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Avoid Disappointment On Your Joshua Tree Glamping Trip

Have you considered Joshua Tree glamping? It might not be as dreamy as you may think. However, we’ll reveal the truth behind what the experience is like so you’re not caught off guard. 

Keep reading to learn more about glamping and what it’s like around Joshua Tree National Park. And we’ll show you five popular glamping options you might want to check out, as long as you set your expectations accordingly. 

Let’s get started. 

What Is Glamping? 

Glamping means glamorous camping. It features more luxurious amenities and accommodations. In other words, glamping typically offers an ensuite bathroom, a proper bed, a kitchen, and other luxuries. It compares more to a hotel room or resort than camping in a tent on the ground.

It’s a way for individuals to experience living in the outdoors but with modern amenities and comforts. Essentially it’s camping without having to sacrifice any modern conveniences. Glamping structures can be an RV, a large canvas tent with running water and electricity, a yurt, or other unique setups. 

Is Glamping Allowed in Joshua Tree? 

Joshua Tree National Park glamping is quite popular. While you can’t find glamping options inside the park, you can rent just outside and in the surrounding area. If you want to camp inside the national park, you can stay at campgrounds where you can bring an RV or tent.

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What Are the Drawbacks of Joshua Tree Glamping? 

The allure of Joshua Tree glamping draws people in, especially when you see fun pictures on social media. However, don’t forget to consider the drawbacks. For example, the heat, limited amenities, and desert dust can cramp people’s style. 

Joshua Tree Camping
Joshua Tree is stunning, but it is in the middle of a desert. Make sure to come prepared for your adventure, even if you are glamping.

The Heat

Joshua Tree is in the Mojave Desert. It can get intensely hot, especially in the summer when temperatures loom over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though glamping may include air conditioning indoors, spending time outside can feel rather intense. Therefore, come prepared for the heat. For example, you should have a lot of water, sunscreen, hats, and other gear to protect you from the sun and from getting dehydrated. 

Limited Amenities

While there are cities near Joshua Tree National Park, you may have limited amenities depending on where you go glamping. Nevertheless, it’s something to remember, especially during the months of intense heat. Ensure you let someone know where you plan to go if you don’t get cell service. We also recommend having emergency numbers written down just in case you need help. And stock up on groceries and water for your entire stay. 

The Dust

The desert is dusty, and dirt gets into everything. You may want to rethink Joshua Tree glamping if you’re allergic to dust or can’t stand your belongings getting dirty. In addition, it’s typically windy near Joshua Tree, so you may not enjoy being outside with the blowing dust. We recommend bringing a face covering for hikes.

Top 5 Joshua Tree Glamping Experiences

While you’ll have some drawbacks to Joshua Tree glamping, you can also find some great options for your vacation or hiking trip to the national park. Just set your expectations appropriately, so you’re not disappointed. However, you can have fun glamping near the park. So let’s look at five well-reviewed and unique options. 

Woman drinking a glass of wine next to Airstream glamping site in Joshua Tree
Make sure to pack your own food, towels, and extra luxuries while in Joshua Tree.

1. The Castle House Estate Yurt Tent

About: The Castle House Estate Yurt Tent, featured on HGTV, sleeps four people. The glamping compound lies on 8 acres and has a medieval theme that blends indoor and outdoor living. The yurt has a bed and lounge area. You share the modern outdoor showers and bathrooms with other guests. 

Glamping Features: You’ll have access to mini bar service, fresh pizza, homemade cookies, and beverage options when glamping here. The yurt includes woven carpeted floors, a queen-size bed with 1,600 thread count sheets, and a private firepit. In addition, the compound of yurts has a swimming pool and Wi-Fi. Plus, you can bring your dogs.

Nightly Rate: $271 average per night

Avoid Disappointment By: Bring water and a cooler, as the yurt has no kitchen. And be aware that it may get dusty, as you’ll need to go outdoors for the showers and bathrooms. 

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2. JT High Desert Hide Out

About: The JT High Desert Hide Out is a spacious yurt with desert and mountain views. It has a bed and seating area inside the tent. The bathrooms and showers are outside. You can bring your dogs for an additional fee. The yurt sits on a 2.5-acre western-style ranch about 13 miles from Joshua Tree National Park’s entrance. 

Glamping Features: The ranch has a swimming pool, movie theater, pool table, horseshoes, and fire pits for you to share with other guests. It also has WiFi and air conditioning. In addition, the ranch has a stage for live music. 

Nightly Rate: $115 per night

Avoid Disappointment By: Be aware that there you’ll have limited amenities. For example, you need to bring your towels and toiletries. You’ll also want to bring water, food, and a cooler to stay hydrated. 

Couple sitting in back of camper van looking out into Joshua Tree
Keep in mind Joshua Tree can get dusty, so pack accordingly.

3. Area 55-Futuro House

About: The Area 55-Futuro House is a unique Joshua Tree glamping structure. You’ll only find 85 Futuro houses worldwide and 19 in the U.S. It’s been fully restored for off-grid glamping with a queen-size daybed, spacious seating area, and an outer space vibe. And the oval-shaped windows let in a lot of natural light for your stay.

Glamping Features: The Area-55 Futuro House comes with a private outdoor shower, bathrooms, and an outdoor kitchen area with a grill and firepit. And there is potable water and Wi-Fi. 

Nightly Rate: $280 per night

Avoid Disappointment By: You will have to go down some stairs and outdoors for the bathroom, showers, and kitchen. If you have mobility issues, this may not be an ideal setup. 

4. Magical Airstream Adventure

About: The Magical Airstream Adventure has everything you need in this travel trailer with views of the desert and Joshua Trees. It has a cute wooden deck next to the Airstream with outdoor seating, a grill, a table, a fire pit, and a sun umbrella. Additionally, you can bring your pets, and it sleeps four people.

Glamping Features: The Magical Airstream has an ensuite bathroom and shower, a TV, and a full indoor kitchen. You also get WiFi and potable water.

Nightly Rate: $289 per night for two guests

Avoid Disappointment By: The glamping experience is remote but a short drive from town. However, you’ll want to be aware of the dust and wind in the area. And ensure you stay hydrated, as the site is in the full sun.

Couple standing in front of campfire and yurt in Joshua Tree
Cozy up by the campfire while glamping in Joshua Tree National Park.

5. Joshua Tree Remote Desert Bubble Dome

About: The Joshua Tree Remote Desert Bubble Dome is a unique structure on 30 acres of private land, only 13 miles from the national park. It’s an entirely see-through structure that gives you 360-degree views, including the ability to gaze up at the stars. Pets are allowed for a fee.

Glamping Features: It includes a queen-size bed, a half bathroom indoors, and an outdoor shower. It also features a hot tub and air conditioning. Additionally, the glamping site is entirely solar-powered. 

Nightly Rate: $1,012 per night

Avoid Disappointment By: The Dome will get very hot in the dusty desert during the day. So be prepared for the heat and dirt. And we recommend avoiding this glamping site from late spring to early fall when the heat may get overbearing.

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Is Joshua Tree Glamping Worth It?

Joshua Tree glamping can be worth it if you come prepared and set your expectations accordingly. While the glamping options are fantastic, they’re not five-star resorts.

So you’ll want to bring any gear or amenities you need during your stay that the host doesn’t provide. However, your glamping experience near Joshua Tree shouldn’t disappoint if you do it right. 

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Which glamping option stands out to you? Tell us where you’d want to stay in the comments!

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