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How, Why, and Where?

Tom & Caitlin Morton gave up the stationary life for one where they are constantly on the move. They are full-time travelers, television hosts, and digital media producers.

This is their story.

The Mortons’ Story (Short Version)

We left our jobs, sold our house and possessions, and hit the road in September 2015 in our full-time “home on wheels”, a DRV Mobile Suites 32TK3 fifth wheel RV.

On The Road with the Mortons

We initially thought we’d have some fun, see some cool sights, and find a place to settle down and go back to “normal life”…but now the RV Lifestyle is our normal. We have been traveling the USA and documenting our adventure on this blog and our YouTube Channel as the “Mortons on the Move.”

Now, we are Discovery Channel & PBS TV Co-stars of The RVers, producers of a show on Amazon Prime, co-founders and instructors of RV Masterclass, and authors of an RV travel guide.

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The Mortons’ Story (Long version)

The idea came to us on our way home from a tropical vacation that neither of us wanted to end. It was winter in Michigan – a fact of life we were used to, but after the sun and warmth of the vacation, it was still hard to return home.

“I wish we could work remotely from wherever we wanted to be,” one of us said.
….well, wait a minute. Why couldn’t we?

We had been entrepreneurs before and had always planned to try it again. Could there be a way for us to combine our desire to travel, “follow the sun,” and still make a living?

This led to a little brainstorming and research, and what we found was that we weren’t the only ones looking for this type of lifestyle! Luckily for us, the trail has been blazed by admirable role models like Gone with the Wynns, Technomadia, and many others who have only inspired us more and strengthened our belief that we could do it, and that it’s totally worth it!

“…I wish we could work remotely from wherever we wanted to be…”

Why Live Full-Time in an RV?

The answer was simple really: it was the opportunity of a lifetime. We were craving for adventure. We wanted to try a change of lifestyle to one where a new adventure begins every day!

An RV is a house on wheels – instead of living out of a suitcase we could bring all our “stuff” and our dogs. Home is wherever we park it.

Our goal is to explore, discover, learn, make new friends and connections, and share the experience!

How Long?

Initially we were planning about 1-2 years, and perhaps stop if we find that “perfect spot” or our interests change – but at the beginning of 2017 we determined that we could keep on doing this as long as we want!

We are able to make money and travel, and as of now, there is no end in sight.


It took a LOT of really hard work and over a year of preparation for us. While it sounds simplistic and easy to “pack all your bags and hit the road,” there are many complexities and difficulties in this endeavor. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Friends and Family – the hardest part of doing this is leaving the friends and family that are a normal part of our everyday, stationary lives. However, we plan to stay close no matter how far away we are!
  2. Animals – We had 2 horses, a cat, and 2 dogs when we first started planning this adventure. While the dogs are coming with us, we had to make arrangements for the rest of the crew.
  3. Possessions – While none of us want to be thought of as materialistic, you have to let go of a lot of “stuff” that you’ve collected over the years. You can’t take it with you.
  4. House – all the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put into your house to make it just right…
  5. Saving up $$ and budgeting – While going on the road lowers our overhead costs overall, it’s a good idea to have a good reserve to fall back on. Also, this isn’t a long vacation, so we’ll be budgeting and watching costs just like we normally would.
  6. Jobs – giving notice and giving up the security of good-paying corporate jobs for the entrepreneurial life
  7. Starting a (mobile) business(es)   
  8. New Home on Wheels  – truck and fifth wheel acquisition and updates
  9. The essentials – health insurance, mail, residency, etc.
  10. Logistics – where to stay, how long, where to go, resources available, etc.

…and the list goes on. While it’s no fun to leave the people and things you care about, this experience has done a lot to “de-clutter” our lives and help us focus on the things that matter most to us! 

Now that we are years into this, we survive by working a number of remote jobs, take opportunities as they arise, and continue traveling supported by our network of followers – thank you!

Where Are We Going?

Besides a rough direction, we don’t really know. That’s part of the adventure! Our intent is to remain as flexible and plan-free as possible so that we can follow the opportunities as they arise.  

2021 Plan


Where We Have Been

Year 2015 – The Start

July 2015  – Our kickoff journey! A week-long trip to Noblesville, Indiana for a friends wedding.

August 2015 –  travel up to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to visit Cait’s family
Decided to sell our original fifthwheel and buy another

September 2015 –  Sold the house!! Closed September 15th – Officially Full Time in our RV!! Hung around Michigan for Tom’s sister’s wedding October 3rd.

