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7 Best Heated Camping Chairs Perfect for Chilly Nights By the Campfire

As the cool gusts of late fall and winter roll in, they can sometimes take the warmth out of your football tailgating days or serene camping weekends. But what if you could bring along a chair that not only provides a seat but also warmth? Enter the heated camping chair – your new best friend against the cold. Instead of piling on layers or lugging around heavy blankets, imagine settling into a chair that warms you up while you enjoy the game or gaze at the campfire.

Dive into our top seven picks and find the perfect heated chair to amp up your outdoor comfort this season!

What Is a Heated Camping Chair?

A heated camping chair is a chair that uses coils to warm the seat and back. These chairs can be welcome additions to your winter camping gear. You might enjoy the warmth of these cozy battery-powered camping chairs on chilly fall nights or winter mornings.

How Do Heated Camping Chairs Work?

In order for heated camp chairs to warm up, they need power. Most designs rely on a standard USB portable rechargeable lithium battery pack, which may or may not be included in your purchase. These battery packs are common, and you may have one already for charging your phone while out and about. Because of the battery design, you don’t have to worry about stringing a long cord through your campsite or parking space. A 10,000 mAh rechargeable Lithium power bank will provide you with roughly 2-6 hours of heated power, depending on your chosen heat setting.

Similar to how a heated blanket works, these camping chairs usually have variable heat settings to keep you comfortable all day. So you can turn up the heat level as night falls or lower it when the afternoon sun comes out. Also, most chairs’ conductive thread heating system is flexible to fit the shape of your body. You don’t want to feel like you’re sitting on coils.

Family using heated camping chairs in the autumn
Don’t let the cold weather stop you from enjoying the great outdoors.

Are Heated Camping Chairs Safe?

Whenever you use heated elements, there’s always a question of safety. You have hot coils underneath you, after all. No one wants a burn. However, many of these camping chairs have safety features to protect users, including an automatic temperature reduction after 5 minutes to prevent overheating. With the adjustable settings, you can always turn the heat down (or off) as necessary. Think of a heated camping chair as a heated seat in a vehicle. They operate in a similar way.

That said, be sure to check wire conditions and battery health frequently. If anything starts to malfunction, stop use and contact the manufacturer for help. Anytime there is power involved, there can be some risk of shorts in the system if the chair is punctured, crushed, or the battery is damaged. Do your best to keep these chairs out of rain and snowfall to prevent corrosion from water.

Why Would Someone Want a Heated Camping Chair?

Your backside is often the first thing to get cold while sitting around the campfire. First of all, it’s pointing away from the heat of the fire. Secondly, there is often not a lot of padding on your standard camp chair to insulate your bum and back. Blankets help, but the heat still eventually seeps out and forces you to turn in prematurely on chilly days.

A heated blanket is also a suitable accessory for cold-weather camping or tailgating. However, blankets generally don’t warm your core like these camping chairs. Because the heat directs toward the center of your body in a chair, it warms your entire body. Blankets can also be cumbersome, and the cord frequently gets in the way. A heated camping chair helps eliminate those issues.

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Heated camping chairs by tent
A heated camping chair can elevate your campsite.

7 Best Heated Camping Chairs

Are you convinced that you might need a heated camping chair for chilly nights by the fire? You don’t have to scour the internet to find the best options. We have the seven top-rated heated camping chairs for you! 

1. Kuma Outdoor Gear Lazy Bear Heated Chair

With a 4.4/5 star rating, this Kuma heated camping chair feels warm and has a black and red checkered pattern that may fit your style. There are three settings from 100-131 degrees Fahrenheit. The battery pack will last 2-6 hours, depending on the setting. A 10,000 mAh/5V rechargeable lithium power bank comes with your purchase.

This chair measures 34 by 34 by 27 inches and can hold up to 350 pounds. It also includes a built-in insulated cup holder, side pocket, and carrying bag. The price is around $200, and is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Kuma Outdoor Gear Lazy Bear Heated Chair 1, Red...
  • Effortless Outdoor Comfort – The Lazy Bear Heated Chair is the...
  • Heat System – The Lazy Bear Heated Chair features the exclusive...
  • Durable & Dependable – Made with premium, high-quality...

2. MacSports Heated Cushion Folding Lounge

A similarly-shaped heated camping chair is the MacSports lounger. This is cheaper than the Kuma chair at around $100. At 4.4/5 stars, the MacSports heated camping chair also features three heat settings of the same temperatures. However, it doesn’t come with a battery pack. This chair measures 36.6 by 32.7 by 27.6 inches and can hold up to 375 pounds. Like the Kuma chair, it includes a mesh cup holder, side pocket, and carrying bag.

MacSports Heated Cushion Folding Lounge Patio Club...
  • Featured with 3 different Heat Mode [Green Light (Low)/Blue Light...
  • Simply touch the button to adjust the temperature (Between...
  • Extremely well built with sturdy powder-coated steel frame that...

