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How to Use RV Trip Wizard to Plan an RV Road Trip

If you’re looking for convenience when planning an epic RV adventure, you have got to check out RV Trip Wizard. Road tripping is amazing, but planning a road trip? Not so much. That is where RV Trip Wizard comes into play. This simple-to-use web-based program will help you plan an amazing RV road trip, including where to camp, stop for gas, the best route to take, and more.

What Is RV Trip Wizard? 

RV Trip Wizard is a web-based road trip planning tool offering annual subscriptions. You can use it on any tablet, smartphone, or computer – all with no installation. Using this tool, you can plan every detail of your next RV trip.

They make planning simple because RV Trip Wizard shows you the radius you can reasonably travel in a day (at your RV’s speed).  It also allows you to estimate the cost of the entire trip based on campground costs, gas mileage, and gas prices along the way. This is great because there are no surprise costs that might ruin your RV trip.

This tool is packed with features to help make planning a breeze. Keep reading to learn about them all!  

What Does It Cost? 

You’re probably thinking to yourself: Wow, that sounds great, but I bet its expensive! Well, you are right that it is great, but it’s also so affordable.

RV Trip Wizard costs only $65/year.

You can even test it out with a free 1-week trial before buying. Once you get started, we’re sure you’ll be hooked!

Pro Tip: Use RV Trip Wizard to plan your route along the National Park to Park Highway.

How to Use RV Trip Wizard: Getting Set Up

Before you use RV Trip Wizard, there are several pieces of information you need to provide. This allows the program to be customized for you.

Customizing Height and Weight: You must enter your RV’s height and weight before planning. This information allows the program to automatically find a safe route. It will avoid low clearances, weight restrictions on roads, and sometimes steep grades. These factors will take the stress out of your road trip.

Driving Distance and Driving Time: You can set up the driving distance based on your average speed and how long you want to drive each day. RV Trip Wizard then shows you on the map all the stops that are within your radius of travel for a day. This saves time and ensures you don’t feel compelled to drive too far or too fast in a day.

Fuel Limits: This feature is amazing and such a lifesaver so you don’t find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere without gas. You can set a specific fuel amount that you don’t want to get below. For example, if you like to refill when you have a quarter tank left, set the fuel limit based on how many gallons that is. RV Trip Wizard will then show you at what point along your route you need to find a gas station that can accommodate your rig.

Campground Filters

Many RV trip planners only work with a specific set of campgrounds based on membership. For instance, with some, you can only look at Good Sam or Thousand Trails campgrounds. There are even planners that exclude other campgrounds entirely. That is not true of RV Trip Wizard.

They show you ALL campground affiliations, so you have over 20,000+ to choose from. If you do have memberships, you can add filters so you only see certain campgrounds, like Good Sam campgrounds. And if you have more than one membership, you can rank them to get the best deals no matter where you travel.

Other Features

RV Trip Wizard also gives you information about several other helpful things for RVers.

Gas Stations: You can see all the gas stations along your entire route. This allows you to find gas at the perfect stopping points and know in advance which gas stations can fit your rig.

Overnight Parking: Let’s be real for a minute. Is there really an RVer who hasn’t just slept somewhere random overnight? Sometimes you might not want to go through the hassle and cost of setting up at a campground only to leave bright and early the next day. RV Trip Wizard makes this easy by showing you where you can park your rig overnight to catch a few Zs.

Rest Areas: This tool also maps out rest areas along your route for quick pit stops.

Dump Stations: No more worrying about where to dump your tanks on a long excursion because RV Trip Wizard has you covered! It will show you convenient places to find a dump station along the route you’re already taking.

Area Attractions: This program not only helps you find a safe route and places to camp along the way, but you can also use it to find points of interest you might have missed otherwise. You will have hundreds of area attractions to choose from for a day adventure or just a quick stop.

Pro Tip: Are there still spots to stop at while on your road trip? We took a closer look at The Death of Roadside Attractions.

Send the Route to Your GPS: Once you have your RV trip planned out, you can send it straight to your GPS on your phone. You’ll then have step-by-step directions the entire way.

RV Trip Wizard also has hundreds of 5-star reviews. Other RVers love it, and we know you will too! Click here to visit their website and learn more.

RV Safe GPS App

RV Trip Wizard subscribers also get access to the RV Life Pro suite of tools – including their RV Safe GPS app! I don’t know about you, but we’ve been misled by Google Maps down a number of horrible roads on our travels.

With your subscription, your routes seamlessly integrate into the free RVSafe GPS app right on your phone or tablet.

RV Trip Wizard Is an Invaluable Tool for RV Road Trip Planning

Whether you are a casual weekend warrior, a summer break adventurer, or a full-timer, RV Trip Wizard will make your experience safer and more fun. Now you can spend less time planning and more time actually getting out there to enjoy the open road!

Check out RV Trip Wizard today!

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