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Top Reasons to Invest in Double Pane RV Windows

RVing all year round is awesome, but being cold in the winter or burning up in the summer is much less awesome. Luckily, if you like to RV in extreme temperatures, double pane RV windows are an easy addition to your RV that will make your camping experience much more comfortable. 

What Are Double Pane RV Windows? 

So, what are double pane RV windows (sometimes called dual pane windows)? Well, as the name implies, double pane windows have two panes of glass. The additional layer of glass, combined with the insulating gas between the two panes, helps better regulate your RV temperature year-round. 

Most RVs come with standard, single-pane windows which allow for quite a bit of air exchange and draftiness between the inside and outside of the RV. This means more energy waste and higher energy costs. 

Benefits of Having Dual Pane RV Windows

There are a lot of reasons to have dual pane windows installed in your RV: 

Temperature Control: Double pane windows provide superior temperature control. It is no secret that most RV windows let tons of heat in in the summer and out in the winter. When you upgrade to dual pane windows, your temperature control will be better. This will not only make you more comfortable, but it also helps conserve energy, which is better for the environment. 

Noise Deadening: Most RV parks cram you in pretty tight next to your neighbor. If there is a boisterous group next to you, not being able to sleep at night gets old fast. Dual pane windows provide some relief because they deaden incoming noise. If you’re a full-timer who is constantly in an RV park, you will love the added quiet of dual pane windows. 

Condensation Control: If you RV in cold temperatures, condensation can be an enormous problem. Not only is condensation annoying, but it can lead to mold or water damage in your RV. Since dual pane windows have a layer of gas between the panes, the extra insulation cuts down on condensation. 

Stronger Than Typical Windows: Dual pane windows are also stronger than the windows that come standard with most RVs. This will help prevent damage in the instance of debris, like tree branches, falling during powerful storms. Additionally, they provide extra deterrents against break-ins. 

Pro Tip: Before you hit the road in your RV, make sure you know How to Use Your RV Emergency Exit Window.

Who Double Pane RV Windows Are Best For

RVers who like to camp in extreme temperatures. Dual pane windows help reduce condensation and seal in warmth in frigid temperatures. Similarly, they keep hot air out in the summer. If you like to camp all year round, you’ll definitely want to invest in dual pane RV windows. 

RVers who struggle with excess condensation on windows. If you are constantly noticing condensation on your windows, especially when the temperature drops, double pane windows are for you. Although there is an upfront cost to new windows, it is much cheaper and less of a hassle than repairing water damage from excess condensation. 

RVers who want to save energy and money on heating/cooling. If you are a full-timer or you rent sites monthly, chances are you have to pay for your electric bill. Installing double pane windows will save energy, which will mean lower electric costs. 

How Much do Double Pane RV Windows Cost?

Dual pane windows, like anything in the RV world, have a wide price range. They will most likely cost between $250 to $600 per window. If you install the windows yourself, which can be quite a process, you’ll save money on the labor costs. If not, you’ll have to add several hundred more dollars to your total price tag.

We added dual pane windows to our list of required criteria when we were searching for our ideal RV to live in full-time. While not super common, it is possible to find models with them already installed. Look for RVs with 4 season packages, as double-pane windows really help when camping in cold weather.

Pro Tip: Give yourself some privacy by installing new window shades. Learn more about What Are MCD Shades? (Hint: Your RV May Have Them).

Disadvantages of Dual Pane RV Windows

Although dual pane RV windows sound like a flawless addition to your RV, there are some downsides (besides the hefty price tag) you should know about before taking the plunge. 

The biggest problem RVers experience is fogging. If the layer of gas between the two panes leaks out, the window will fog. Given the road conditions in many places, inevitably, your windows will get jostled. The more often you travel, the more likely you will have fogging issues early on because of a broken seal.  

Another disadvantage of double pane windows is that the extra material means more RV weight. Because most RVers are concerned with conserving weight and improving travel and gas mileage, this added weight can’t be overlooked. 

Pro Tip: Improve your RV’s insulation with our guide on How Do You Insulate Your RV Windows?

A Worthwhile Investment

Although there are some downsides to double pane windows, they are overall an excellent investment for your RV. Dual pane windows improve temperature control, noise reduction, safety, and more. And although they have a high up-front cost, you’ll save money in the long run on electric costs. If you’re an RVer who doesn’t like to be held back and wants to camp all year round, dual pane RV windows are definitely for you! 

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John palmer

Tuesday 29th of March 2022

Wheredoes a potential buyer find replacement windows with double panes? The article ignores that question utterly.

Samantha Nichols

Monday 24th of January 2022

The item was packed terribly well. I ordered the Valterra window on a table and used Si seal off round the frame wherever the glass would sit, I then laid the glass on the frame and let it sit for some hours. once it absolutely was dry I polymer around where the frame would install on the door and so put it in the window. Everything went very well. Nice product!

Craig Cooper

Monday 21st of December 2020

Aren't acrylic windows easily scratched ?

Mortons on the Move

Monday 21st of December 2020

More so than glass yes, running them through lots of bushes can leave marks. We have known some people to put a plastic layer over them and others that have actually buffed scratches out, so they are serviceable, but glass should not have that problem to begin with. They do have the advantage of being lightweight and provide good insulation tho.