3. POP Design The Hot Seat

If you prefer a different style camping chair, the POP Design heated chair is the typical outdoor picnic chair with a square back and seat. This chair features an adjustable back with three reclining positions for optimal comfort and holds up to 300 pounds. Like the MacSports chair, this option doesn’t come with a battery pack.

The heat setting will warm to 110 degrees Fahrenheit and not the 131 degrees of the previous two options. But the POP Design camping chair has plenty of room for storing your things around the campfire: a phone sleeve, zipper pocket, back pocket, double front compartment, and mesh cup holder. With a 4.3/5 star rating, the POP Design Hot Seat costs around $100.

POP Design The Hot Seat, USB Heated Portable...
  • BENEFITS OF A HEATED CHAIR: Keeps the blood moving to the...
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: High-density foam padding provides...

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Woman bundled up in heated camping chair
Ditch the bulky blankets in exchange for a heated camping chair.

4. KINGS TREK Heated Camping Chair

Another similarly-shaped camping chair is the KINGS TREK model. However, unlike the POP Design chair, the KINGS TREK chair features three adjustable heat settings and goes up to 131 degrees F. The battery pack comes with the chair purchase and will last 3-10 hours, depending on the heat setting. It also features a dual control to operate the back and seat heat settings separately. There’s a cup holder and front pocket for storing small items, and the maximum capacity is 300 pounds. Priced around $160 and at 4.1/5 stars, this is another suitable heated camping chair.

KINGS TREK Camping Chair Heated with Battery Pack...
  • 【Smart Temperature Control】KINGS TREK heated camping chair...
  • 【Best for All Seasons】KINGS TREK camping chair is designed...
  • 【High Quality Material】The maximum weight capacity is 350...

5. Gobi Terrain Heated Camping Chair

The last of our traditionally-designed camping chairs is the Gobi Terrain chair. At 4.3/5 stars, this option is on the higher end at around $200. It comes in four colors and can hold up to 325 pounds. The Gobi camping chair has three heat settings and can reach 131℉. It also comes with a battery pack lasting up to nine hours on the low heat setting. There’s a cup holder and side pocket but few storage options with the Gobi heated camping chair.

Gobi Heat - Terrain Portable Heated Camping Chair...
  • Stay cosy during winter camping with our portable heated camping...
  • Perfect for outdoor activities like camping, fishing, tailgating,...
  • Long lasting Battery life with up to 9 hours of heating with our...
Whether you’re tailgating or camping in the fall or winter, a heated camping chair can provide extra warmth.

6. Kuma Outdoor Gear Bear Double Chair

If you’re looking for a 2-seater heated camping chair, you might prefer the Kuma double chair. Shaped like the Kuma lounger above (#1 in this list), this chair has a fully cushioned seat and padded armrests and back. It measures 38.5 by 59 by 24 inches and can hold up to 500 pounds. Also like the other Kuma camping chair, this double chair has three heat settings from 100-131 degrees and a portable battery pack.

Kuma Outdoor Gear Bear Buddy Heated Chair, 39D x...
  • Effortless Outdoor Comfort – The Bear Buddy Heated Chair is the...
  • Heat System - The Bear Buddy Heated Chair features the exclusive...
  • Durable & Dependable – Made with premium, high-quality...

7. Ksheat Extra Wide Heated Seat Cushion

Finally, if you tent camp or don’t want to haul around a camping chair, this seat cushion is a nice option that won’t take up much room. It also works great if you’re planning on sitting on metal bleachers for a fall football game. It features a non-slip bottom, three heat settings, and a side pocket. It also comes with a portable battery pack that lasts up to four hours.

This heated seat cushion can reach up to 140 degrees. Since it weighs only two pounds and comes with a carrying strap, you won’t mind toting around new camping gear this winter.

Ksheat Extra Wide Heated Seat Cushion, Foldable...
  • 【Foldable&Lightweight】This heating stadium seat is foldable...
  • 【Thick Padding&Exra Wide Seat】This heated stadium cushion has...
  • 【Battery Pack Included】Our heated bleacher seat has 3 heat...
Invest in quality camping gear to make your camping experience cozier.

Where Can You Buy a Heated Camping Chair?

You can buy a camping chair in practically any outdoor or sports store. But because these camping chairs are specialty products, they won’t be as readily available. Your best bet is to buy a heated camping chair from Amazon unless you want to sit in it to try it out first. Then you’ll want to go to Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops.

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Are Heated Camping Chairs Worth It?

If you’re tailgating or camping during colder seasons, a heated camping chair can make your experience much more enjoyable. Leave the regular camping chairs at home. Invest in these warming seats that will keep your core cozy while cheering for your favorite team or sitting around the campfire.

Which camping chair do you like best? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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