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8 Coolest Kids Camping Chairs for Young Explorers

We think camping is an excellent activity to do with kids that’s both fun and educational. Part of camping comfort for everyone however is a place to sit, so don’t forget to pack the camping chairs for everyone. Just because they’re little doesn’t mean they won’t want to sit around the fire or at your campsite with their own special spot.

However, why buy ordinary kids’ camping chairs when more exciting options are available? You can find one that matches your young explorer’s personality and preferences.

Today, we’re sharing eight of the coolest camping chairs for kids. What’s so cool about them? Let’s look and see!

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Why Get Kids Camping Chairs?

Kids camping chairs are small, lightweight, and portable seats specifically for children. While they are for camping, they’re also useful for outdoor activities, picnics, sporting events, and much more.

These sturdy and safe seats often have built-in safety and comfort features. For example, they may have locking mechanisms to prevent accidental folding. Additionally, you’ll usually find them with cup holders or storage pockets.

Manufacturers use lightweight aluminum or steel to make them portable. Nylon fabrics are very durable and can last for several camping seasons. These tiny chairs can provide a comfortable seating option for kids while they enjoy outdoor activities.

Can’t They Just Use Adult Camping Chairs?

Can kids use adult camping chairs? Absolutely. However, sitting in an oversized camping chair can be incredibly uncomfortable. They may struggle to get in and out, which can be hazardous, especially around a fire. Kids should have an appropriately-sized chair for comfort and safety when possible.

Unfortunately, they’ll likely outgrow the chair. Since most adults aren’t growing (vertically, anyway), they don’t typically outgrow their chairs. However, like shoes, a kid could be too big for their new camping chair next season.

While putting a small child in an adult-sized chair might be tempting, it’s not typically the best idea. It’s worth the investment to ensure everyone gathering around your campfire has a comfortable and safe place to sit.

kid in a camping chair

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How to Choose the Right Kids Camping Chairs 

Picking the right kids’ camping chair can be a challenging decision. You must consider several things if you want to avoid wasting your money. Here are some things to keep in mind while you’re shopping.

Weight Limits

Because these chairs must be lightweight, they typically have weight limits. A typical camping chair for kids usually has a weight limit of between 75 and 125 pounds. However, some smaller chairs have capacities as low as 55 pounds.

Exceeding the weight limits on these chairs can be dangerous. It can cause the chair to break and send whoever is sitting in it to the ground. Sharp aluminum pieces aren’t the best landing pad.

Seat Height and Stability

When selecting a chair, the seat height matters. A child should easily rest their feet on the ground without discomfort or stretching. You can find some models that allow adjustments to accommodate a growing child. An oversized chair could make it challenging for them to get in and out while also causing instability.

Stability can also be lacking for chairs that aren’t built or designed well. Pushing the weight limit to the max or exceeding it can cause instability. If you’re ordering in person, unfold the chair and test it. Have your child sit in it to ensure it feels solid and that they can easily get in and out of it.

children relaxing in camping chairs
Keep your kiddos cozy while camping in their own chairs.


Some options have awnings that provide shade. These are excellent features, especially when camping in areas with minimal shade. Even if you camp in thick forests, there’s a chance you’ll head to the beach or an event lacking shade. When you do, you can open these awnings to keep the sun off your little one.

While these are nice, they can result in a bulkier chair. This can be a pain, especially if you lack storage. However, protecting children from sunburns and heat exhaustion is worth it.

Colors and Pattern

While parents worry about weight limits, stability, and shade, kids typically couldn’t care less. The most essential items to them are the color or pattern. They’ll sit in an uncomfortable camping chair if it is their favorite color or has a familiar superhero or cartoon character on it.

Unfortunately, marketing departments are savvy and know how kids think. Chairs with characters or unique designs may look great, but they can be lower quality and more expensive. If you’re shopping in a physical store, go without the kids. This can help you avoid that middle-of-the-aisle tantrum and judgemental glances from others.

Family using heated camping chairs in the autumn
While your kids can use adult chairs, having their own unique seat can make their camping experience special.

8 Coolest Kids Camping Chairs

If you’re in the market for a cool kids’ camping chair, we’ve found some incredible options. Here are some of the coolest options we found to help you start shopping.

1. Toy to Enjoy Outdoor Dinosaur Chair

The Toy To Enjoy Outdoor Dinosaur Chair is for kids who love dinosaurs. It features the image of a tyrannosaurus rex and includes legs that dangle to improve its overall look. Its four metal feet are lightweight aluminum with a 50-pound weight limit. It’s a solid option for two to five-year-olds but may be small for older children.

It folds down to 25 inches by 6 inches. The chair comes with a canvas carrying case to keep it safe while it sits in storage.

It has a 4.8 rating with more than 2,000 reviews. One of those customers, Tricia, left five stars and said, “The chair is perfect for little ones so cute, lightweight, easy to open and fold.”

Toy To Enjoy Outdoor Dinosaur Chair for Kids –...
  • FUNCTIONAL & COMFORTABLE: One hand of the kids camping chair...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY FABRIC: This folding beach chair for kids is...

2. Baby Delight Go with Me Venture Portable Chair

Don’t let having an infant or toddler stop you from spending time outdoors. The Baby Delight Go with Me Venture Portable Chair makes bringing little ones for an adventure manageable. It has a removable snack tray, sun canopy, and a carrying bag.

Its five-point harness will keep your little one safe and sound while you sit around the campfire or in the backyard. Additionally, the chair can grow with your child and transform into a standard camping chair. It has a maximum weight capacity of 75 pounds, and you can continue to use the snack tray and canopy.

With more than 2,100 reviews, it has a 4.8 rating. Darren left it five stars and said, “Cannot recommend this chair enough. We love it!.” If you want a chair that you can use for multiple stages of life, this is one worth considering.

