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Set Up Your RV for Hunting Camp

Are you getting ready for hunting season? We have set up hunting camps in RVs before and they are excellent options for a cabin on wheels. You can keep warm at night and have a kitchen for cooking meals all day. 

This article will examine the benefits of using an RV for a hunting camp. And we point out the best campers and features that work for hunters. 

Let’s scope it out!

Hunting Camp RV Deer In Scope

What Is a Hunting Camper?

A hunting camper can be a toy hauler, a van, a fifth wheel, or a motorhome. Really any vehicle designed or retrofitted to be lived in. You’ll find various options, depending on your personal preferences and needs. For example, if hunting off-grid and in rough terrain, you may want to consider an RV with a generator or solar power. And depending on how rocky or muddy the roads will be, an overlanding or off road RV may be a good option. We’re about to dig deeper into the benefits and features of a hunting RV to help you decipher what type of cabin on wheels will work best for you.

The below photo is a hunting camp we setup up for a season of bow hunting elk in Idaho. From the scouting process through the successful hunt the RV proved a comfortable place during the hot late summer months into the snowy fall. We love RV’s for all their uses and making hunting more comfortable is another one of our favorites.

Hunting Camp Setup Fifth Wheel
This is us and friends set up for bow elk hunting in Idaho. There are plenty of national forest roads that you can easily park and RV for base camp.

Benefits of Using an RV Camper for Hunting Trips

An RV used when on a hunting trip can have many benefits. For starters, they’re likely to be much more comfortable than a tent or rustic cabin in the woods. But let’s look at three main benefits: location, comfort, and logistics.


An RV is moveable, so you can change locations as much as needed. Whether you go hunting in multiple places or need a break to stay a night or two in a campground, an RV gives you flexibility.


A hunting camper provides a level of comfort you may not have in a rustic cabin. You can bring your bedding, towels, kitchen supplies, TV, and other household items. And you don’t have to worry about transporting food in a cooler as your RV refrigerator comes along.


Renting a cabin or figuring out where and how to get lodging can cause some frustration. A hunting RV takes the stress of logistics away since you’ll bring your home with you. You can set up a camp for hunting in the best area, so you don’t miss out on great opportunities.  

Make an RV Hunting Basecamp with Zach and Mary

What Is the Best Type of RV for a Hunting Camper?

The best type of hunting RV will largely depend on your needs. Do you need something off-road worthy? How long will you be off-grid? How much water do you need onboard? Nearly any camper will work, but your hunting camp style will dictate what you purchase.

Hunting Trailers

Many travel trailers, pop-ups, fifth wheels, and toy haulers on the market work well for a hunting camp. From rugged to luxury options, you shouldn’t have a problem finding something that works for you. Fifth wheels and toy haulers tend to have more sleeping capacity, larger water tanks, and the ability to add a generator or solar power. 

The bigger the trailer the more limited on location you can drag them, however. Fifth wheels are the most comfortable but are usually the tallest and not great off road. Higher clearance tow behinds can offer the best of both worlds and get into tighter spots.

Hunt Camp Fifth Wheel
Our Hunt Camp In Idaho with Fifth Wheel Trailers

Hunting Truck Campers

A truck camper is best for reaching remote hunting areas. And this option works well for one to two hunters, as the sleeping capacity is more limited. If you hunt in rough terrain or unpredictable weather, a truck camper can help you get to where you want to go. It can also help you get out of sticky situations fast. 

Truck campers, like a trailer, can be dropped to use as a base camp. This frees the truck up for more aggressive trails or hauling gear and your kill. Truck campers can also tow a trailer at the same time allowing you to bring along a boat, horse, ATV or more gear. Truck campers are a favorite among hunters for these reasons.

Unfortunately for their size truck campers tend to be more expensive setups compared to a trailer.

hunting truck camper setup with ATV in Tow
Truck Campers are a popular choice for a hunting RV for their extreme versitality

Hunting Tent Trailers

A tent trailer is another option to get even more remote. The benefits include being closer to nature and having less weight through rough terrain. But it also has some drawbacks, such as less escape from the elements and more setup time.

