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Hanging Out in Fishersville

Travel Stage: Just before Washington, D.C. until heading to the Eastern Shore of Virginia
Date Range: March 17 – April 6, 2016
Summary:  We love Tom’s cousin’s family, the Godette’s. We always have a blast hanging out with them, and seeing friend and family we otherwise wouldn’t is one of the best parts of our traveling.
Our fifthwheel was parked at the Godette Farm for 3 full weeks. While we were gone for part of it in D.C. and they were gone for part of it for Spring Break, we had a lot of fun hanging around Fishersville, Virginia.

Soccer Games & Ballet

We got to see our young cousins doing their extracurricular activities: Soccer games and Ballet. One of the games was in the snow!

Fun Around The House

We try to be cordial, amusing guests, and we have a blast playing games and doing impromtu science experiments with our young cousins. I want to preface this photo with the fact that Mocha is the coolest dog in the world. She took this static electricity demonstration with amazing grace. LOL

Star Wars Marathon

Yep. Watched them all in order – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Since the new Star Wars came out a few months ago, we hadn’t seen it yet because neither of us could remember what had happened in the other ones. Our relatives happened to have all 6 older movies and a home theater system. It was epic!

Windy Weather

We got hit with our first REALLY windy weather (besides that time with the tornado) and had to turn the fifth wheel to avoid getting blown over!
Alabama to Virginia with a Cold Surprise | MOTM VLOG #39

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