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Imperial Outdoors: Rugged RV Trailers for Off-Road Adventures

Are you an overlander who loves all-terrain camping and getting down those bumpy dirt roads or into the thick forests of remote areas? You’re probably familiar with TAXA Outdoors or Off-Grid Trailers, manufacturers specializing in building tough, durable trailers. But have you heard of Imperial Outdoors RV? 

Let’s take a closer look at this company and the amazing rugged trailers they build for memorable off-road adventures. Let’s dive in!

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Who Is Imperial Outdoors?

Imperial Outdoors is a recreational vehicle company that builds off-road and four-season capable travel trailers. They are known for the XploreRV line of trailers, characterized by an earthy green base color and black trim, lifted suspension, and rugged roof and hitch racks for adventure gear.

More than a decade ago, Nelson Industries started a custom finishing business, providing fully finished products with top-quality materials and the best accessories and electronics available. Functionality and usability are more important than aesthetics.

The company took these concepts and started applying them to the RV industry, forming Imperial Outdoors. Their goal: developing true four-season, off-road capable trailers. They’re specifically for campers looking to take their RVs on outdoor adventures. These Imperial Outdoors units have the same construction and insulation methods that keep ice-fisherman warm in -40°F temperatures. 

Plus, with a chassis with over 20 inches of ground clearance, large, off-road tires, and a superior suspension system, there is no off-season for camping. Imperial Outdoors has created trailers made to withstand extreme weather all year round.

Imperial Outdoors RV in parking lot
Imperial Outdoors produces some of the best off-road RVs on the market.

Where Are Imperial Outdoors RVs Made?

The manufacturing company is in the St. Croix River Valley of western Wisconsin. Dealers are located all over the United States. Locations include Tennessee, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Montana.

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What Makes an Imperial Outdoors RV Unique?

As mentioned earlier, Imperial Outdoors RVs are built with durability and functionality in mind. Their four-season capabilities mean camping in Minnesota or Wisconsin in the winter is possible. 

Not only do they have superior insulation and product quality, but their high clearance, suspension system, and off-road tires give each unit unlimited off-road capabilities.

Imperial Outdoors logo on window
No matter the time of the year, a four-seasons Imperial Outdoors RV will take you on epic adventures.

The Imperial Outdoors RV Lineup

Imperial Outdoors RV has four different trailers built for any weather and terrain. These trailers are built for comfort and adventure and include the MaxxAir ventilation system, an upgraded custom roof rack, and two 20-pound propane tanks.


This four-season trailer features up to 740 watts of solar options for off-grid camping year-round. A roof-mounted solar system of 240 watts and one 360Ah lithium battery come standard. The 23 inches of ground clearance provides safe all-terrain mobility. 

In addition, the standard reinforced, coated steel frame, full skid plates, and upgraded Cruisemaster ATX independent suspension make this a true all-terrain, off-road trailer.

The overall length is 21 feet 7 inches, and the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is 6,172 pounds. Both the fresh and gray tanks have capacities of 60 gallons. Inside the XPLORERV X145, a full bed is at the front of the unit, and a full bathroom is in the rear. A full kitchen with a cooktop, refrigerator, sink, a convertible dinette, and overhead cabinets are in the center of the trailer.

MSRP: Starting around $110,000

XPlore RV X145 Overland Test


Like the rugged capability and design of the XPLORERV X145, the X195 model features a standard solar system, reinforced steel frame, full skid plates, and upgraded Cruisemaster ATX independent suspension. It’s another off-road, off-grid trailer ready for adventure and larger than the X145 model.

The overall length of this Imperial Outdoors RV is 26 feet 1 inch, and the GVWR is 9,920 pounds. Like the X145, both the fresh and gray tanks have capacities of 60 gallons. Inside the XPLORERV X195, the floorplan is very similar to the X145 but more spacious. 

A full bed with lots of overhead storage is at the front of the unit, and a full bathroom is in the rear. A full kitchen with a cooktop, refrigerator, sink, convertible dinette, and overhead cabinets are in the center. There are two benches for seating rather than just one.

MSRP: Starting around $125,000 for the X195.

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1st Gen Models: X22 & XR22

The X22 and XR22 models are cabin-style RVs built with the same off-grid and cold weather versatility as the XPLORERV units. The hydraulic ride height adjustment provides 12 inches to 20 inches of ground clearance. Plus, owners can add numerous packages like the Blizzard Package, the Wilderness Package, the Wilderness Max Package, the Off Grid Max Package, and the Xtreme Package.

The XR22 model features a 60-inch ramp door like a toy hauler. This floorplan has a convertible dinette and electric bed lift in the rear, lots of kitchen countertop space and overhead storage in the center, and a full bathroom in the front. It’s 23 feet 4 inches long and has a GVWR of 8,820 pounds. These XR22s typically cost between $60,000 and $95,000.

The X22 floorplan has no ramp door but has a similar layout. A full bed is in the rear, a U-shaped dinette is across from the full kitchen in the center, and a full bathroom is in the front. It’s also 23 feet 4 inches long and has a GVWR of 8,820 pounds.

Interior of Imperial Outdoors RV
Imperial Outdoors RVs are spacious and provide optimal comfort while going off-road.

What Do People Say About Imperial Outdoors RVs?

Matt from Matt’s RV Reviews Towables shared three things he disliked about the Imperial Outdoors RV model that he toured in late 2021. First, the ladder wasn’t easy to get onto the roof. Second, the bathroom is very tiny. Taller or larger people would have very little room to move around. Lastly, the solid steps on the unit get unlevel with the unit’s high clearance and suspension system.

However, Matt also shared three things he loved about the Imperial Outdoors RV. First, the raised clearance and suspension system that goes up and down is superb for campers wanting to get down bumpy dirt roads or into thick forests. Second, Matt thinks the quality of the cabinetry and overall build are so much better than standard trailers. It’s rated for -40 degrees, to which he says, “That’s insane. And it’s pretty freakin’ cool!” 

Finally, the unit comes with two spare tires, which comfort owners who want to get off-road and explore on all types of terrain.

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RATED Negative 40 Degrees! TRUE Overlander Travel Trailer!

Similar Off-Road, Off-Grid Capable Trailers

Imperial Outdoors RV isn’t the only company manufacturing tough, durable overlanding travel trailers. But it’s one of the largest. Many similar off-road, off-grid trailers are more compact and open up to provide sleeping space. The units made by Imperial Outdoors RV are built like small travel trailers where campers can stand up inside and move about freely.

For example, TAXA is another well-known, quality manufacturer of overlanding vehicles. The Woolly Bear has an MSRP of less than $13,000, far cheaper than an XPLORERV unit. 

However, it’s only 10 feet 8 inches long and only has a ground clearance of 12 inches. The height to the top of the cargo deck is under 5 feet, and the height to the top of the highest riser setting is 6 feet 5 inches, so it’s a much smaller unit. In fact, it requires tents for there to be sleeping space.


Are Imperial Outdoors RVs Worth It?

The XPLORERV and 1st Gen Models are for a certain type of camper. You’re not taking these units to the local KOA. They can go off-road and off-grid. And because they’re such high quality, they’re much more expensive than standard trailers.

So are they worth the $100,000 price tag? That’s going to be determined by individual campers. If exploring the outdoors in remote locations is your thing, you definitely want to consider an Imperial Outdoors RV trailer. If you like the amenities and frills of resort campgrounds, there’s no need to invest in one of these units.

Do you see yourself in an XPLORERV or 1st Gen Model any time soon? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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