise to periodically check the condition of your string lights for wear and tear. Promptly replace any damaged bulbs or frayed wires.

decoraing your camper for halloween with jack o lanterns
Jack-o-lanterns are one of the great ways to dress up your campsite for Halloween.

Spooky Scenes for Halloween Camper Decorating

With many cute and creepy options to choose from, determining how to decorate your camper for Halloween can be challenging. If you’re ready to set the scene for a spooky RVween, consider the following decoration ideas for the ultimate Halloween haunt.

Place Jack-O-Lanterns on Your RV Stairs

Jack-O-Lanterns are a classic Halloween decorating option. For those traveling with little ones, carving pumpkins is a way to spend some time together as a family. Using these as decor allows you to show off your carving skills to your RV neighbors. Line your RV’s stairs with them to welcome trick-or-treaters or fellow campers. Use LED tea lights inside for a safe and spooky effect.

pumpkins make great decorations for halloween

Decorate Your Campsite as a Graveyard

Elevate your Halloween RVing experience by decorating your campsite as a creepy graveyard. Set up tombstones and old fencing, then invest in a fog machine to create an eerie atmosphere. If you want to get extra creative, put funny RV puns on your gravestones to give your neighbor a laugh instead of a fright. 

Use a Fog Machine 

A fog machine can quickly create an eerie Halloween atmosphere around your camper. Some fog machines, like this one, can even change colors to give your campsite a colorful but haunting feel. Please ensure the fog doesn’t obscure visibility for your fellow campers.

Make Monsters Under the RV

Playfully embrace the classic fear of monsters under the bed. Place stuffed or inflatable monster figures under your RV, making it look like they’re about to crawl out. It’s a lighthearted way to add some Halloween charm.

three dogs in ghost costumes with a pumpkin
Consider getting your pets involved in the Halloween fun!

Coat Your RV in Cobwebs

Decorating your camper by draping artificial cobwebs over it can transform it into a haunted Halloween mansion. Temporary window tint in spooky orange shades adds an extra layer of magic. It’s a simple yet effective way to decorate your camper with a spooky makeover.

Temporarily Tint Your Windows Orange

Turn your RV into a giant pumpkin by temporarily tinting the windows. This window tint makes your windows orange for a unique glow during the day. As night falls and the inside lights illuminate your rig, your RV neighbors will be in for a special surprise when they see your pumpkin RV.

Set Up Skeletons Around the Campfire

Gather around the campfire for a bone-chilling experience by placing skeletons and skeletal props in camping chairs or around your site. While they may no longer be able to roast marshmallows, they can make a spooky scene. 

22 Halloween RV Ideas

Project Spooky Scenes Onto Your RV

You can elevate the eerie atmosphere of your Halloween RVing experience by projecting spooky scenes onto the side of your RV. This creative approach makes an immersive visual spectacle. Consider using a portable projector with preloaded Halloween-themed videos or create custom spooky scenes.

Set Out Flickering Battery Operated Candles

Flickering battery-operated candles are a safe and versatile addition to your Halloween RVing decor. These candles mimic the gentle, eerie glow of real candles without the fire hazard. Place them strategically around your RV to create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere. Consider placing them in lanterns, candleholders, or on window sills to maximize their effect.

Battery-operated candles come in various sizes and styles, allowing you to customize your spooky scene. They can enhance the Halloween theme and provide functional lighting, ensuring your RV remains well-lit during the festivities.

Pro Tip: Tell the best child-friendly ghost stories around the campfire.

Halloween Decorate With Me! RV & Campsite + Behind The Scenes

Leave No Trace When Decorating Your RV

When decorating your RV for Halloween, it’s essential to do so with environmental consciousness. Embrace the spirit of the season while respecting the natural beauty of your campground. Opt for reusable decorations to reduce waste and invest in eco-friendly materials. Correctly dispose of decorations and related items when you leave, utilizing designated trash and recycling facilities within the campground. 

Not only will you be environmentally-friendly, it’ll keep decorating your camper for Halloween allowed by the campground for years to come.

Revving Up for Halloween RVing

As Halloween approaches, gear up for a memorable HallowRVing experience. With these tips and precautions, you can safely turn your RV into a spine-tingling Halloween haunt. Whether you’re passing out candy, hosting spooky scenes, or enjoying the ambiance, Halloween RVing offers a unique and thrilling way to celebrate the season. So, hit the road and embrace the spirit of Halloween on wheels!

What is your favorite way to decorate your rig? Tell us in the comments!

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