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5 Best Hard Side Pop-Up Campers You Need to See

5 Best Hard Side Pop-Up Campers You Need to See

Hard side pop-up campers aren’t as easy to find these days as they used to be, but there are some seriously cool models on the market. Whether you’re interested in an A-frame hard side or a pop-up that seems more like a travel trailer, we’ve got you covered. Here are five of the best hard side pop-up campers you need to see.

What Is a Hard Side Pop-Up Camper?

A hard side pop-up camper is exactly what it sounds like: a pop-up camper with hard sides instead of tent or canvas. These pop-up campers are perfect if you want more privacy, protection, or insulation. Hard side pop-up campers don’t weigh much more than canvas pop-up campers, either, and are easy to set up. 

Hard side pop-up camper
Hard side pop-up campers are easy to tow and set up!

The Benefits of a Hard Side Pop-Up Camper

Hard side pop-up campers have many advantages over tent trailers. These campers offer more insulation from cold and heat, so they’re great for comfortable camping in cold winters and hot summers. 

Hard side pop-ups don’t just offer insulation from the weather; they also provide more privacy and sound insulation than other pop-up campers. While tent camping is fun, you don’t always want everyone hearing what you’re talking about. Sometimes you want to be insulated from outdoor noise while in your camper.

In addition, hard-sided campers offer more protection from wildlife. There are a few campgrounds where you are required to have hard-sided campers where bears are a common problem. While a determined bear could still get into a hard-sided camper (mainly to go for the fridge) it’s much less common.

Pro Tip: Before you buy a pop-up camper, this is What You Need to Know About Pop-Up Campers.

SUV attached to hard side pop-up camper
Take your hard side pop-up camper on your next great adventure!

Do Hard Side Pop-Up Campers Leak?

Hard side pop-up campers have the potential to leak, just like every other camper but are less likley to do so than canvas. As with any other RV or camper, you should always check your RV for cracks, tears, and potential leak areas. Check seals often and make sure you set your camper up properly to avoid leak issues. 

Well-designed hard-sided campers are no more likely to leak than a traditional RV.

5 Best Hard Side Pop-Up Campers You Need to See

Hard side pop-up campers are excellent small camper choices that fit in most garages. You can tow them with most small to midsize SUVs and cars. Here are the top hard side campers on the market today. 

1. Aliner Expedition

About: The Aliner Expedition is a great hard side pop-up camper for singles, couples, and small families. The Expedition Aliner comes with optional hard-sided dormers for additional space and headroom, too. 

This camper is 18’ long and has a GVWR of 3,500 pounds. Inside, you’ll find a bed, dinette, sink, fridge, stove, and toilet. This is a totally self-contained, small hard side pop-up camper. 

MSRP: Starts around $28,000

ONE SPACIOUS A-FRAME! Aliner Expedition Sofa Bed w/ Justin Shanholtzer | Beckley's RVs

2. Forest River Rockwood A122S

About: The Forest River Rockwood Hard Side A22S is an A-frame hard side pop-up camper with everything you need to enjoy a camping trip. This camper has a flip-up bed, a front dinette, a fridge, a sink, a stove, and even room for an exterior griddle. 

This camper weighs in at a dry weight of just 2,120 pounds and is just over 19’ in length. With huge side windows and skylights, there’s plenty of natural light in this camper that really opens up the space. 

MSRP: Starts around $14,000

2019 Forest River Rockwood A122S ESP Folding Camper Video Tour •

3. Chalet XL-1930

About: If you want a four-season hard side pop-up camper with everything a small family needs, the Chalet XL is perfect for you. This A-frame pop-up camper can sleep four adults with a rear bed and two bunk beds. The GVWR of the Chalet XL is 3,500 pounds, and it comes in at a length of just under 19’.

Inside, you’ll find a rear convertible dinette bed, front bunks, a kitchenette, a fridge, a furnace, and an optional wet bath or storage closet. Standard features include an electronic roof lift. There’s an optional dormer for additional headspace. 

MSRP: Starts around $28,000

SOLD! 2007 Chalet XL1930 AFrame Style Folding Camper, PowerLift, 2000 Pounds, Bathroom, $4,995

4. TrailManor 2720QD

About: TrailManor makes really unique hard side pop-up RVs. These pop-up RVs feel more like travel trailers than pop-up campers. They aren’t A-frames. Instead, they’re rectangular, just like a standard travel trailer. They fold down on top of themselves, yet they feel just like any other camper when you open them. 

The TrailManor 2720 series is the brand’s most popular style. You could store it in a garage and tow it with a properly equipped minivan, crossover, or SUV. Inside you’ll find a queen bed, double bed, and convertible dinette. You’ll also find a full kitchen and wet bath. The 2720 series is 27’ in length, and the dry weight of each model is under 3,100 pounds. 

MSRP: Starts around $35,000

One of the COOLEST RV's You've EVER SEEN! Trailmanor 2720 Setup and Tour

5. Coachmen Clipper Express 12.0 TD MAX

About: This hard side camper has a small pop-up in the back for extra headspace. It’s made out of canvas, but it’s not necessary to open it for camping all the time. 

This is an incredibly small, nimble, and lightweight pop-up camper. The dry weight is just 2,225 pounds, and it comes in at just 17’5” in length. Inside, you’ll find a bed, storage cabinets, a sofa, a fridge, a microwave, a bike door, and a stereo. On the outside, there’s even an outdoor shower. 

MSRP: Starts around $19,953 

All New 2021 Coachmen Clipper 12.0 TD Max Review | Small On The Outside... Spacious On The Inside!

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Is a Hard Side Pop-Up Camper Worth It?

Pop-up campers are amazing. They’re so easy to tow and store and really easy to set up, too. These campers are great for people who want to get into RV life or just want an upgrade from tent camping. If you want a pop-up camper but need to camp in all places and seasons, a hard side pop-up is definitely worth the investment.

Have you ever checked out one of these campers? What did you think? Drop a comment below!

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