October 2015  --  West Virginia to house sit for relatives

November 2015 -- Virginia for several fun-filled days, and then to North Carolina where we visited Lexington, Durham, and the Lake Norman area.

December 2015 -- North Carolina for the beginning of the month, then Christmas in South Carolina, then Georgia and finally to Florida for the New Year.

Year 2016

January 2016  – Bahamas Cruise, Florida, all the way to the Keys!

February 2016 – Make our way north from southern Florida through the panhandle

March 2016  – Florida to Washington, D.C. for the Cherry Blossoms!

April 2016  – Virginia: Charlottesville, Williamsburg, Delmarva, Assateague Ponies! North Carolina: Kitty Hawk, Huntersville

May 2016  – North Carolina: Boone, Asheville; Tennessee: Great Smoky Mountains, Oak Ridge, Nashville; Kentucky: Dairy Farm and Saved a Horse

June 2016 –  Michigan – all the way up to the Upper Peninsula!

​​​July 2016 -- Head out west  – North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming: Theodore Roosevelt National ParkYellowstone National Park, and the Grand Tetons

August 2016 -- Idaho FallsYellowstone againWestern MontanaMissoulaPolson, up to Glacier National Park! Truck broke down in Kalispell.

September 2016 –  Eastern Washington & Whidbey Island

FIRST YEAR ON THE ROAD! Check out the Highlights Video

First Year On the Road | Where We’ve Been | Sept 2015-Sept 2016   October 2016 – Seattle, Vancouver/Portland, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon Coast

November 2016Bikes got stolen in Coos Bay Oregon, Redwood National Park, Sonoma County (near San Fran)

December 2016Napa, Monterey & Big Sur, Pinnacles National Park, Ventura (for Christmas), Lancaster (Wedding Coordination Job)

Year 2017

January 2017Palm Springs CA, QUARTZSITE (Xscapers RV Convergence)!

February 2017 – Lake Havasu, Sedona, Lake Havasu again, Joshua Tree National Park

March 2017Salton Sea, Slab City, Anza Borrego, San Diego, Oceanside

April 2017Los Angeles Mountains & Antelope Valley, Alabama Hills CA

May 2017 –  Lake Isabella, Bakersfield, Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, Yosemite National Park, Black Hawk Paramotor Ranch

June 2017  – Lake Tahoe, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Crater Lake National Park, Central Oregon

July 2017 Mt. Hood, Columbia River Gorge, Portland, Oregon Coast, Olympic Peninsula in WA

August 2017  – Whidbey Island, WA, Eastern Oregon for the Solar Eclipse!, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota

September 2017 – Michigan

Year 2 – Sept 2016 – Sept 2017 – Start in Washington, End in Michigan   ​​

October 2017  – Michigan, Ohio

November 2017  – West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina

December ’17 – March ’18 –  Florida

Year 2018

March 2018 – Start Heading West, via Louisiana, Texas

April 2018  – June 2018 --  Wellington, TX for 1st leg of the RV Nomads Movie Production (Tom Director)

June – July 2018  – Colorado – 2nd leg of RV Nomads Movie Production

August – September 2018 – Drove the RV to Davenport, IA and stored it for a week while we drove the truck to West Virginia for a family wedding, then went to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (with family)

Year 3 | September 2017 – September 2018 | Michigan – Florida – Colorado – Michigan   October 2018 – Wellington TX for NomadFest.

November – December 2018  – Fairhope, Alabama helping Drivin’ & Vibin’ with their Airstream Argosy Renovation Project, made it over to Carlsbad, NM where we rang in the New Year​​

Year 2019

January 2019  – Arizona for the 2019 Xscapers Annual Bash in Lake Havasu City.​

Feb – April 2019  – Arizona/SoCal

April – Nov 2019 Go North travels in Lance Truck Camper thru Canada, Alaska, and all the way to the Arctic Ocean! November – December 2019 –  SoCal/Arizona

Year 2020

January – February 2020 – Florida for RV Buyers Bootcamp & the Tampa RV SuperShow, RVillage Rally, Southern Florida   

March 2020 – New Zealand (Traveling Home From New Zealand During the Coronavirus Pandemic)  

April-June 2020 – Florida, building the Ultimate Off-Grid RV Solar System

Summer –  Michigan/Midwest
Fall & Winter – West Coast/Desert SW

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