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Our Full-Time RV Homes On Wheels

Our current “home on wheels” is actually our fourth RV. We currently reside in a 45′ 2010 Monaco Dynasty Class A Motorhome, but we’ve been through almost every type of RV out there.

We started this adventure thinking that the best RV for full-time RV living was the biggest rig we could get. After all, we had a whole house worth of stuff to move into it!… or so we thought. We learned the hard way that bigger isn’t always better. 

Our First RV For Full-Time: Heartland Cyclone Toy Hauler

We knew we wanted a fifth wheel RV to start full-timing, so we first got a 2010 Heartland Cyclone toy hauler that was 41′ long.

After buying this first fifth-wheel, discovering it was too heavy fully loaded for our truck, selling it, and finding & buying a new one, we ended up with our next set up which we were much happier with!  

Our 2nd Fifth Wheel RV: DRV Mobile Suites 5th Wheel

We learned a lot of lessons from that first RV experience. Many full-time RVers end up switching rigs at least once. This is because you don’t really know what you need in an RV for full-time living until you’ve done it. We then moved to a 2005 DRV Mobile Suites fifth wheel, which was a much better fit for us at the time.

drv mobile suites RV for full-time living
Our DRV fifth wheel made many laps of the country over the 7 years we lived in it.

Make: Doubletree RV (now known as DRV)
Model: 32TK3 (translation: 32 ft interior, Telescoping Kitchen, 3 Slides)
Year: 2005
Length: 32′ 10″
Layout features: Rear living area, shower and vanity in bedroom area, big telescoping kitchen
GVWR: 16500 lbs
Unloaded Vehicle weight: 12977 lbs
Carrying capacity: 3523 lbs (minus 800 lbs water weight = 2723 lbs)
Fresh Water tank: 100 gallons
Black tank: 50 gallons
Gray tank: 75 gallons

Things we loved about this rig: big carrying capacity, great insulation, double-pane windows, big kitchen for cooking at home, shorter length to fit into most campgrounds.

We’ve done a lot of upgrades to it, including:

We’ve learned that full-time RV living is sort of like living in a house – you always have something to fix or upgrade!

Video Walk-Through of our DRV Mobile Suites:

Tour Our Tiny House on Wheels Fifth Wheel RV - Mobile Suites 32TK3

Pro Tip: Are you still looking for your home on wheels? Check out our article on how to find the best RV to live in full-time that fits your travel style.

DRV Tow Truck: 2010 Ram 3500

We bought a used Dodge Ram 3500 to tow our DRV. Tom is a DIY guy, and liked the idea of being able to work on the Cummins engine himself.

Make: Dodge
Model: Ram 3500, Dually
Drivetrain: 2WD (for better fuel economy)
Year: 2010
Engine: Cummins 6.7, Diesel
Modifications: Re-geared differential from 3.42 to 4.10 gear ratio, for more towing torque
Upgrades/Fixes: Crank case filter (clogged), rebuilt front end control arms, valve lash adjustment, and replaced the engine thermostat.

Getting used to driving a big dually truck was a bit of an adjustment at first, and one of the things to consider as you pick out your RV for full-time living.

Tour Our RV Tow Vehicle for Fulltime Travel - 2010 Dodge 3500 | Mondays with the Mortons S2E11

Our 3rd RV: Bigfoot Truck Camper on Ram 5500

After our truck camper experience in our Go North expedition to Alaska, we decided in 2021 that we were ready to get another RV. Not to replace the DRV fifth wheel, but to expand our exploration capabilities. We bought a 2011 Ram 5500 and a used Bigfoot Truck Camper! This thing is a beast and enables us to overland to some incredible places.

Learn more about this build in its dedicated blog post, as it’s a pretty sweet overland rig.

We Renovated A 20 Year-Old Truck Camper Into A Luxury Overland Vehicle

Our 4th (Current) RV: 45′ Monaco Dynasty Class A Diesel Pusher

Alas, we went big again. We decided in 2022 that we wanted to continue to live and work full-time in an RV. However, we realized we needed to make a change to add in some residential comforts we had been living without for 7 years. These included things like an RV dishwasher (our DRV layout didn’t allow for an after-market install), a king bed, a washer & dryer, and a few other upgrades. We weren’t afraid of going big this time, as we were well within weight limits and we’ve learned a thing or two since we first hit the road.

We decided on a 2008 Monaco Dynasty motorhome. Here is a tour of our latest full-time RV home on wheels:

Luxury Living On Wheels: The Ultimate Tour of Our Customized Monaco Motorhome

In the move to the Monaco motorhome, we sold the Ram 3500 but still have the DRV fifth wheel on our off-grid property in Michigan. We tow a Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid car on a dolly behind the Monaco, and charge it off our excess solar power.

What Is The Best RV For Full-Time RV Living?

This video explains why we chose a fifth wheel RV for full-time living at the beginning. We discuss what we perceived as pros & cons to other RV types and why the fifth wheel fit our life- and travel-style. However, that has since changed and we now love our motorhome/truck camper combo.

The best RV for full-time living is going to be different for everyone based on their preferences. We hope this helps you with your full-time RV decision!

Motorhome, Fifth Wheel or Travel Trailer For Full Time RV Life

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