Baby Delight Go with Me Venture Portable Chair |...
  • YOUR ON-THE-GO SOLUTION: As a parent, we know that life takes you...
  • EXTENDED USE: As your child gets older, the chair continues to...
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: Comes with a removeable snack tray and sun...
Family around the campfire
From Minions to Blues Clues, there are camping chairs with all of your little one’s favorite characters.

3. Helinox Chair One Mini

The Helinox Chair One Mini has a more mature look than the other options on our list. If your kids want to same equipment as adults but in their size this is a great option. Instead of cartoon characters, it uses multi-colored bandanas to create a more artistic look. While it weighs a little more than a pound, it has a weight capacity of 200 pounds.

Helinox Chair One Mini Ultra-Light, Compact...
  • Small, featherweight (1 pound) camping chair is sized perfectly...
  • Lightweight chair frame is constructed from advanced proprietary...
  • Removable seat and zippered carrying case are made from durable,...

However, it’s worth noting that the chair is tiny. While it may withstand the weight of an adult, it won’t likely be comfortable. JBar left five stars and said, “If you’re an adult, you will probably not like this chair for yourself. It’s like sitting in a kindergarten chair, you can do it, but it’s not comfortable.”

Luckily, the Helinox Chair One Original is available. You and your mini-me can even have matching chairs.

Helinox Chair One Original Lightweight, Compact,...
  • Lightweight, compact camping and backpacking chair packs smaller...
  • Chair frame is constructed from advanced proprietary aluminum...
  • Removable seat and zippered carrying case are made from durable,...

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4. Wilcor Kids Black Bear Folding Camp Chair

Spotting a bear in your campsite can be nerve-wracking. If it’s the Wilcor Kids Black Bear Folding Camp Chair you’re spotting, you have nothing to worry about. This kid camping chair has alloy steel support legs and a nylon cloth seat. It has a maximum weight limit of 125 pounds and stores at 26 by 4 by 5 inches.

Its design will likely appeal more to the younger crowd, especially toddlers. Mariya was one of the 300 customer reviews that averaged 4.7 stars. She left it five stars and said, “Paid a little extra for this cause it’s just too darn cute. My toddler loves his own little chair. He’s even dragged it into his playroom and carries it around himself.”

Wilcor Kids Folding Camp Chair with Cup Holder and...
  • Durable and Comfortable: This toddler chair features a strong...
  • Convenient Design: Equipped with armrests and a convenient cup...
  • Portable and Versatile: Included with a heavy-duty carry bag,...

5. Minions 2 Foldable Camp Chair

If you have a young adventurer 36 months to six years old, the Minions 2 Foldable Camp Chair is an option. It has more than 550 reviews and averages 4.4 stars. While it may not be the sturdiest or the best quality, it features characters from the popular Minions 2 movie.

Unfortunately, they don’t come out and say its weight limit. However, based on other chairs of similar size, it would likely max out around 75 to 125 pounds. It has a cup holder and carrying case matching the Minions 2 theme.

Kierstyn left five stars and cautioned parents in her review by saying, “My children love it! It’s a tiny bit smaller than the regular kid-size lawn chairs but so worth it.” 

Minions 2 Foldable Camp Chair Fold N Go Chair...
  • Folds for easy storage and includes carry bag for when you're on...
  • Has colorful character graphics throughout
  • Made with sturdy metal tubular construction

6. Comfort Axis Heavy Duty Inflatable Flocking Lounger

There are a few inflatable chair options that we have seen kids absolutely love when camping. One is the Comfort Axis. This chair can be deflated so that it takes up almost no space. Good for toddlers up to about 8, this chair is great for those who don’t sit still.

While we have seen kids enjoy inflatable chairs, those who might play with sharp objects or get to close to a campfire might end up on the ground.

No products found.

kids sitting while camping
Keep your children safe and comfortable by packing their own camping chair.

7. Disney Raya Camp Chair for Kids

The Disney Raya Camp Chair for Kids spotlights a newer character. This chair features Raya, the subject of a Disney 2021 animated movie. It weighs 2.8 pounds and stands 20.6 inches tall. The chair has a maximum weight capacity of 125 pounds.

It features the standard camping chair folding design and comes with a bag for storage. The 690 reviews leave it with a 4.3 out of five stars. Krystal left it five stars and shared how her daughter feels about the chair. She said, “My daughter loves this chair. It’s sturdy and cute and comes with a carrying bag.” 

Disney Raya Camp Chair for Kids, Portable Camping...
  • Patented locking mechanism for safety
  • Has colorful character graphics throughout
  • Made with sturdy metal tubular construction

8. Blues Clues & You Camp Chair for Kids

Almost 30 years later, Blues Clues is still popular among children. The Blues Clues & You Camp Chair for Kids has a 60-pound weight limit, which makes it an option for three to six-year-olds. It comes with an easy-to-reach cup holder and a carrying bag. 

The back of the chair features a large image of Blue and his friend Magenta. However, the rest of the material and the bag have many blue spiral designs. This model also features a lock that protects kids from pinching or injury if it accidentally closes.

Renee purchased and reviewed the chair and said, “My son loves the chair. He’s two years old and he’s able to get on it by himself.” 

Blues Clues & You Camp Chair for Kids, Portable...
  • Product Type :Toys And Games
  • Package Dimensions :3.94" L X20.7" W X3.94" H
  • Country Of Origin :China
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Are Kids Camping Chairs Worth It?

Many people find that they use their camping chairs so often they leave them in their vehicles. Getting a kid’s camping chair can help ensure your little ones always have a comfortable and safe place to sit.

You wouldn’t want to sit in a chair that’s too large or too small for you, would you? Of course not! Do yourself and your little adventurer a favor and get them their own chair.

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