These trailers typically dont have bathrooms or kitchens either compared to alternatives, so its more of a roughing-it experience. However they can carry along lots of gear and the portability is the best of all rigs.

trailer tent
A tent trailer is a minimalistic option for hunting but may allow you to camp in more remote areas.

Key Features of a Hunting Camper

No matter which type of hunting RV you settle on, prioritize some of the key features. Let’s look at five things to keep in mind when shopping for your rig.


Know what size will fit your needs for hunting. If you’ll house multiple hunters, consider a large RV such as a fifth wheel or toy hauler. But if you only need room for a couple of people to sleep, a smaller option can mean less weight and easier maneuvering. However, you also want to consider if you need to transport any animals you kill. If so, you’ll want to factor in an RV that can pull a trailer or hold a bumper rack.

Haul Hunting Gear

Hunting gear can take up a lot of space. When shopping for a hunting RV, consider where you’ll store your gear. Larger RVs may have more cubic feet of storage in compartments under the RV. Or you may have room in the truck you tow it with. Toy haulers can help haul gear, as you can shut it in the garage area. 

Bumper Pull Toy Hauler Travel Trailer
Many hunters choose toy haulers so they can bring along ATVs and other hunting gear.

Warm and Dry Space

Having a warm and dry space to relax, cook, and sleep after a day of hunting is essential. And factor in where and how you’ll clean your gear or game. A hunting RV with an outside shower is an excellent option for cleaning items. You can also get four-season RVs if going out in the winter or cold climates.

Good Kitchen

Cooking and eating are all part of the hunting camp. So consider prioritizing an RV with a good kitchen. Find one with a big refrigerator, stovetop, and microwave. You can also get one that has an outside kitchen as well. It can be convenient for frying food or a messy meal, so you don’t need to dirty the inside kitchen.

person hunting with a dog
Planning to bring your hunting dogs? Make sure your RV has space for them.

Transport Animals

Finally, consider how you’ll transport your bagged game or hunting dogs. For example, if you have a truck camper, you may want to purchase a rack for your game. Remember that you should never transport hunting dogs inside a pull-behind RV or outside of the RV. For the safety and health of the animals, carry them inside your vehicle.

Hunting Camper Trailers Specially Made for You

Now that we’ve determined the types of RVs and features that work best for hunting let’s look at two trailers specially made with hunters in mind.

Enzy Campers

Enzy Campers makes campers for hunters. They have off-road tires, storage for a generator, and the ability to sleep two to six people. It has multiple places to hang your gear and a full kitchen. The campers have a backdoor ramp that comes down so you can easily load supplies or an ATV. In addition, the trailers are lightweight to help you get further off-road.

Off Grid Trailers

Off Grid Trailers makes all-metal camping trailers that are mildew and fire resistant and perfect for hunting. They have 21 inches of ground clearance and axle-less independent suspension, so you can go off the beaten path with ease. Each camper has a full galley and on-demand hot water system with an optional shower enclosure. The trailers are teardrop style, so they only sleep one to two people. 

Can an RV Be Considered a Hunting Stand?

A hunting RV is the perfect base camp, but you should never use it as a hunting stand. Someone is more likely to approach an RV than a hunting blind. So the danger lies in someone potentially walking up to the RV or in front of your shot. In addition, always check local laws before hunting anywhere.

hunter in an open field
Never use an RV as a hunting stand or blind.

A Hunting Camper Helps You Spend More Time Hunting 

We love how multipurpose RV’s can be. From exploring new areas with the family in the mountains, desert or beach, to using them as basecamps for hunting, they can be so incredibly useful.

A hunting camper is a comfortable and logistically easy way to have a base camp. You can be out longer without worrying about returning to a hotel or a long drive home. Having an RV to sleep in, cook in, and relax in will be a game-changer for your hunting trips. 

Looking for an RV with a cabin-like feel for your outdoor adventures? Check out The Camp365: A Strange New Breed of Pop-Up Camper.

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