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How Much Does a Pop-Up Camper Weigh?

How Much Does a Pop-Up Camper Weigh?

Pop-up campers are one of the lightest types of travel trailers on the market. So, how much does a pop-up camper weigh? The broad answer is: it varies. We’ll provide a little more detail and some examples so you can get an idea. Let’s dive deeper into other questions you might have about pop-up campers as well.

How Much Does a Pop-Up Camper Weigh? 

There are many different kinds of pop-up campers, and they all have different weights. The average weight of a pop-up camper is around 2,000 pounds. But you can find pop-up campers that weigh significantly less or more. For example, the Forest River Rockwood Freedom 1640LTD weighs just over 1,400 pounds. And the Rockwood Freedom 2514F weighs just over 2,600 pounds.

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pop up camper behind truck

How Much Towing Capacity Do I Need for a Pop-Up Camper? 

To determine how much towing capacity you need for a pop-up camper, you first need to know how much the trailer weighs. Generally, you should stay within 80% of your vehicle’s towing capacity. So if your truck or SUV can tow up to 3,000 pounds, it’s safe to tow a pop-up camper that weighs up to 2,400 pounds fully loaded. 

Is It Hard to Tow a Pop-Up Camper? 

Pop-up campers are the easiest type of RV to tow. These campers are small and rest on a single axle. The best part about towing a pop-up camper is their height. Since pop-up campers fold down for travel, you can still see out your back window and use your rearview mirror. This makes towing a pop-up camper a breeze.

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Pop-Up Camper Weight Basics

If you’re shopping for a pop-up camper for the first time and wondering how much one weighs, weight abbreviations might be confusing. We’ve broken down the different terms to help you better understand your camper’s weight and your vehicle’s towing capacity. 


CCC stands for Cargo Carrying Capacity. This designation can apply to your vehicle or your camper. A pop-up camper’s CCC is how much weight (cargo) it can safely hold while being towed. 

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GVWR means Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. On a camper, GVWR is the total weight your RV is allowed to be when loaded, including all cargo and holding tank liquids. GVWR is the weight rating recommended by the manufacturer for safe operation. When thinking about how much your pop-up camper weighs, you never want to exceed this number. 


GAWR on a trailer stands for Gross Axle Weight Rating. This is the weight rating for the axle. The GAWR is the most weight your pop-up camper can safely carry based on how much the axle can handle.


UVW stands for Unloaded Vehicle Weight. This is how much your pop-up camper weighs without anything in it — no personal belongings and no water in the tanks. The UVW is how much the camper weighs when it comes from the factory. “Dry weight” is another name for UVW since there’s no water in the tanks.

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Do Pop-Up Campers Need Trailer Brakes?

The need for trailer brakes depends on the trailer’s weight…and the law. Trailer brake laws vary by state. Some pop-up campers come with trailer brakes, and others don’t. So how do you know if your pop-up camper needs trailer brakes? 

First, check your state and local laws for trailer brake requirements. Although trailer brakes may not be legally necessary for the size of your camper, they’re always a good idea. Trailer brakes help your trailer stop when your vehicle does. This is especially important for sudden braking. It also reduces the general wear and tear on your vehicle for having to do all the work to slow down the load behind you.

Pro Tip: If your camper does have trailer brakes, make sure you’re using a trailer brake controller. Find one here: 6 Best Trailer Brake Controllers for RVs and Campers

How Much Does a Pop-Up Camper Cost? 

New pop-up campers typically start at just under $10,000, and prices can reach $40,000 or more for hard-sided or overlanding pop-up campers. 

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Used pop-ups sell for a wide range of prices. You can find a great deal on used pop-up campers by browsing marketplaces like Facebook and Craigslist. On RV Trader, you can find used pop-up campers from $900 up to $12,000.

Are Pop-Up Campers Worth It? 

As you can see, there’s a lot more to consider than just “how much does a pop-up camper weigh?” Pop-up campers are awesome small RVs for anyone looking to upgrade from tent camping or get their toes wet in the RV world.

These campers are easy to tow, and many vehicles, even passenger cars, can tow them. Plus, there are many varieties to choose from. They can come with tent sides or hard sides, and some even have bathrooms and showers.

tow camper with van

We think pop-up campers are an excellent choice for an entry-level RV, but what are your thoughts? Was a pop-up camper one of your first RVs? Leave a comment below.

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