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How to Keep Mice Out of a Camper

A rodent in your RV is cringe-worthy. Don’t let them encroach on your home on wheels! Get ready to learn how to keep mice out of a camper. 

There have been many solutions to get rid mice over the years. We narrow it down to the best remedies to keep you safe and steer mice away from your RV.

🐭 How NOT to Keep Mice Out of an RV 🐭

How Do Mice Get Into a Camper?

Mice are sneaky and can fit through a hole one-fourth of an inch. That’s about the size of an ink pen. So, to put it into perspective, a mouse could fit through cracks you don’t even know you have in your camper.

From vent holes to air conditioning units, the little creatures will sneak in, especially if they smell food in your camper or just view it as a warm spot to make a nest. 

The bottom line is, don’t underestimate the little rodents. Instead, prevent them from entering in the first place and making a mess. They can pull apart things like paper or cardboard to make their nests.

Or, if you leave unsealed food in your camper, they’re likely to tear it to bits. Of course, they’ll be happy to leave their poop droppings everywhere for you to clean up too. 

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What Can I Put In My Camper to Keep Mice Out? 

There are a variety of ways to keep mice out of your camper. You can use homemade or store-bought mouse repellant, traps, and more. We get into more detail later in the article.

But the first thing you want to do is try to find where they’re entering the camper in the first place. Then, seal any hole they could fit through to prevent additional mice from entering. A determined mouse will get into your trailer or motorhome no matter what you have inside to keep it out. So the priority is keeping them from entering. 

Do Dryer Sheets Keep Mice Out of Campers? 

Dryer sheets will sometimes keep mice away since they don’t like the smell, but it’s not a long-term solution. Mice tend to adapt to their surroundings, including the odor that dryer sheets let off.

If you choose to use dryer sheets for a short-term solution, rub them on various surfaces where the mice may be so that the scent isn’t confined to one area.

dryer sheets to keep mice out of camper
Rubbing dryer sheets on various surfaces around your RV can temporarily keep mice away.

How to Keep Mice Out of Your Camper

Let’s look at how to keep mice out of a camper with five key solutions.

Keep Food Sealed and Clean Crumbs

Mice are hungry little creatures. Try to clean up crumbs and any spilled food as soon as it happens. Keeping your countertops and floors clean will prevent intruders from grabbing a snack. Also, keep your dry and pantry food sealed in containers. Mice can eat through plastic bags and boxes. 

Deep Clean the Camper After Every Use

Deep clean your camper after every use and before you put it in storage. Make sure that all food and anything that might attract mice are removed. That box of crackers from s’mores? Remove it. Extra toilet paper or paper towel rolls? Perfect bedding material for mice, so take it all out!

Do a thorough inspection in cabinets, corners, and storage compartments. You can also utilize this time to check for any holes or gaps that need sealing.

Person looking for mice entry points around their camper
Check in and around your camper for potential points of entry for the mice, then seal any holes and cracks you find.

Find and Seal Any Holes or Gaps

Mice are attracted to light and food, and in the winter or cold temperatures, they look for warm places. Even the smallest hole or gap in your camper will be an invitation to a mouse. Spend time looking around and under your RV for any way in. Then, seal it with caulk, foam spray, or steel wool. 

When your camper is in storage, consider an RV cover. In particular, cover the vents and air conditioner to keep mice and bugs out. Storing your camper indoors is ideal, but even then, prep your RV in case of rodents.

➡ Not sure what air conditioner cover is best for keeping mice out? Here are our recommendations: 5 Best RV Air Conditioner Covers and Why You Should Use One.

Use a Mouse Repellent

Use a mouse repellent when you suspect or see mice in your camper. You may also want to use repellent when your RV is in storage or stationery for a long time, regardless if mice are present or not. This can be precautionary just in case a mouse decides to show up. 

There are various types of homemade and store-bought mouse repellent. Mice hate scents like peppermint, cinnamon, vinegar, clove oil, mint toothpaste, ammonia, and cayenne pepper. You can put one or more of these scents on a cotton ball and spread them throughout your camper. 

You can also find various types of mouse repellent in stores or online. We recommend natural solutions, such as Mighty Mint Peppermint Oil Rodent Repellant Spray. It’s safe for people and pets, and you simply spray it around the camper.

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Mouse Traps

Mouse traps are another solution to get rid of mice that have already set up shop in your camper. We don’t recommend poisonous bait, though, because it’s technically food and can attract rodents versus repelling them. You can find various types of traps in stores and online.

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mouse trap
You may have to invest in some mouse traps to rid yourself of a current rodent problem.

What Scent Will Keep Mice Out of My Camper? 

Mice have a keen sense of smell, which is how they find their way into your camper in the first place. As mentioned before, they’re particularly repelled by peppermint, mint, vinegar, cinnamon, ammonia, cloves, clove oil, and cayenne pepper.

These scents are inexpensive ways to keep mice out of your camper. But remember, sealing any gaps or holes is the first line of defense. 

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How to Make an Emergency Mouse Trap (Humane, No-Kill)

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