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Who Is inTech RV?

If you’re looking for a high-quality trailer with a modern design that will take you places other RVs can’t, look no further than an inTech RV. Built with an all-aluminum frame and known for quality, these RVs will last for decades. Whether you’re looking for an RV with rugged simplicity or a modern design, you can get it in an inTech. Want to know more about the company and who they are? Let’s dive in!

InTech RV: Who Are They?

inTech RV is an RV manufacturer based out of Nappanee, Indiana. Started in 2010, the company builds off-road RVs, teardrop campers, and travel trailers with sleek and fresh designs. They’ve tried to innovate with their all-aluminum cages.

intech RV logo
The inTech RV logo

How Did inTech RV Get Started?

Founded by Adam Maxwell and Tom Franko, inTech Trailers began by making fiber optic splicing trailers. They also built motorsports trailers with a focus on custom-made, high-end car haulers.

intech car trailer
Before RV’s inTech built and still builds high quality equipment trailers

inTech started as a small company with only six employees working out of a 15,000 square-foot facility. From the beginning, they prided themselves on building the finest all-aluminum car haulers in the world.

In 2016, they expanded to building RVs and created their sister company, inTech RV. Their approach to RVs included their signature all-aluminum, fully welded cage frames. Their business model is around building a quality product.

What Types of RVs Do They Make?

inTech RV manufactures four lines of RVs, ranging from micro-lite to mid-sized travel trailers. They call their lines Flyer, Luna, Sol, and Terra.


Starting at 12 feet four inches, the Flyer is a micro-lite RV that takes you places you’ve only dreamt of. Choose from four models: Chase, Pursue, Explore, or Discover. With a weight range starting at only 1,025 pounds, you can haul these trailers with ease.

Choose from several upgrades, like the Add-A-Room Tent, which adds more sleeping space. You can even add on a two-inch lift kit for additional ground clearance. There’s also a batwing awning you can add to your exterior to enjoy the outdoors.


With a starting weight of 1,775 pounds, almost any vehicle can tow this 15-foot-five-inch teardrop camper. It has a panoramic windshield that provides amazing views, connecting you to nature even while inside. Plus, it has room to seat up to four adults inside with sleeping room for two. With the Luna, you’ll get a modern and functional outdoor kitchen complete with a farmhouse sink. Optional upgrades include a microwave, fireplace, awning, and cassette toilet.

inTech RV luna


The Sol travel trailer comes in three models: Dawn, Eclipse, and Horizon. They all include a three-ply laminated glass panoramic front windshield, at least six-feet-three-inches of headroom, and a fresh European design.

intech RV Sol Trailer

The Sol also features the company’s signature “Tilt-Forward Design,” which makes the interior even more spacious by utilizing the unused space over the trailer’s A-frame. Starting at 2,650 pounds and 16 feet long, you’ll be able to tow your Sol with an SUV or truck.


The Terra is inTech’s largest travel trailer starting at 5,650 pounds and 26 feet long. It comes standard with a heated underbelly and tank heat pads, plus a private bedroom with a walkaround bed.

intech rv terra trailer

You get a sophisticated design in this RV. Options include a 14-foot power awning and a slide-out rear kitchen with a refrigerator.

What’s Special About InTech RV?

inTech RV does things differently. They manufacture fewer RVs daily than other companies, but that’s because their focus is on quality, not quantity. And inTech pays employees according to the profitability of the company. This creates a shared goal of producing a quality product.

inTech RV uses fully-welded aluminum cages and frames in every camper they build. This makes the frames lightweight, durable, and free of rust. They use tube frame construction for the greatest structural integrity.

intech rv aluminum frame

The company builds its aluminum frames in-house. They assemble their RVs fully before installing any interior components.

inTech makes it a point to listen to their customers for ideas on continuous improvement. Their designs are unique and customizable, making the RV work for you and what you need. And they’ll be there to help provide information and support for as long as you own your trailer.

Who Is InTech RV Marketed Toward?

inTech RV is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and thrill-seekers. If you want to take your RV into more rugged terrain, an inTech RV is an excellent option. With their polished, modern finishes and creative use of space, their RVs are also a good option for those wanting a high-quality RV that will last a lifetime. Finally, if you want a smaller, lighter RV that’s easier to store and transport, this brand might be for you.

Is InTech RV a Good Brand to Buy?

With their focus on quality and craftsmanship, inTech RV is a great option for your next RV. Their Sol travel trailer won RVBusiness Magazine’s RV of the Year in 2019. And just a year after launching into the RV scene, the company had a warranty rate of less than 0.4%.

The company’s RVs come with a three-year structural warranty and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Plus, you can transfer the warranty to other owners if you sell during the warranty period.

If you’re in the market for a new travel trailer RV, an inTech RV may just be what you’re looking for. These RVs come with exceptional quality and are full of unique features, making them stand out from the crowd. Do you think an inTech RV might be right for you?

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Danny Paul

Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

Can you purchase a Sol Dawn travel trailer directly from the Indiana manufacturer?

Mortons on the Move

Monday 27th of September 2021

To our knowledge, the inTech RVs are only available to purchase from dealers. However, you can buy accessories and parts through the inTech Marketplace on their website.