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Jekyll Island, Georgia

We have mentioned it before, but it is worth mentioning again. One of the most wonderful things about this adventure is the people. Our trip to Jekyll Island, Georgia only emphasized this to us more!

Whether they are new acquaintances or family, the time we’ve spent with others has been so rewarding!

Do you remember George, Becky, and their 3 girls, Caroline, Ella, and Grace? They were the family who let us stay on their farm in Virginia back in November. Well, they had recently bought a vacation property on Jekyll Island in Georgia, and since we were working our way south, we had entertained the possibility of meeting up with them there as we were passing through – if they happened to at the house at that time.

Long story short, they were. So, we left Savannah en route to Jekyll Island! We were so excited that the timing worked out, and we were able to see them again! 

Jekyll Island, Georgia | MOTM VLOG #20

You’ve probably never heard of Jekyll Island – most people we’ve talked to haven’t. It is only about an hour and a half south of Savannah, so it was a quick and easy drive for us. It is one of Georgia’s barrier islands, and actually the smallest. We drove for miles across the salt marshes to get there.

rving in georgia

  ​Jekyll Island is owned by the State of Georgia and is sort of a “State Park.” This means that development is very limited, and the result is a very quiet, charming beach community. Compared to the bustling Hilton Head Island we visited the previous week, it was a pleasant and BEAUTIFUL escape! Not to mention the weather was 100 times better.  

  After driving around the side roads on Hilton Head we were worried we wouldn’t fit down their road. Lady Luck was on our side, and we had a convenient parking spot right next to the house!  Their house was literally a 2-minute walk from the beach. The boardwalk to the beach is at the end of the road in the picture above.   

  We spent a beautiful afternoon there building sand castles, skim-boarding, and constructing a dam to divert a large tidal pool from its original path. It truly was a feat of engineering that required all hands on deck – all 14 of them!

  ​After dinner, all 7 of us took an evening bike ride along the oceanfront. It was dark out, and we only had 2 flashlights, so it was an interesting ride as everyone tried to stay in the light and not run into anything!  It was the week after Christmas, so the Jekyll Island Light Display was still set up along the path. We were still trying to get used to seeing Christmas decorations with a tropical beach backdrop and in 80 degree weather! But to take that mindbender one step further, we then arrived at our destination: an outdoor skating rink!

Skating Village on Jekyll Island

  ​That’s right, and oceanfront outdoor skating rink. Skating in shorts! Before you freak out about the environmental implications, let me explain: No refrigeration needed for this rink – it is synthetic, not ice! 

​And let me tell you, it was WAY different than ice skating. It may have had something to do with the fact that the “skates” weren’t sharpened at all, but the plastic/blade connection had a way different feel. The result was a whole bunch of wipeouts! Regardless, everyone had a blast! 

  ​The rest of the short visit was filled with playing in the pool, helping with some landscaping and cable troubleshooting. We also took one more bike ride down to Driftwood Beach – which looked somewhat similar to the Boneyard Beach of Botany Bay! 

We loved getting to spend more time with these guys! Can’t wait til next time 🙂

Travel Stage: Just over-nighted in Savannah; heading south.
Travel Date Range: Dec 29 – Dec 30, 2015
Summary: After our day of fun in Savannah, puddle-jump down to Jekyll Island where we have family members who own a vacation rental. This week they just so happened to be at the house enjoying the holiday break. We were only there for the night, but we crammed a lot in!

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